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Scooter Braun jokes about Taylor Swift feud over her masters

Hell hath no fury like the wrath of Taylor Swift. Scooter Braun, who's been feuding with the country crossover singer for weeks, hinted that Swift's ire aged him.

Colin Kaepernick's Nike commercial is nominated for an Emmy Award

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick's "Dream Crazy" Nike commercial was nominated for an Emmy Award for outstanding commercial.

Woodstock 50 denied yet another permit in upstate New York

It looks like there will be no Woodstock 50 concert at Vernon Downs this year - or possibly anywhere at all - after the town voted unanimously on Tuesday night to uphold its application denial.

Kathy Griffin says she won't try to make up with Anderson Cooper, says Andy Cohen treated her 'like a dog'

Kathy Griffin says there's very little hope of her ever reconciling with her friend and New Years Eve co-host, Anderson Cooper.

Julia Roberts reacts to Emmy snub: 'I'm in exceptional company'

Julia Roberts isn't taking her Emmy nomination "snub" to heart.

'Bachelorette' star Luke P. upset with slut-shaming reputation after Hannah B. sent him home over sex spat

"The Bachelorette" feud between Luke Parker and Hannah Brown was partly a result of clever editing, sources close to the disgraced contestant claim.

Chris Pratt called a 'white supremacist' over Gadsden flag T-shirt

Yahoo is facing heavy criticism for calling Chris Pratt a "white supremacist" for wearing a T-shirt with the Gadsden flag in an article published Tuesday.

'Embedded in Harm's Way': FNC correspondent, photographer detail their 9 weeks with Marines in Iraq

Fox News senior correspondent Rick Leventhal and photographer Christian Galdabini sat down for an intimate conversation about their time in Baghdad, and the trials and tribulations of reporting from an active warzone. 

George Lopez says he purchased a plane ticket so a military member could attend the birth of his first child

Comedian George Lopez claims he paid for a military service member's plane ticket so that the man could be present for the birth of his first child.

Anthony Jeselnik says Louis C.K. stole jokes

Louis C.K. has really crossed a line now.

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