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The Covid Protests in China, Explained

Strict Covid restrictions are hurting the country's economy and angering members of the public, who are taking to the streets. Here's the latest on the situation.

Memes, Puns and Blank Sheets of Paper: China's Creative Acts of Protest

In a country where the authorities have little tolerance for open dissent, demonstrators against Covid restrictions have turned to more subtle methods.

Biden Helped Democrats Avert a '22 Disaster. What About '24?

A stronger-than-expected midterm showing has quieted the party's public hand-wringing about a re-election campaign for President Biden. But it hasn't put those worries to rest.

Turning Point for Garland as Justice Dept. Grapples With Trump Inquiries

After months of an already hyperpartisan political environment, the attorney general appears to be acknowledging that his approach has to be recalibrated.

Why Retailers Are Trying Extra Hard to Woo Holiday Shoppers

With an economic slowdown a distinct possibility, stores hope customers' willingness to open their wallets will last through the season.

A World Cup Stadium Mural Celebrated Migrant Workers. When the Games Began, It Was Gone.

A mosaic of photographs once decorated Qatar's showpiece stadium in Lusail. Now a V.I.P. entrance sits beside the spot.

Iran Calls for U.S. to Be Expelled From World Cup

U.S. Soccer angered Iran by posting a doctored Iran flag on social media. The Americans said the decision was intentional but later deleted the posts.

For Visits With Michelangelo's David, She Brings a Duster

The revered statue in Italy is not going to dust itself. That's where Eleonora Pucci comes in.

Amid Scandals and Politics, Poland's Youths Lose Faith in Catholic Church

The Polish church is in a deep crisis, as its authority is sapped by cascading sexual abuse scandals and as more people grow wary of its perceived alliance with the country's right-wing government.

How a Cyberattack Plunged a Long Island County Into the 1990s

Suffolk County officials had to return to the days of paper checks and faxes after an episode that exposed government weaknesses.

Anderson Cooper Explores Grief and Loss in Deeply Personal Podcast

Over the eight episodes of "All There Is," the CNN anchor digs into his own family traumas as well as those of others.

Have the Anticapitalists Reached Harvard Business School?

Social justice joins discounted cash flows on the syllabus as essential knowledge for aspiring corporate leaders.

Thomas James: Another Patron Who Subdued Assailant at Club Q

Thomas James, a Navy petty officer, knocked down the attacker along with an Army veteran.

Have We Reached Peak Christmas Ornaments?

A Wordle grid. A mitten-wearing Bernie Sanders. A stick of butter. Modern ornaments capture the zeitgeist.

Donate This Holiday Season: The Rising Seas Institute Needs Your Help

You can guess which category Trump, Ye and Nick Fuentes go into.

Covid, Flu, RSV: We Know How to Deal With Them. Will We?

We can lower the toll of respiratory viruses for good.

What If We Just Ignore Donald Trump

My father's advice on how to deal with bullies would work great on Donald Trump.

Something Remarkable Is Happening in African Football

The continent's teams are coming to understand the power of the diaspora.

Encore: When Two Open Marriages Collide

They had agreed to have other romantic partners on the side. A tragic accident put their arrangement front and center.

Holiday Gift Ideas From The Veggie

Vegan chocolate bars, dreamy cookbooks and more small luxuries to give this year, as well as some ideas for your Thanksgiving leftovers.

Did You Quit Your Job in the Last Year? We Want to Hear About It.

We are specifically interested in hearing from parents, people whose relationships were affected and those who quit because of burnout.

We're Reading Michael Cunningham's 'Specimen Days' With the Author

Join us Dec. 8 for a virtual conversation on this novel about love, yearning, transcendence and America.

Brooklyn D.A. Assigns 1 in 5 Workers to Fight Violence Against Women

A new division will be created in a major restructuring meant to streamline complex cases against abusers. It's part of a national trend.

Finance Companies Target Exonerated Prisoners With High Interest Advances

Many former prisoners are broke until state settlements arrive. Tiding them over has become a niche market for finance firms. An investment can reap 33 percent interest.

Once a Star of College Basketball, Kevin Ollie Is Now Disrupting It

Since winning his lawsuit against the university he coached to a national championship, Ollie has found purpose running an upstart pro league.

Small Plane Crashes Into Transmission Tower in Maryland

Rescuers on Sunday night worked carefully to extricate the two people on board, after 117,000 were at one point without power. Photos showed the plane entangled in power lines.

Review: In 'KPOP,' Korean Pop and Broadway Meet (Too) Cute

The worldwide sensation and American-style musical theater form an awkward alliance onstage.

Few Wordle Players Use Consistent Starting Words, but When They Do, It's ADIEU

What the data tells us about how people play the game.

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