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Trump Narrows Biden's Cash Lead, and Heat Shatters Records

Plus, the Taylor Swift inflation effect.

Trump Erodes Biden's Lead in 2024 Election Fundraising After Conviction

Just two months ago, President Biden appeared to have a daunting financial advantage. Then Donald Trump was convicted of 34 felonies, and Republicans' wallets opened.

Timothy Mellon Donates $50 Million to a Pro-Trump Super PAC

The cash from Mr. Mellon, a reclusive billionaire who has also been a major donor to a super PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr., is among the largest single disclosed gifts ever.

Bloomberg Backs Biden With $20 Million Donation

The former mayor of New York City, a Democratic megadonor, became a significant backer of Mr. Biden's in 2020 after spending $1 billion on his own failed bid.

Well Beyond the U.S., Heat and Climate Extremes Are Hitting Billions

People all over the world are facing severe heat, floods and fire, aggravated by the use of fossil fuels. The year isn't halfway done.

NYC Adapts as Global Warming Leads to Extreme Weather Earlier in the Year

Global warming has led to more extreme weather earlier and later in the year, causing New Yorkers to rethink their relationship to the seasonal calendar.

How Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Might Affect Europe's Economy

Economists are debating what effect the singer's sweep through Europe will have this summer as swarms of fans increase demand for hotels and services.

In Trump Documents Case, Judge Cannon's Unusual Rulings Have Become Normal

Judge Aileen Cannon has repeatedly proven willing to hear out even far-fetched arguments from the former president's legal team, including a challenge to the appointment of the special counsel, Jack Smith.

Judge in Trump Documents Case Rejected Suggestions to Step Aside

Two federal judges in South Florida privately urged Aileen M. Cannon to decline the case when it was assigned to her last year, according to two people briefed on the matter. She chose to keep it.

Here's How Many Cases the Supreme Court Has Yet to Decide

Even as the size of its docket has shrunk, the court has deferred a larger share of its decisions to the very end of its term.

A Vape Pen, a Fall and a Question That Won't Go Away: Why Did Nico Die?

Nico Nuño-Kelley, 17, fell six stories from the roof of his Manhattan apartment building after vaping marijuana. His anguished family wants answers.

In Japan, These Women Want to Opt Out of Motherhood More Easily

A lawsuit challenges the onerous requirements for getting sterilized, calling the regulations paternalistic and a violation of women's constitutional rights.

What the Mood Is Like in Iran Ahead of Presidential Elections

A special presidential election campaign is featuring blistering attacks on the status quo by conservatives and the lone reformer alike.

How Cornhole Went Pro

It might be America's most-played sport. Now it's quietly becoming a TV success story.

How Marco Rubio Could Cost Biden the Election

Rubio offers Latinos the chance to vote for one of their own to be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

A Brief History of Olympics Sex Testing

We had a chance to treat sex categories in sports with curiosity and compassion instead of condemnation. We still can.

The Comstock Act: Trump's Allies Say They'll Enforce It

Democrats should rally around a bill to overhaul the 1873 anti-vice law.

The Lazy Authoritarianism of Donald Trump

The former president is no more prepared for a second term than he was for a first. He might even be less prepared.

NJ Transit and Amtrak Service Suspended Due to Power Issues

Service was largely restored by Friday morning, though some trains were still canceled.

Stanford Reports on Antisemitism and Anti-Muslim Bias Show Extent of Divide

One report documented antisemitic threats. The other, anti-Muslim threats. Both signaled that there may be little room for agreement.

At Rickwood Field, Willie Mays Is the Star of the Show, One More Time

On a night that honored the Negro leagues and Mays, who died on Tuesday, a baseball game between the Giants and the Cardinals was almost beside the point.

How Britain's Labour Party Became Electable Again

In less than five years, the opposition Labour Party has gone from massive defeat to the favorite to win next month's election. How did they do it?

How One Couple Turned Their Backyard Into an Arboretum

Their passion for fruit you've never heard of started small. Now they have a botanical garden that's open to the public.

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