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Japan issues rare alert as North Korea fires missile without warning over main island

Japan urged residents to take shelter early Tuesday morning after North Korea fired a ballistic missile without warning over the country for the first time in five years, in a major and potentially dangerous escalation of recent weapons tests by the Kim Jong Un regime.

North Korea fired a missile over Japan for the first time in five years. Here's what you need to know

North Korea fired a ballistic missile without warning over Japan on Tuesday for the first time in five years, a highly provocative and reckless act that marks a significant escalation in its weapons testing program.

Russia's war in Ukraine

Russia's legislature has begun the process of approving the annexation of four parts of Ukraine in violation of international law even as Ukrainian forces press forward with gains in the east and south of the country. Follow here for live updates.

CEOs are preparing for a recession, and they don't think it will be short

Major CEOs aren't buying the notion that the US economy could have a soft landing following a series of historically large interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve to fight inflation.

When Hurricane Ian flooded his mother's home, this former police officer waded through nearly half a mile of water to rescue her

After Hurricane Ian slammed into Florida's west coast, a Naples man trekked through nearly half a mile of floodwater to save his 85-year-old mother.

Judge blocks Philadelphia's ban on guns in city recreation facilities

A judge blocked the city of Philadelphia on Monday from enforcing a recent ban on firearms in recreation facilities after a gun rights lobbying group argued state law stipulates gun regulations can only be created on a state level, not by local jurisdictions.

The US says it's helping Iranians navigate a massive internet blackout. Activists say it's too little, too late

As protesters took to the streets of Iran following the death in detention of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman apprehended for apparently not wearing her hijab properly, videos of the uprising began to flood the internet.

Trump's violent rhetoric conjures chilling echoes as midterms loom

The lesson of January 6, 2021, is that when extremism, conspiracies and incitement reach a boiling point, they seek an outlet.

Australian court to hear claims over alleged sexual assault in Parliament House

A highly anticipated sexual assault trial began in Australia Tuesday in a case that has raised questions about the culture in the nation's Parliament and the actions of ministers when the claims emerged.

Herschel Walker denies in 'strongest possible terms' report he paid for abortion

Herschel Walker, the Republican nominee in Georgia's Senate race, on Monday said a report that he paid for an abortion more than a decade ago was a "flat-out lie" and a "repugnant hatchet job."

Here's the disaster relief Hurricane Ian survivors can request, but it's not always easy to get

As those battered by Hurricane Ian contend with the storm's aftermath, a multitude of federal, state and local agencies, along with nonprofit and charitable groups, are stepping in to provide for Florida residents' immediate needs and to help them start rebuilding their lives.

National Archives alerted lawyers for Trump about missing letters with North Korean leader in May 2021, records show

The National Archives alerted lawyers for former President Donald Trump in May 2021 that Trump's letters with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un -- and two dozen boxes of records -- were missing, according to new correspondence the Archives released on Monday.

Lawyer refused Trump instruction to tell Archives all records had been returned

Soon after former President Donald Trump returned 15 boxes of presidential records to the National Archives and Records Administration earlier this year, he instructed one of his lawyers to tell the agency that all of the materials the Archives had requested had been returned from his Mar-a-Lago estate, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.

Jan. 6 committee argues Trump election attorney John Eastman 'consistently unreliable' as he's tried to protect emails from investigators

The House select committee investigating January 6, 2021, argued to a federal judge Monday night that Trump election attorney John Eastman has been "consistently unreliable" as he's tried to protect his communications from the ongoing probe and that the investigators should now get access to more emails from one of his work email accounts.

Bhutan -- and its incredible cross-country trail -- is open

The central Asian nation of Bhutan has reopened to visitors for the first time since the pandemic began. To go there, travelers must pay a $200-per-day tourist tax.

October 3, 2022 Ian recovery efforts continue as death toll rises

Recovery efforts and search and rescue continue as at least 76 people have died from the storm in Florida and four people in North Carolina were also killed in storm-related incidents, officials say. Follow here for live updates.

Russian Parliament begins process to rubber-stamp annexations as Moscow struggles to define borders

Russia's legislature on Monday began the process of approving President Vladimir Putin's decision to annex four parts of Ukraine, despite the fact that the Kremlin is not in full control of those regions and has not settled upon the exact boundaries of the territories it is attempting to absorb.

India's words are anti-war, but New Delhi's actions are propping up Putin's regime

When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told Vladimir Putin "today's era is not of war" last month, the West welcomed his comments as a sign the world's largest democracy was finally coming off the fence about Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

The 'tombstone village' built by Korean refugees on a Japanese cemetery

Ami-dong, also called the Tombstone Cultural Village, was built during the depths of the Korean War.

South Korean internet firm to acquire Poshmark for $1.2 billion

South Korean internet giant Naver is acquiring leading online resale platform Poshmark for $1.2 billion, the companies announced Monday.

Death toll from Hurricane Ian surpasses 100 as the search for survivors continues in Florida

The number of people killed in Florida by Hurricane Ian rose to at least 101 on Monday, days after the storm made landfall at Category 4 strength, decimating coastal towns and leaving rescue crews searching for survivors while communities face the daunting task of rebuilding.

NFL faces intense scrutiny over concussion protocols

It's been a turbulent fortnight for the NFL and its concussion protocols, with the league coming under intense scrutiny over the issue of players' health.

Virginia Beach to resume normal operations after impacts of from Ian's remnants were less than expected

After being under a state of emergency for nearly 24 hours, Virginia Beach will resume normal operations Tuesday after the impacts from an incoming system were minimal than expected, according to a news release from the city.

Today's news in 10 minutes

October 4, 2022

Cheating scandal at Ohio tournament rocks competitive fishing world

There's something fishy going on in the competitive fishing world.

US Rep. Ro Khanna slams Saudi Arabia as 'third-rate power' as OPEC considers slashing oil output

US Rep. Ro Khanna is calling for the White House to retaliate against Saudi Arabia if OPEC and its allies slash oil production in a bid to boost prices.

Zelle fraud is rising. And banks aren't coming to the rescue

Zelle, the popular payment app, is under fire for how it handles (or rather, doesn't handle) fraud and scams that have exploded on the platform in recent years.

$95k reward offered for information on a series of homicides in Stockton, California, officials say

A series of homicides in Stockton, California, are believed to be related, the city's police department says, and officials are offering an $95,000 reward for information in the case.

At Fort Myers Beach, search and rescue teams look for survivors on an island of rubble

Five days after Hurricane Ian left parts of southwest Florida in ruins, search and rescue teams continued to go door-to-door, or ruin-to-ruin, looking for survivors.

October 3, 2022 Russia-Ukraine news

A Ukrainian military spokesman said Kyiv's forces retook more territory in the Donetsk region on Sunday following the liberation of the key city of Lyman. Follow here for live updates.

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