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5 best apps to measure air quality

With wildfires raging in Canada , air quality concerns have spread across various parts of the United States, posing risks to public health.  During these uncertain times, it is important to take care of your well-being and take necessary precautions until the air quality improves. One way to know how safe the air is outside is by using an app to monitor the air quality so that you know when to venture out in clean air. Here are my five top picks for apps that are best at tracking air quality.  CLICK TO GET KURT'S FREE CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH SECURITY ALERTS, QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER   iPhone :  3.0 stars (at the time of publishing)    Android: 3.8 stars (at the time of publishing)    The EPA AIRNow app is the official source of unbiased air quality data from the U.S. government. It provides a simple and easy-to-follow interface to quickly check the current forecast in your area. It will automatically display the current air quality index for your area and any area you want to check, allowing you to store multiple areas for quick reference. It also has two extra maps to give users additional information about air pollution . One is a Smoke and Fire map that lets people know information on fire locations, smoke plumes and air quality from monitors and low-cost sensors. The other is the AirNow Interactive Map, which shows ozone and particulate matter from air quality monitors across the country.  TO FILTER OUT CANADA'S WILDFIRE SMOKE, PEOPLE MAKE DIY AIR PURIFIERS WITH DUCT TAPE iPhone: 4.8 stars  (at the time of publishing)    Android: 4.7 stars (at the time of publishing)    IQAir AirVisual gives historical, real-time and forecasted air pollution data. With its seven-day air pollution and weather forecast, you can plan your whole week ahead and ensure that you're only doing outdoor activities when the air quality is at its best. It has 2D and 3D world pollution maps and recommendations to help lower your health risk and decrease your exposure to pollutants. It also provides information on temperature, wind, humidity and more. iPhone: 4.7 stars (at the time of publishing)    Android: 4.2 stars (at the time of publishing)  The Plume Labs: Air Quality App gives real-time pollution levels in your local area and worldwide. It has a 72-hour forecast that will give you live updates on street-by-street pollution in major urban areas. The app includes satellite imagery, atmospheric simulations, traffic and emissions datasets to give users the most accurate description of the current air quality. Plus, 73% of people surveyed who use the app said that the app helped them make proper adjustments to their daily schedule based on the air quality.  ARE YOUR STEPS TOTALLY OFF FOR YOUR 2023 FITNESS GOALS?   iPhone: 4.8 stars (at the time of publishing)    Android: 4.1 stars (at the time of publishing)    AirCare is an impressive app that can give an accurate air quality index for any country worldwide and has a pollen-tracking feature to help those with more severe allergies. It also has one super helpful feature called Fire Hotspots , which lets you know where NASA satellites have picked up wildfires on the ground. It gives you a full breakdown of what pollutants are in the air, like PM10, NO2 and more, and it also comes with UV index tracking and forecasts.  iPhone: 4.6 stars (at the time of publishing)    Android: 4.2 stars (at the time of publishing)    Air Matters gives real-time broadcasting of air quality information in over 180 countries. You can get information on the current air quality in your local area, pollen data and forecasts for the United States and Europe.  You can also use the app on your Apple Watch if you need to check the air quality on the go, and you can share results through iMessage if you want to warn your friends or family. It also has what's called a Laser Egg monitor that lets you know the indoor air quality in your house. Plus, if you have a Phillips air purifier in your house or car, you can also connect the app to your device and check the air quality.  PET HEALTH BREAKTHROUGH APP CAN DETECT WHEN YOUR DOG OR CAT IS SICK    Both iPhone and Android smartphones come with their own pre-installed weather apps that are free to use, and they each have features for monitoring air quality. If you do not wish to download another app onto your phone, you can always use that pre-installed weather app. Along with the apps above, you might also consider taking control of your indoor air quality by purchasing an air purifier. They are designed to combat harmful pollutants, allergens and lingering smoke particles and can provide a much-needed break from the polluted air outside. Investing in an air purifier can help you breathe easier, knowing you're taking an active step toward a healthier indoor environment.   Check out my best air purifier picks at   It's easy to feel helpless during crazy times like these when the air quality is so poor. However, you can stay informed with the proper technology and app usage. The apps I mentioned and my picks for the best air purifiers will help ease your mind and improve your health and overall quality of life. What is your preferred method for monitoring air quality in your area? Does it upset you that we are even having to deal with poor air quality? Let us know by writing us at . For more of my security alerts, subscribe to my free CyberGuy Report Newsletter by heading to . Copyright 2023 All rights reserved.

