UK tech sector 'let down' and 'betrayed' over Rishi Sunak's net-zero policy tweaks

UK tech sector 'let down' and 'betrayed' over Rishi Sunak's net-zero policy tweaks

First subpostmaster Horizon conviction overturned in Scotland

Government 'breached privacy' of Horizon victims with compensation offer, says lawyer

The trust deficit in CNI: How to address a growing concern

Scottish watchdog urges wider biometric oversight

Strasbourg court condemns Turkey for jailing teacher for using ByLock encrypted messaging app

US lawmakers write to AI firms about 'gruelling' work conditions

Businesses disconnected from realities of API security

Automated cloud IR: Empowering cyber with AI-powered playbooks

Security Think Tank: To encrypt or not to encrypt, that is the question

Cloud NAS, what is it good for?

Retailers and customers alike open to AI, but calls for caution

Security and risk management spending to grow 14% next year

Yahoo picks Intigriti to run crowdsourced bug bounty programme

Five more subpostmasters have IT system-related convictions overturned

Post Office had no interest in subpostmaster welfare when taking legal action, says Fujitsu memo

Researchers offer free threat briefings on Vegas casino hackers

City of Las Vegas masters cyber incident response with Darktrace

IBM reorients to offset historic storage hardware decline

UK government quietly disbands data ethics advisory board

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