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Market district art; North end Market

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We flew out on Friday night to Boston, arriving about 11.30 p.m. We left home at about 4.45 p.m. and had to fly via Washington D.C. as that was part of the deal with this special promotion to make people use their frequent flyer checks. Thus, we had about a two-hour layover in between flights. We had some special upgrade coupons, which we got because of flying home in February, so from Detroit to Washington we managed to upgrade our economy seats to first class which was nice. We still have two more left but were not able to use them on the other legs for various reasons, so we may get a chance when we go to New Orleans in October.
We arrived to wet dismal weather in Boston and waited over half an hour for a bus that did not appear. Of course, wanting to save money we did not particularly want to catch a taxi but ended up doing that anyway. It cost us $12 which we thought was O.K. as it turned out. We stayed in a delightful bed and breakfast called the Terrace Townhouse. Built in 1870, it has been restored and furnished with antiques. Nestled in an old residential area it was within walking distance of the historic area where we spent some of our time. We were served breakfast in our room on both days; beautiful food, surpassing that of Six Chimneys, the one we stayed at in New Hampshire. We had a private bathroom and one wall was covered with books. It was really lovely.
12 Aug 1989, Sat
Saturday morning, we decided to walk the Freedom Trail, an itinerary of the major sites in the city related to the Revolution. A red line is painted on the footpath (sidewalk) and is thus very easy to follow. It took us the majority of the day to cover it with frequent stops which included taking cover from the weather which was a bit of a blow. It rained off and on for most of the day which dampened our spirits a bit. We visited churches, burial grounds, and other historic buildings, some of which had museums in them. Faneuil Hall was a famous market and meeting place. Today it is still full of people out to get your money! Lots of modern shops and a food emporium are scatted throughout the marketplace now. Talk about a place to pig out in! It was expensive. We broke- for lunch here. Part of the tour took in the so-called North End of Boston which is a predominantly Italian neighbourhood. The Irish who originally settled the area have moved on. (Boston is the Irish capital of the U.S. Apparently the police force is predominantly Irish even today, some complete with Irish brogues, according to the B & B landlady.) Anyway, the North End had a great open air market, similar to those like Victoria or Moonee Ponds Markets, It had great atmosphere and we got some good photos. Apparently, the mafia is well infiltrated here and there is very little street crime as a result. They are more like a defence force. We also visited Paul Revere's house, the famous patriot who warned that the British were coming. (I remember him from watching Disneyland on TV!) Built in 1680, the house has an interesting history and it is very fortunate that it was saved from destruction, not only because Revere lived here but because its architecture is a good example of its time.
That afternoon we walked to the harbour (by the way, apparently Bostonians do not pronounce their "R"s) where we visited the U.S.S. Constitution, the oldest fully commissioned warship in the world and still a part of the U.S. Navy. It was built in 1794. Today only about ten per cent of the original ship exists, the rest having been restored through time. We took ourselves on a self-guided tour around it and took more refuge as the rain pelted down on the canvas awning in buckets.
That night we ate in an Irish restaurant which we found disappointing. We had been looking forward to some fresh fish. The few restaurants we previously canvassed were outrageously expensive so we did not dine as casually (and as romantically) as we/I would have liked. We had an early night (as we were well and truly pooped) after walking back through part of the famous Boston Common.

@ Deadbeats

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NorthWood Panthers Freshman Volleyball 2020 vs Mishawaka-31.jpg

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High Quality Image and photo Gallery of Kendall Jenner on Mar 7th 2016 Out and about in Paris

Kendall Fans posted a photo: High Quality Image and photo Gallery of Kendall Jenner on Mar 7th 2016 Out and about in Paris by @kendalfans source : www.kendalljenner.my.id/2020/09/mar-7th-2016-out-and-abou...


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Divers 2020 - Parcours decouverte

Parcours decouverte : suivez les guides, les associations vous invitent

A l'occasion de la reprise des visites guidees, Explore.Brussels a le plaisir d'inviter 12 d'entre vous a participer a son 'Parcours Decouverte : suivez les guides, les associations vous invitent'.
Reseau d'associations de visites guidees de qualite en Region de Bruxelles-Capitale, Explore.Brussels vous offre l'occasion de decouvrir ses associations membres et partenaires et leur univers grace a cette visite guidee unique. Ensemble, l'ARAU, Arkadia, Bruxelles Bavard, Pro Velo et La Fonderie proposent, tout au long de l'annee, une offre aussi variee que complete disponible pour les individuels a date fixe et pour les groupes sur demande.

Durant 2h30, visitez un quartier d'Ixelles sous l'angle de vue de chaque association grace aux guides professionnels qui se succederont pour vous partager le savoir specifique a chacune des associations. Une opportunite unique a ne pas manquer !

( Diverses photos prisent en 2020 sans sujet reel.
Various pictures taken in 2020 without real subject. )


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Single white flower

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Rape Town

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Kornnatter (Lat. Pantherophis guttatus) - Düssi

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