Don't download any AI apps before reading this

AI chatbots are one of the hottest tools being discussed right now. Like OpenAI, Google, Microsoft and others, many companies are hopping on the bandwagon and making their version of chatbots. However, with an invention comes a new way for cybercriminals to attack you .  Now, crooks are turning to fake AI chatbot apps to swindle you. Let's dive into what to look for and how to avoid being tricked.  According to a report from the cybersecurity firm Sophos, scammers have been creating fake apps claiming to be just like OpenAI's ChatGPT and overflowing the app stores with them in hopes people will buy into them. Most of the apps are free to download, although they won't even let you use most of their features unless you buy a subscription that can be as high as $69.99 per month.  CLICK TO GET KURT'S FREE CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH SECURITY ALERTS, QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER   These scammers trick people into downloading the apps with heavy advertising and claiming that the apps are free with the same features as more popular chatbots like ChatGPT and Bing Chat . Plus, they will create fake 4- and 5-star reviews to convince people the apps are legit. However, the comments on these 4 -and 5-star reviews are typically super short and vague, while plenty of other comments explain how the apps don't work at all.  Here is a list of some of the apps out there that are fake versions trying to pose as real AI chatbot apps.  This fake app was posing as an alternative to ChatGPT. However, it came filled with ads and prevented users from using any of its services after just three attempts, prompting people to pay $10 per month or $30 per year to use it. Even when people paid, comments said that the app would mostly fail to respond to questions asked and constantly show advertisements. The app has since been taken down from the Google Play Store.  MORE: YOUR SECRETS ARE NOT SO SAFE WITH CHATBOTS LIKE CHATGPT   Another fake app that, unfortunately, is still on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store is AI Chatbot Assistant. Like the Chat GBT app that was taken down, AI Chatbot Assistant limits users to three inputs per day before locking them out and prompting them to enroll in a free three-day trial, which turns into a $6-per-week subscription fee.  When asked a question, it will respond with a brief description and a "Read More" link that prompts people to pay for a monthly or annual subscription. Some users have also said the app is "one big ad hub" and "only spats out gibberish."  MALICIOUS ANDROID SPYWARE DETECTED IN OVER 100 POPULAR APPS This fake chatbot has a free version limited to only four prompts before asking the user to pay a subscription fee. When asked, it would hardly answer any questions sufficiently and was loaded with advertisements. Luckily, this one has been taken down from the Google Play Store. This is another app that is still live on the App Store, and it has even gone as far as trying to mimic the logo of OpenAI. One suspicious thing this app does is ask to track your activity across multiple other sites.  It also constantly prompts users to pay a subscription fee of $8 per week and will take a few minutes before allowing users to close out of the prompt. Plus, the name of the app is constantly changing. It has already managed to call itself AIChatChabot, Pocket AI Chat and Writing BOT Pocket AI.  Genie AI is also still on the App Store and shows similar qualities to these other fleeceware apps. Not only will it ask to track you upon installation, but it also will prompt you to rate the app before you even begin using it. It doesn't hesitate to ask you to enroll in subscription fees either, giving you the option of either doing a three-day free trial and then charging $7 per week or opting in for an annual $70 subscription fee. Users get only four free questions per day without opting into the trial.  This app originally installed itself under the name "AI Smith" and has also used the name "AI Chatbot - Open Chat Writer." The screenshots on the App Store also don't look like the actual app once it installs, and it has a five-message limit per day without a subscription. Plus, you'll constantly get prompted to pay for subscriptions, rate the app or look at unwanted ads.  FOR MORE OF MY SECURITY ALERTS, SUBSCRIBE TO MY FREE CYBERGUY REPORT NEWSLETTER BY HEADING TO CYBERGUY.COM/NEWSLETTER Scammers are always going to find ways around the rules. However, that doesn't mean that you can't avoid them by using your common sense and following some of my helpful tips.  A NEW MALICIOUS MALWARE IS SPECIFICALLY TARGETING IPHONES Scammers will often try to create fake websites that look real, hoping people will download these apps from there. However, you should never download an app that is not directly available from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store. Although some apps can slip through the cracks, you're much less likely to get something fake from these platforms than from a third-party site.  As of now, I think you should avoid using chatbots that aren't from the major companies we know about, like OpenAI, Bing and Google. These bigger tech companies are guaranteed to keep you much safer, and you don't want to risk anything with a smaller brand until it's proven that the brand is legit.  Check the developer details of the app. Legitimate apps are typically developed by established companies or well-known developers. Look for contact information, website links and a history of other reputable apps developed by the same entity.  Visit the official website of the AI chatbot provider (e.g., OpenAI, Google, Microsoft) and check if they have released an official app. They often provide information about their official apps and links to download them from trusted sources.  BEWARE OF THE FAKE CHATGPT PLUGIN THAT'S STEALING YOUR FACEBOOK LOGIN   Regardless of which chatbot you use, you should never be handing over your personal information like your contact, banking or Social Security information. Even the big tech companies don't need that from you, so keep all that information to yourself.  Before downloading an app, make sure you read multiple reviews - and not just the positive ones. As we mentioned before, scammers can always create fake reviews to make an app seem legit, so keep your wits about yourself and use your judgment and my tips to determine whether you think an app is real or fake. If you have any doubts at all, then it's best not to download.  Pay attention to the permissions requested by the app during installation. Be cautious if an app asks for excessive permissions that seem unrelated to its functionality. Grant only the necessary permissions required for the app to function.  Keep your device's operating system, apps and security software up to date. Updates often contain bug fixes and security patches that help protect against known vulnerabilities.  Keeping hackers out of your devices can be prevented if you have good antivirus software installed. Having antivirus software on your devices will make sure you are stopped from clicking on any potential malicious links which may install malware on your devices, allowing hackers to gain access to your personal information. See my expert review of the best antivirus protection for your Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices by heading to FREE ANTIVIRUS: SHOULD YOU USE IT?   We've seen plenty of circumstances where scammers create fake apps, so just be careful when you're looking into trying a new one. Opt for the bigger, more legit companies before anything else, and make sure you're always reading and doing as much research as you can before hitting that download button.  Have you ever downloaded an app from clicking a link instead of going to the App Store or Google Play? Let us know by writing us at . For more of my security alerts, subscribe to my free CyberGuy Report Newsletter by heading to . Copyright 2023 All rights reserved. 

8 Android accessibility tips to make life easier

You don't have a disability to benefit from some helpful accessibility features on Android . If you're someone with visual or hearing impairments, making your smartphone more accessible is important. The good news is that Android devices offer a number of features and settings to enhance your experience. Whether you struggle with reading small text or need help with sound recognition, these tips will help you personalize your smartphone to fit your unique needs and make it even more user-friendly.  CLICK TO GET KURT'S FREE CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH SECURITY ALERTS, QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER   Settings may vary, depending on your Android phone's manufacturer    Smartphones typically have super-small text by default. However, if you're someone who has trouble seeing the text, you can always make it larger.  To enlarge the text on an Android: 5 BEST TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR CELLPHONE SIGNAL If you're someone with a visual impairment, your smartphone can read what's on your screen aloud to you, so you can use your device without looking at the screen. Note: Allowing Talkback to have full control of your phone is appropriate for apps that help you with accessibility needs but not for most apps.  To turn on TalkBack on your Android:  HOW TO INCREASE THE FONT SIZE ON ANDROID    If you're hard of hearing, your smartphone can pick up sounds for you, like alarms and doorbells, and tell you when the sounds are going off.  To turn on Sound Recognition on your Android:  Your smartphones can also connect to hearing devices via Bluetooth settings. Here's how to do it.  To connect to your hearing devices on your Android:  If you have more than one hearing aid, wait for the first hearing aid to connect, and then tap the other hearing aid in the list of available devices. After both are paired, the status displays a message like "Active, left and right."  ARE APPLE AIRPODS PRO AN ALTERNATIVE TO PRICEY HEARING AIDS?    Your smartphone can also automatically caption your music, videos, podcasts, phone calls and more in real-time, which is especially helpful for those who are hard of hearing.  To turn on real-time captions on your Android: Smartphones typically have bright white screens, which tend to bother some people's eyes. You can invert colors for apps that don't have the option.  To use invert colors on an Android:  FOR MORE OF MY SECURITY ALERTS, SUBSCRIBE TO MY FREE CYBERGUY REPORT NEWSLETTER BY HEADING TO CYBERGUY.COM/NEWSLETTER A NEW MALICIOUS MALWARE IS SPECIFICALLY TARGETING IPHONES You can add shortcuts to your smartphone to help you access its accessibility features much faster.  To add accessibility shortcuts on an Android:  You can answer, and end calls much quicker on your smartphone with these easy steps.  To set this up on an Android:  My goal is to always help you find ways to make tech easier and more understandable in your everyday lives. These accessibility tips are sure to enhance your ability to navigate your smartphone, including adjusting text size, utilizing voiceover and sound-recognition features, connecting to hearing devices, enabling real-time captions and adding accessibility shortcuts.  Are there any accessibility features you wish could be added to your smartphone in the future? Let us know how they work for you by writing us at . For more of my security alerts, subscribe to my free CyberGuy Report Newsletter by heading to . Copyright 2023 All rights reserved. 

