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SpaceX resupply mission to ISS rescheduled for Sunday due to poor weather

The resupply mission will carry around 6,400 pounds of cargo for research.

Japanese capsule returns to Earth with important asteroid samples

Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft successfully released a small capsule on Saturday and sent it toward Earth to deliver samples from a distant asteroid that could provide clues to the origin of the solar system and life on our planet, the country's space agency said.

Stunt artists take responsibility for mystery monoliths, sell them for $45G

A New Mexico artist collective is taking responsibility for the stainless steel monoliths mysteriously cropping up around the world. 

Leaked reports from Pentagon UFO task force discuss 'non-human technology,' mysterious objects

Two classified reports from the Pentagon's task force used to "detect, analyze and catalog" UFOs have been leaked, one of which includes a photo of an unidentified silver "cube-shaped" object.

Salmon deaths may be linked to dangerous chemical found in tires: experts

After years of extensive research and not understanding why coho salmon were dying after heavy rains, scientists believe it's linked to a chemical found in automotive tires.

China moon probe preparing to return rock samples to Earth

BEIJING (AP) - China said Thursday its latest lunar probe has finished taking samples of the moon's surface and sealed them within the spacecraft for return to Earth, the first time such a mission has been attempted by any country in more than 40 years.

Fireball causes boom, unnerving upstate New York: 'It looked like a gold metallic flash'

A fireball that rattled windows and was felt from southern Ontario to Virginia midday Wednesday is widely thought to be an asteroid, experts believe.

Life on Mars may have lived below surface for this shocking reason

Life does not exist on Mars, but a new study suggests that if there were aliens on the Red Planet in its past, they may have lived "far below" the surface.

NASA confirms mysterious object orbiting Earth is 1960s-era rocket booster

The space object that was captured by Earth's orbit is indeed a rocket booster from the 1960s, NASA confirmed.

New monolith found in Atascadero, Calif., on mountain

The third strange monolith, possibly made of stainless steel, to appear out of nowhere all across the world was found Wednesday in California.

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