Say goodbye to blurry videos taken on your phone with these easy tricks

Have you ever received a video on your cellphone that looked like it was captured through a hazy lens? Well, one of our CyberGuy readers, Cathy, reached out to us with a burning question about how to sharpen those frustratingly blurry videos sent by others.  CLICK TO GET KURT'S FREE CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH SECURITY ALERTS, QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER Here's what she asked: "How can I sharpen poor quality videos sent to my iPhone by others?" Cathy, I know how exceptionally frustrating this can be, especially because we expect our iPhones to always give us super clear pictures and videos when we open them since the camera quality is so high.  There's a way to help prevent this from happening, and we're going to show you how. And when you are on the receiving end of a hazy looking video that looks low quality, tell the sender to follow these easy tips too. 5 BEST TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR CELLPHONE SIGNAL A blurry video typically does not have to do with the camera quality. It actually has to do with the phone's ability to receive a large file. Oftentimes when you send a video, especially if it's a longer one, the video gets compressed because of size limits on attachments. 1) You can fix this by trimming the video and sending it in two shorter clips. How to trim a video on your iPhone TESLA'S OPTIMUS ROBOT FUSES SELF-DRIVING TECH WITH MIND-BLOWING HUMANLIKE CAPABILITIES 8 NEW APPLE INNOVATIONS UNVEILED AT WWDC23 2) As another solution, if you want to send videos via AirDrop in their original resolution, you can go to  This should help maintain the video resolution when sharing videos via AirDrop. How to trim a video on your Android ELON MUSK'S GROUNDBREAKING BRAIN-COMPUTER INTERFACE GETS GREEN LIGHT FOR HUMAN TRIALS CROOKS ARE TARGETING THIS EASY MONEY APP ON YOUR PHONE HOW TO SHARE YOUR WHEREABOUTS IN ANY SITUATION USING YOUR CELL PHONE MASSIVE FREE VPN DATA BREACH EXPOSES 360M RECORDS IS YOUR NEW ANDROID PHONE OR TV BOX ONE OF THE MILLIONS IMPACTED BY PREINSTALLED MALWARE? Settings may vary depending on your Android phone's manufacturer  HOW TO TURN LIVE PHOTOS ON AND OFF ON IPHONE Another reason a video turns out blurry could be your carrier. Sometimes your carrier just needs a little reboot to reconnect and receive a video in its full resolution, and you can help this by restarting your iPhone. Here's how to do that. If you have an iPhone X, 11, 12, 13, or later: If you have an iPhone 6, 7, 8, or SE 2nd or 3rd generation:  If you have an iPhone SE 1st generation, 5, or earlier:  SECRET IPHONE GESTURES YOU NEED TO KNOW If those steps don't work, my next tip is to sharpen the video to help remove some of that blur.  How to sharpen a video on iPhone THE URGENT IPHONE WARNING YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO IGNORE MALICIOUS ANDROID SPYWARE DETECTED IN OVER 100 POPULAR APPS How to sharpen a video on your Android HOW TO IDENTIFY AND STOP APPS THAT ARE LISTENING TO YOU HOW FACEBOOK SECRETLY COLLECTS YOUR INFORMATION EVEN IF YOU HAVEN'T SIGNED UP CHINA HACKING GROUP CAUGHT SPYING ON US ORGANIZATIONS LITTLE-KNOWN CAMERA APP ON YOUR PHONE UNLOCKS AMAZING PERK Are there apps that can help with sharpening video? If you're looking for an app to do the work for you, try one like PowerDirector . This app has the option to stabilize a video, which is sometimes what a blurry video may need if it isn't a resolution issue. The app has a free trial and then costs a monthly subscription for premium features. At the time of publishing, this app had over a 4.6-star rating on the Apple Store and a 4.4-star rating on the Google Play Store. iPhone: 4.6 stars ( at time of publishing ) Android: 4.5 stars ( at time of publishing ) WHICH PHONES CAN BE FOOLED AND UNLOCKED WITH LOW-RES PHOTOS OF YOU? Shooting your video at the highest possible resolution can also help reduce blurriness. How do I shoot in high-res on an iPhone? How do I shoot in high-res on an Android? Settings may vary depending on your Android phone's manufacturer  INTERNATIONAL CRACKDOWN ON CRIMINAL MARKETPLACES SELLING STOLEN DATA You want to always make sure that you're viewing a video in the best possible quality. For the future, make sure your friends and family take high-resolution videos and send them over a good connection. If it still comes out blurry, then my sharpening above should help. What's a favorite iPhone or Android tip that you find helpful? Let us know how they work for you by commenting below. CLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Copyright 2023 All rights reserved.

A new malicious malware is specifically targeting iPhones

New malware is spreading among iPhones, according to the antivirus provider Kaspersky, and it's attacking models running up to iOS 15.7 via the iMessage app. The scary part is that it can spread without any user interaction. The good news is that it can still be prevented from taking over your device.  CLICK TO GET KURT'S FREE CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH SECURITY ALERTS, QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER   How this iPhone malware attack was discovered  The team at Kaspersky was monitoring iPhone activity when it noticed some suspicious behavior coming from numerous iOS devices. Because of Apple's strict security limitations, the company had to use offline backups to thoroughly search the devices.  They discovered a malware attack that occurs when an iPhone user receives a text message, including an attachment that carries a security vulnerability. The vulnerability within the attachment can trigger a weakness in the device, which then allows the execution of malicious code without needing any user interaction. The security flaw then connects to the Command and Control server to retrieve additional vulnerabilities, ultimately granting the malware full control over the iOS device. How do I protect myself from this malware?  You can do a few things right now to ensure you're protected from this malware. Here are my tips:  Update your iPhone  THE URGENT IPHONE WARNING YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO IGNORE This malware is only attacking iPhones that have software through the 15.7 updates. If you're operating from iOS16 software to higher, then you should be safe. Here's how to update your phone so that you're on the proper software.  If an update is available, it will come up here. Click Install to begin your update if you have one available  Disable automatic message preview  By disabling the automatic message preview feature, you can prevent potentially malicious content from being loaded automatically. Here's how to do it:  Be wary of unfamiliar links  NEWLY UNEARTHED IPHONE SPYWARE TOOL SOLD TO GOVERNMENTS FOR TARGETED SURVEILLANCE   Avoid clicking on links sent via iMessage, especially if they are from unknown or untrusted sources. Malicious links can lead to websites or downloads that can compromise your device's security.  Exercise caution with attachments  Be cautious when receiving text messages or attachments, especially from unknown or suspicious sources. Avoid opening or downloading attachments that you weren't expecting, as they could potentially carry malware.  FOR MORE OF MY SECURITY ALERTS, SUBSCRIBE TO MY FREE CYBERGUY REPORT NEWSLETTER BY HEADING TO CYBERGUY.COM/NEWSLETTER Have antivirus software installed WAS YOUR PRIVATE DATA BEING SOLD ON THIS DARK WEB MARKETPLACE? Keeping hackers out of your devices can likely be prevented if you have good antivirus software installed on your iPhone. Having antivirus software on your devices will make sure you are stopped from clicking on any potentially malicious links or opening any malicious attachments that may be sent in any of your text messages. It can also detect and remove malicious software that has already been installed on your device and alert you of any phishing emails or ransomware scams. See my expert review of the best antivirus protection for your Windows, Mac, Android & iOS devices by heading to   Kurt's key takeaways  Kaspersky is still actively investigating this malware to see just how much damage it has done. For now, making sure your iPhone is up to date, disabling automatic message preview, having antivirus software installed, and avoiding clicking on links sent via iMessage are the best ways to guarantee your protection. Make sure you're following these guidelines to ensure your safety.  How concerned are you about the new malware attack on iPhones? Have you taken any steps to protect your device? Let us know by writing us at   For more of my security alerts, subscribe to my free CyberGuy Report Newsletter by heading to   Copyright 2023 All rights reserved. 

5 best tips to improve your cellphone signal

Poor cellphone reception can be incredibly frustrating, especially in today's world, where we all rely so heavily on our phones for virtually everything, including communication, work and entertainment. If you're experiencing low signal strength, you're not alone. There are several solutions available to help you increase your cellphone signal.  Let's talk safety first. A strong cellphone signal can be crucial in safety-related scenarios. For example, if you have an emergency in your home, a strong signal can help you immediately call for help.  A boost in signal strength can also improve call quality , reducing dropped calls, static and other disruptions. This can be particularly important if you use your cellphone for business or other important calls.  HOW TO TELL IF YOUR CELLPHONE HAS BEEN SECRETLY HIJACKED   By boosting your cellphone signal, you can reduce your reliance on expensive roaming or data plans, saving money in the long run.  A strong cellphone signal can also improve your overall experience using your cellphone. You'll enjoy faster browsing speeds, smoother streaming and fewer interruptions, making it easier to stay connected.  Move to a different location: Location is everything, and sometimes simply moving to a different area can improve your cellphone reception. Try going outside or moving to a higher floor if you are indoors or move closer to your router.  Disable your Wi-Fi: If you are in an area with weak cellphone reception, turning off your Wi-Fi can help your phone prioritize your cellular data instead.  Keep your phone charged:  A low battery level on your phone can affect a lot of things, including its ability to maintain a strong cellular signal. Keep your phone as fully charged as possible to improve your reception.  Try a different carrier: If you consistently have poor reception, it might be worth considering switching to a different carrier that can provide better service for you.  Use Wi-Fi calling: If you have a strong Wi-Fi signal yet weak cellular reception, you can use Wi-Fi calling to make phone calls.  Reset your network settings: Resetting your network settings can sometimes improve your cellphone reception. CROOKS ARE TARGETING THIS EASY MONEY APP ON YOUR PHONE To reset your network settings on an iPhone:  To reset your network settings on an Android:  TO GET MY SECURITY ALERTS, SUBSCRIBE TO MY FREE CYBERGUY REPORT NEWSLETTER BY HEADING TO CYBERGUY.COM/NEWSLETTER If all those things don't work, you might want to try buying a signal booster. When choosing one, it's important to consider the size of the area you need to cover, the number of users who will be using the booster and the carrier you are using. It's also crucial to make sure that the signal booster you choose is approved by the FCC and complies with all applicable regulations so that you're not putting yourself or anyone else in danger.  HOW TO IDENTIFY AND STOP APPS THAT ARE LISTENING TO YOU Check out my top 5 best cellphone booster picks at     We are all tethered to our cellphones and rely on them for everything, so poor reception can be super frustrating. However, there are solutions available to boost your signal, such as moving to a different location, disabling Wi-Fi, keeping your phone charged, trying another carrier, using Wi-Fi calling and resetting network settings. Purchasing a signal booster can be very helpful if these don't work. However, consider factors like coverage area, number of users and carrier compatibility. Remember, when conquering the signal struggle, a little boost goes a long way in staying connected and keeping your frustrations at bay.  CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Which phone service do you think gives you the best signal? Let us know by writing us at . To get my security alerts, subscribe to my free CyberGuy Report Newsletter by heading to . Copyright 2023 All rights reserved. 

Tesla's Optimus robot fuses self-driving tech with mind-blowing humanlike capabilities

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if a robot could run your errands, do your chores and maybe even become an extension of you? Well, don't put away your popcorn just yet, because Tesla's new Optimus robot could bring us one step closer to this sci-fi fantasy. CLICK TO GET KURT'S FREE CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH SECURITY ALERTS, QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS, AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER MORE: ROBOTS ARE REPLACING SECURITY GUARDS. SHOULD WE GIVE THEM GUNS? Remember "Surrogates," that 2009 movie where everyone lounged at home, living their lives through better-looking, risk-taking robot versions of themselves? Now, I'm not suggesting we're quite there yet. However, the arrival of Tesla's Optimus does make you ponder if we're indeed tiptoeing toward such a reality. It's not quite a surrogate yet, although, with its ability to take on household chores and errands, Optimus is undoubtedly pointing us in that direction. 8 NEW APPLE INNOVATIONS UNVEILED AT WWDC23 Tesla's Optimus is a marvel of artificial intelligence designed to carry out tasks that humans may find risky, tedious, or simply boring. Picture this: while you're at home sipping your favorite brew, Optimus is outmaneuvering supermarket aisles, hauling groceries, or perhaps fixing a leaky faucet at home. The prospect is undeniably enticing, isn't it? To be fair, we've had a taste of advanced robotics before, and Boston Dynamics has led the charge with the likes of Spot and Atlas. These robots can navigate treacherous terrains, inspect hazardous sites, and even bust out a backflip or two. But here's where Optimus shifts the narrative: it's not a robot for research labs or heavy industries.  No, Optimus aims at the everyday person, promising to ease our daily lives. MORE: CREEPY ROBOT DOGS BEING DEPLOYED TO PATROL NEIGHBORHOODS Yet, as fascinating as this development is, it's essential to note that we're not quite in "Surrogates" territory ... yet. Optimus isn't going to replace us at social gatherings or carry out intricate human interactions. However, with the rapid pace of advancements in AI and robotics, the day may not be as far off as we might think. ELON MUSK'S GROUNDBREAKING BRAIN-COMPUTER INTERFACE GETS GREEN LIGHT FOR HUMAN TRIALS The unveiling of Optimus signals an exciting and somewhat unnerving chapter in the world of AI and robotics. As this story unfolds, it's worth keeping an eye on the broader implications of such advancements. Could we be on the brink of a seismic societal shift akin to the world of "Surrogates"? Sure, the idea might seem far-fetched. But remember, there was a time when the concept of a robot doing backflips seemed outlandish. Yet here we are. Will we soon be lounging at home while our robot surrogates live out our lives in the outside world? Time will certainly tell. CROOKS ARE TARGETING THIS EASY MONEY APP ON YOUR PHONE For now, let's marvel at the possibilities that Optimus brings to our doorstep. Who knows? Soon, the idea of a robot doing your laundry while you enjoy a quiet evening at home might not be the stuff of science fiction but an everyday reality. HOW TO SHARE YOUR WHEREABOUTS IN ANY SITUATION USING YOUR CELL PHONE As we embrace this new era, it's essential to reflect on the broader implications. Yes, the idea of robots easing our daily grind is appealing. Still, it also raises profound questions about our relationship with technology. Where do we draw the line between convenience and dependence? In the face of fascinating advances in AI and robotics, it's crucial to remember the profound social, ethical and philosophical questions this brave new era presents. The conversation must extend beyond the capabilities of technology, focusing on its appropriateness in our lives. With robots like Tesla's Optimus set to redefine our interaction with technology, a pivotal question emerges; are we prepared to navigate an era where robots play a significant role in our daily existence? Do you see a future where a robot handles your chores while you control it from the comfort of your home, or does the idea unsettle you? Let us know by writing us at To get my security alerts, subscribe to my free CyberGuy Report Newsletter by heading to Copyright 2023 All rights reserved.

8 new Apple innovations unveiled at WWDC23

The 2023 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference kicked off on June 5, and it's safe to say this was one of its biggest events yet. The tech giant introduced updates to iOS devices and new product launches, including a virtual reality headset that will likely make a big splash in the tech world. Here are the top new additions that stood out the most for me.  CLICK TO GET KURT'S FREE CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH SECURITY ALERTS, QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS, AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER   By far, the most-talked-about product at the WWDC 23 is Apple Vision Pro, a new mixed reality headset that is set to come out early next year. Although AI technology seems to have monopolized the focus of the tech world, Apple is leaning into launching a new category product nearly 10 years after its last big thing - the Apple Watch.  Why would you want to strap the Vision Pro mixed reality headset to your head?  This product blends the real world with the digital world by allowing users to see, hear and interact with digital content as if it were in the same room. You will be able to make what you're watching as small as a computer screen or as large as the size of your room. It comes with a 3D interface that you can control with your eyes, hands and voice, and you can use your fingers to scroll by flicking them or select something by tapping them together. What's also cool about this new product is how you can be notified when someone approaches you while you have the headset on with the EyeSight feature. When you're watching your content, the person approaching you will appear in the corner of your view. The headset can send a message that the person can see if you're fully immersed in something and unable to talk yet.  Once you are ready to speak with them, the headset will reveal your eyes so that the other person knows you're available for in-person conversation. It's a pretty freaky concept, yet I have a feeling that many people are going to want to get their hands on this one. The Vision Pro mixed reality headset is priced at $3,499 and will be available in 2024. THE URGENT IPHONE WARNING YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO IGNORE Apple's first new hardware product introduced at the conference was the 15-inch MacBook Air . With a light and durable design and just 11 millimeters thick, it is the world's thinnest 15-inch laptop weighing just 3.3 pounds. No matter which of the four colors you may choose, the long 18-hour estimated battery life will keep you going between plugging in. It comes with a 1080p camera, six speakers, and four noise-canceling woofers. And the device is powered by the powerful M2 chip. Plus, it's twice as fast as its predecessor, 25% brighte and has a battery that lasts 50% longer than a PC. The new laptop starts at $1,299 and will be available next week. LITTLE-KNOWN CAMERA APP ON YOUR PHONE UNLOCKS AMAZING PERK For those not looking for a new MacBook just yet, a new desktop operating software called macOS Sonoma is coming to Mac computers in the fall. This newest Mac software update will give you breathtaking new screensavers that play in slow motion. You'll be able to add widgets to your desktop as well as have your widgets fade into the background of your screen to avoid distraction while working. MacOS Sonoma is also introducing new video conferencing features, including Presenter Overlay, which allows you to remain present on screen during virtual meetings while making a presentation, and Recenter to automatically center yourself in the frame at all times.  HOW TO BUY STUFF WITH YOUR IPHONE USING APPLE PAY Safari is already one of the best browsers when it comes to keeping your privacy intact, and there are going to be even more features for this by the fall. If you're using Private Browsing in Safari, it will lock your private browsing windows when you're not using them and will completely block known trackers from loading on pages. Plus, it will remove tracking added to URLs as you are browsing.  Some other privacy features that will be introduced include more transparency when it comes to allowing access to your photo library with a third-party app and a new tool that will help people share specific photos with apps while keeping the rest of their library private.  The AirPods Pro (second generation) will be getting a new and improved Adaptive Audio feature that will combine transparency and noise cancellation so that you can stay present with what you're listening to while outside distracting noises are reduced. If you begin speaking to someone while wearing your AirPods, the volume of whatever you're listening to will automatically decrease. You can also take calls on the go and reduce the noise around you while you're on the phone. Plus, you'll transition significantly faster when switching from listening to music to getting on a phone call.  8 INCREDIBLY USEFUL THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH AIRPODS  Apple TV is also getting a nice upgrade with access to AirPod settings, home cameras and a brand-new Siri remote control finder. You will also be able to change your screensaver on your Apple TV and personalize it with your pictures. And perhaps the biggest upgrade of all is that people can FaceTime their friends and family members directly from their Apple TV, allowing them to chat on a much bigger screen.  FOR MORE OF MY SECURITY ALERTS, SUBSCRIBE TO MY FREE CYBERGUY REPORT NEWSLETTER BY HEADING TO CYBERGUY.COM/NEWSLETTER Also coming this fall is a new version of the Apple Watch with tons of expanded and breakthrough features. Some of them include the World Clock app changing colors depending on the time of day and being able to easily switch around and add new widgets.  Cyclers are also in luck because watchOS 10 will include new metrics with compatible Bluetooth settings for active cyclists. There will also be a feature called Functional Threshold Power, which will show you the level of intensity you can maintain for one hour, and Power Zones, which will show you what zone you're in and how long you spend in each zone to improve your performance.  And perhaps the best feature is Snoopy and Woodstock can be added to your Watch Face to get more active with you.  APPLE'S CRUCIAL NEW IPHONE WARNING ABOUT POTENTIAL HEALTH RISK   iPhone and iPad will also get some major upgrades with the upcoming iOS17 software update that is also set to come out in the fall. There are some fantastic features coming with this upgrade that I'm super excited about. These are the main ones that I can't wait for: The Phone app is getting a nice new feature called Contact Posters, where you can personalize how you are represented on other people's phones when you call them. You can choose an image, font and color, and whatever you choose is what will pop up on your friends' and family's phones every time you call them. They can also choose their Contact Poster so that whatever they prefer will appear when they call you.  Do you ever find yourself in an important meeting when you receive a phone call and are unsure if you should answer it? Apple is now introducing the Live Voicemail feature , which allows you to leave a voicemail while your iPhone transcribes the voicemail on your phone in real time. This way, you can read what the person is calling for and then pick up the phone afterward if you think it's important.  CREEPY NEW VOICE CLONING COMING TO IPHONE This is certainly one feature that I plan on using when it comes out. Typically, when you FaceTime someone who's unavailable, the call automatically ends and you have to wait for the person to call back. With the iOS 17 upgrade, however, you will be able to record a video message to leave for anyone who doesn't answer your FaceTime call, and that person can watch it later. This is a very cool idea, and I have a feeling that many will use this feature to leave fun video messages for their friends and family members. Sending iMessages to your loved ones is about to get a lot more fun. First, if you need to find a specific message, the Search tab within the iMessage app will get new filter features so that you can make your search much more specific and find what you need faster.  However, the real fun is with the new Stickers being added to iMessage. Not only will you be able to have emoji turned into stickers, but you will also be able to turn pictures from your Photo Library into stickers. You will also be able to add effects to your stickers and react to messages sent to you with stickers. I have no doubt that everyone is going to have a blast with this update.  BEST WAYS TO SEARCH FOR ANYTHING The last feature that I'm very excited about with the iOS 17 update is the Standby feature. This will allow you to turn your iPhone on its side and get a whole new view that you've never experienced on an iPhone before. You'll easily be able to see the date and time as choose what widgets you want to see, like your calendar, the score of last night's game, when your food delivery is arriving and more. Plus, it comes with a Low Light mode to not distract you while you're trying to sleep at night.  I think that Apple is making some major changes in the tech world , especially with the new 15-inch MacBook Air and the massive foot forward with innovation at Apple with Vision Pro mixed reality headset.  Disney+ will debut a library of popular immersive content to keep the focus of Vision Pro on experiencing entertainment in a whole new personal way. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Would you plunk down $3,500 for the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset? What do you wish your phone did that Apple should include in their next update? Let us know by writing us at . For more of my security alerts, subscribe to my free CyberGuy Report Newsletter by heading to . Copyright 2023 All rights reserved. 

Elon Musk's groundbreaking brain-computer interface gets green light for human trials

In a remarkable leap forward for neuroscience and technological innovation, Elon Musk's brain implant company Neuralink has officially received approval from the FDA to begin the first human trials of its groundbreaking brain-computer interface. The announcement was made via Twitter . However, no details were given at the time of publishing about when the clinical trials or recruitment would begin. CLICK TO GET KURT'S FREE CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH SECURITY ALERTS, QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS, AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER Neuralink's overall goal is to have the human nervous system be able to communicate with computers. The invention it is developing is called the Neuralink N1 implant. It is slightly larger than a quarter. Here is where it gets a little creepy. The device is designed to replace a small chunk of a human skull and fit completely underneath a person's skin. Once the device is in place, its 64 needle probes are inserted into the brain, which then allows 1,024 channels of two-way communication between the brain and a computer chip. Once that communication channel is set, then the device can communicate from the human brain to external devices, which would basically allow a person to communicate with a device like an iPhone, for example, using just their mind. The device can be charged wirelessly as well. OPENAI AND FIGURE DEVELOP TERRIFYINGLY CREEPY HUMANOID ROBOTS FOR THE WORKFORCE  The plan is to start using the device only with quadriplegic patients first. Musk said he's wanted to see if the device will help people restore their vision as well as people with little or no ability to operate their muscles rapidly to operate computers and control devices. He also said he hoped the device could be used to reconnect the brain's communication with the spinal cord for someone with a broken neck. Once clinical trials take place, and there is a better idea of how safe and secure this device is, Musk aims to put it on the market for the public. He said his brain-computer interfaces could have the potential to restore independence and improve lives for the better. Well, it has yet to be determined if the device is safe because its clinical trials have not yet begun. The possibilities for what this device can do, however, are endless. This could potentially be used in the future to control bionic limbs, think of a message and send it directly to someone else's neural implant, play video and audio without the need for displays and more. AI EDUCATION: GATHER A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WITH BOOKS, BLOGS, COURSES AND MORE The main concern that most have is how exactly the device will be inserted safely. Neuralink has created a robot called R1 that was designed specifically to implant these chips safely without removing the brain's protective outer layer. What is interesting is that another company, Blackrock Neurotech, has already inserted its own brain implant into patients over 50 times since 2004 with much success. Their chip, known as the NeuroPort Array, does poke out through the skin, so it isn't hidden as well as the N1 implant plans to be. However, it has worked extremely well with quadriplegic patients helping them regain tactile function, movement of limbs and prosthetics and the ability to control digital devices. It gives hope that Musk's N1 implant might really work. Below is a video from Blackrock Neurotech showing how their chip has been successful. If you are interested in learning whether you may qualify for future Neuralink clinical trials, you can join their patient registry by logging on  here.  You will have to fill out a brief screener to determine whether you are eligible to submit a patient registry application. Their website states that:  "Anyone within the United States who is at least 18 years old and the age of majority in their state, who is able to consent, and who has quadriplegia, paraplegia, vision loss, hearing loss, and/or the inability to speak, is invited to participate in the Patient Registry." ROBOTS COULD GO FULL 'TERMINATOR' AFTER SCIENTISTS CREATE REALISTIC, SELF-HEALING SKIN This could be a potentially life-altering invention for the world. I'm anxious to see how the clinical trials go. On the one hand, if managed responsibly and ethically, the accessibility of Neuralink-like devices could revolutionize how we interact with technology and improve the lives of individuals with various neurological conditions. However, on the other hand, concerns about the potential for misuse cannot be ignored. I believe it is crucial to approach its accessibility and deployment with extreme caution. Under what circumstances would you be willing to have Neuralink implanted in you? Let us know by writing us at . For more of my security tips, subscribe to my free CyberGuy Report Newsletter by heading to . Copyright 2023 All rights reserved.

Crooks are targeting this easy money app on your phone

Venmo has grown in popularity, and for a good reason, because it is so easy and convenient to send and receive money electronically between you and another person.  It operates as a digital wallet linked to your bank account or debit card, which enables you to make payments quickly and easily to other Venmo users. The service is popular among younger generations as it provides a simple and social way to split bills or pay back friends for shared expenses. Additionally, Venmo offers a social feed feature that allows you to see and comment on your friends' transactions, adding an element of social interaction to the platform. It is available for both iPhone and Android devices. iPhone : 4.9 stars ( at time of publishing ) Android: 4.2 stars ( at time of publishing ) However, with all that ease comes much targeting from scammers who want to steal your money, although unlike U.S. bank accounts, Venmo balances are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.   Let's review what kind of Venmo scams to look out for and how to protect yourself. CLICK TO GET KURT'S FREE CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH SECURITY ALERTS, QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS, AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER MASSIVE FREE VPN DATA BREACH EXPOSES 360M RECORDS Venmo uses multi-factor authentication to secure logins and encrypts all transactions to ensure the safety of your personal information. Also, you have the ability to manage your privacy and passcode settings, adding another layer of protection to your Venmo account. As a result, I would say Venmo is generally considered a safe platform to use. However, it was designed to use with people you know and trust, such as your friends and family members, and not random people you've never met. When making a transaction with a person for the first time, Venmo will even ask that you enter the person's last four digits of their phone number as an extra safety precaution. VOICE CLONING IS THE NEW WEAPON IN SCAMMERS' ARSENAL FOR FAMILY EMERGENCY SCHEMES Even with these safety measures, however, people still get tricked by scams on Venmo. A common trick that scammers will use is phishing emails . A scammer will send you an email and claim to be a representative of Venmo and trick you into revealing sensitive information, such as passwords, credit card numbers, or personal details by asking you to send your personal information or click a suspicious link to "update your password" or something of that nature. These emails often mimic legitimate communications. These kinds of scams can occur via text message or phone call as well, and unsuspecting victims may accidentally give out their banking information or even their Social Security numbers. IS YOUR NEW ANDROID PHONE OR TV BOX ONE OF THE MILLIONS IMPACTED BY PREINSTALLED MALWARE? Scammers who are trying to sell you things online , such as on websites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, will also often ask for people to pay them through Venmo. This is because Venmo's user agreement and terms of service state that the app is meant to be used for transactions between people who know each other personally or have an established business relationship. Scammers may ask for payment through Venmo because they know that the app lacks buyer protections and dispute resolution options. Venmo transactions are instant and irreversible, which means that if you send money to a scammer, it may be difficult or impossible to get your money back. HOW SCAMMERS ARE SELLING COUNTERFEIT STAMPS ON FACEBOOK AD S THE URGENT IPHONE WARNING YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO IGNORE MALICIOUS ANDROID SPYWARE DETECTED IN OVER 100 POPULAR APPS 1) The first thing you should do is contact Venmo support immediately and report the fraudulent transaction. They can provide guidance and assistance in resolving the issue. 2) Second, if you used your bank account or credit card to fund the Venmo transaction, contact your bank or credit card issuer to report the fraud and dispute the charge. 3) The third step is to  change your Venmo password immediately to prevent further unauthorized transactions. 4) Also, if you believe you have been scammed, you can  file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to report the fraudulent activity. 5) If you feel your personal data has been stolen, and you want a service that will walk you through every step of the reporting and recovery process, one of the best things you can do to protect yourself from this type of fraud is to subscribe to an identity theft protection company. HOW TO SHARE YOUR WHEREABOUTS IN ANY SITUATION USING YOUR CELL PHONE This service will monitor personal information like your Home title, Social Security Number (SSN), phone number, and email address and alert you if it is being sold on the dark web or being used to open an account. They can also assist you in freezing your bank and credit card accounts to prevent further unauthorized use by criminals. One of the best parts of using some services is that they might include identity theft insurance of up to 1 million dollars to cover losses and legal fees  and a white glove fraud resolution team where a U.S.-based case manager helps you recover any losses . See my tips and best picks on how to protect yourself from identity theft by visiting . 6) Lastly, always report the scammer. If you have any information about the scammer, such as their name, phone number, or email address, report it to Venmo and the authorities. HOW TO IDENTIFY AND STOP APPS THAT ARE LISTENING TO YOU While Venmo is a convenient and widely used platform for electronic money transfers, you should remain vigilant against scams by being cautious of phishing emails, avoiding transactions with unknown individuals, and protecting personal information. If scammed, you should report the incident to Venmo, contact your bank or credit card issuer, change your password and file a complaint with the FTC while also providing any available information about the scammer to authorities.  Do you feel protected against the growing number of scams? What are your tools and tips? Let us know so we can alert others by writing us at . For more of my tips, subscribe to my free CyberGuy Report Newsletter by heading to . Copyright 2023 All rights reserved.

Judges likely to take AI rules into their own hands as lawmakers slow to act: experts

Judges are likely to take concerns over artificial intelligence into their own hands and create their own rules for the tech in courtrooms, experts say. U.S. District Judge Brantley Starr of the Northern District of Texas may have been a pioneer last week when he required lawyers who appear in his courtroom to certify they did not use artificial intelligence programs, such as ChatGPT, to draft their filings without a human checking for accuracy. "We're at least putting lawyers on notice, who might not otherwise be on notice, that they can't just trust those databases," Starr, a Trump appointed judge, told Reuters. "They've got to actually verify it themselves through a traditional database." Experts who spoke to Fox News Digital argued that the judge's move to institute an AI pledge for lawyers is "excellent" and a plan of action that will likely repeat itself amid the tech race to build even more powerful AI platforms. TEXAS JUDGE SAYS NO AI IN COURTROOM UNLESS LAWYERS CERTIFY IT WAS VERIFIED BY HUMAN   "I think this is an excellent way to ensure that AI is used properly," said Christopher Alexander, chief communications officer of Liberty Blockchain. "The judge is simply using the old adage of 'trust but verify.'" "The reasoning is likely that the risk for error or bias is too great," Alexander added. "Legal research is significantly more complex than just punching numbers into a calculator." Starr said he crafted the plan to show lawyers that AI can hallucinate and make up cases, with a statement on the court's website warning that the chatbots don't swear an oath to uphold the law like lawyers do. AI COST NEARLY 4,000 PEOPLE IN US THEIR JOBS, REPORT SAYS  "These platforms in their current states are prone to hallucinations and bias. On hallucinations, they make stuff up - even quotes and citations," the statement said. "Unbound by any sense of duty, honor, or justice, such programs act according to computer code rather than conviction, based on programming rather than principle," the notice continued. Phil Siegel, founder of CAPTRS (Center for Advanced Preparedness and Threat Response Simulation), a nonprofit focused on using simulation gaming and artificial intelligence to improve societal disaster preparedness, said the judge was prudent in his AI pledge requirement, adding that AI could take a role in the justice system in the future. "At this point, this is a sensible position for a judge to take. Large language models are going to hallucinate because humans do also," Siegel said. "It won't take long, though, for more focused datasets and models to appear that solve this problem," he continued. "In most specific fields like law, but also in architecture, finance, etc."  He pointed to how in the field of law, a dataset could be created that gathers all case law and civil criminal laws by jurisdiction and is used to train an AI model. AI LIKENED TO GUN DEBATE AS COLLEGE STUDENTS STAND AT TECH CROSSROADS "These databases can be built with citation markers that follow a certain convention scheme that will make it harder for a human or AI to either hallucinate or incorrectly cite," Siegel said. "It will also need to have a good scheme to ensure that laws are coordinated with their jurisdictions. A citation might be real, but when it is from an irrelevant jurisdiction, it would not be usable in court. At the point that this dataset and trained AI is available, the ruling will become moot." Aiden Buzzetti, president of the Bull Moose Project, a conservative nonprofit working "to identify, train, and develop the next generation of America-First leaders," said Starr's requirement is unsurprising due to the lack of legislation and guardrails surrounding AI. "In the absence of proactive legislation to ensure the quality of AI-created products, it's completely understandable that individuals and institutions will create their own rules regarding the use of AI materials," Buzzetti said. "This trend will probably increase the longer legislators ignore the risks involved in other professions." OLDER GENERATIONS TRAIL NATION ON AI KNOW-HOW: POLL Starr's plan comes after a judge in New York threatened to sanction a lawyer over using ChatGPT for a court briefing that cited phony cases. The Texas judge, however, said that incident did not weigh on his decision. Instead, he began crafting his AI rules during a panel on the technology at a conference hosted by the 5th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. TEACHERS TAKE AI CONCERNS INTO THEIR OWN HANDS AMID WARNING TECH POSES 'GREATEST THREAT' TO SCHOOLS Leaders in other fields have also taken concerns over AI and the lack of regulations around the powerful tech into their own hands, including teachers in the U.K. Eight educators penned a letter to the Times of London last month to warn that though AI could serve as a useful tool to students and teachers, the technology's risks are considered schools' "greatest threat." The educators are forming their own advisory board to hash out what AI components educators should ignore in their work. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP "As leaders in state and independent schools, we regard AI as the greatest threat but also potentially the greatest benefit to our students, staff and schools," the coalition of teachers in the U.K. wrote in a letter to The Times. "Schools are bewildered by the very fast rate of change in AI and seek secure guidance on the best way forward, but whose advice can we trust?"

How to share your whereabouts in any situation using your cell phone

It's a good idea to share your location with your close friends and family, especially if you're going somewhere alone or you find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. It's also handy if you get lost and need someone to find you. You can do this either through your Apple Maps app if you are an iPhone owner or Google Maps if you're an Android owner. CLICK TO GET KURT'S FREE CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH SECURITY ALERTS, QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS, AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER I know that my loved ones would want to know where I am if I were in a bad spot, and I certainly would want to know where they are. We've talked plenty about how sharing your location is a super personal thing and you wouldn't want to do it with just anyone. I'm definitely picky when it comes to who can see where I am, however, smartphones have permissions where you can allow certain people like your brother or your best friend to know where you are. Before you make a journey by yourself, consider sharing your location with at least one person so that you're not completely unreachable. Remember, you can always turn it off at any point. Here are the steps to do it through each app. MASSIVE FREE VPN DATA BREACH EXPOSES 360M RECORDS This stops all apps on your device, including Maps, from using your location. No one is notified if you turn off Location Services. Please note that some features may not work as expected without access to your location. You can also share your location with a specific person on your iPhone through the iMessage app.  Here's how: LOCATION SOFTWARE: LIFESAVING OR LIFE-THREATENING? Like iPhones, Android phones have also made it easy for you to share your location with a loved one should you feel that it is necessary to do so. If you're an Android user, follow these steps to make your location known to whomever you decide you want to share it with. Note: Settings may vary depending on your Android phone's manufacturer. Settings may vary depending on your Android phone's manufacturer  IS YOUR NEW ANDROID PHONE OR TV BOX ONE OF THE MILLIONS IMPACTED BY PREINSTALLED MALWARE? FOR MORE OF MY SECURITY ALERTS, SUBSCRIBE TO MY FREE CYBERGUY REPORT NEWSLETTER BY HEADING TO CYBERGUY.COM/NEWSLETTER   There are two ways to share your location on an Android, depending on whether the person has a Google account. If the person has a Google account, follow these steps: Settings may vary depending on your Android phone's manufacturer  If the person does not have a Google account, follow these steps: THE MOST IMPORTANT SOS TOOL EVER MADE While it may be helpful to share your location with loved ones to help find you in an emergency or for a variety of other reasons, be sure to consider turning off your location on Apple Maps or Google Maps when you no longer need to share your location. Turning this feature off can help enhance your privacy and security, as it prevents these apps from tracking your movements and potentially revealing sensitive information about your whereabouts.  Copyright 2023 All rights reserved.

Massive free VPN data breach exposes 360M records

Cybersecurity researcher Jeremiah Fowler discovered and reported that over 360 million user data records have been leaked in a breach with the free VPN service SuperVPN. These records contained tons of personal information, including email addresses, original IP addresses, geolocation records, unique user identifiers, references to visited websites and more. Here's everything we know so far. CLICK TO GET KURT'S FREE CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH SECURITY ALERTS, QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS, AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER Fowler did an  enormous amount of research and found one key detail that was quite concerning. He noticed that the smartphone app for SuperVPN was listed under different developers depending on the App Store it was downloaded from. The Google Play Store version was credited to SuperSoft Tech, while the Apple App Store version was credited to Qingdao Leyou Hudong Network Technology Co. Both companies seem to have connections to China as the notes for each are written in Mandarin, which serves as the official language of the country. IS YOUR NEW ANDROID PHONE OR TV BOX ONE OF THE MILLIONS IMPACTED BY PREINSTALLED MALWARE? Fowler then discovered a publicly exposed database linked with the SuperVPN app containing 133 GB of data. This data included personal user information such as IP location, servers used, details about online user activities, device models, operating systems and refund requests. Fowler took it upon himself to reach out to the email addresses listed in this database; however, the database was quickly closed shortly afterward. MORE: WHAT IS A VPN? CAN IT REALLY PROTECT MY ONLINE PRIVACY AND SECURITY? SuperVPN is still available for Apple and Android devices; however, I would not recommend using it. This is not the first time that the free VPN service has had information leaked, as it happened once in 2016 and again in 2020. THE URGENT IPHONE WARNING YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO IGNORE You know the phrase, "You get what you pay for"? Well, this certainly applies when it comes to choosing a VPN. Having a free VPN service is likely never going to be as safe as one that you have to pay for. When picking a VPN, you've got to choose one that is trusted and reputable, especially since its job is to protect your private data.  Here are some of my top reasons why you should seriously consider a VPN that you pay for over one that is free. One of the main benefits of using a VPN service is that it creates a protective, encrypted tunnel to keep your data away from the prying eyes of third-party entities. Many of the free VPN service providers, however, don't use adequately encrypted tunnels, leading to data leaks. Unlike paid VPN services, free VPN services have to rely on other ways to earn a profit. One of the ways they do so is by selling your data. While one of the best advantages of using a VPN service is to protect your data and activity online, the free VPN providers take the data stored and sell it. When you install a free VPN app, you are often agreeing to these terms and conditions. Many of these free VPN apps end up introducing malware to your device. Some free VPN apps are fake apps that just glean any information from you so they can sell or compromise the user. Or in the case of this SuperVPN app, these free apps might be owned by people in countries like China and Russia who wish to steal data from American citizens and use it to spy on our government. Free VPN services not only create dangerous data leaks but can also make your overall online experience slow. Unlike paid, premium VPN services, a free VPN service can create connection speed issues because they are often routing too many users to a few servers. Paid VPN services usually utilize multiple servers to minimize lags. MORE: MY VPN KEEPS ME PRIVATE AND SECURE, SHOULD I EVER TURN IT OFF?  You've seen CAPTCHA before. It stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test, and it is when Google or another website asks you to prove that you're not a bot, and you'll get it all the time if you use a free VPN. When thousands of users make requests from the same IP address, which often happens with free VPN services, it triggers Google's algorithm because more data is being sent and received from a single IP address than is possible for one person to send or receive. A paid VPN service has more servers and more IP addresses, so they don't get flagged as a potential bot as much. MALICIOUS ANDROID SPYWARE DETECTED IN OVER 100 POPULAR APPS The other cost of using free VPN apps is that you will get bombarded by ads, pop-ups, and redirects to sponsored pages. Not only is it annoying to click through, it could be a privacy and security issue. These apps will register your reaction or interactions with these ads. There's no way to verify that these pop-ups or redirects are safe, and they could be introducing malware or adware to your device. HOW TO IDENTIFY AND STOP APPS THAT ARE LISTENING TO YOU There are lots of great choices out there when it comes to a solid, risk-free VPN service. Read reviews on the service before committing to one, and if it's a free service, you should absolutely proceed with caution. For the best VPN software, see my expert review of the best VPNs for browsing the web privately on your Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices by visiting HOW FACEBOOK SECRETLY COLLECTS YOUR INFORMATION EVEN IF YOU HAVEN'T SIGNED UP Ultimately, I would say that having a free VPN service just isn't worth it. I know money can be tight, and we'd all rather have something for free than spend more, however, think of how thankful you'll be when more security breaches happen, and your data is still protected. It's way better to get what you pay for than to go the easy route and hope for the best. Do you believe there are no free lunches in the world including free technology? Let us know by writing us at For more of my security alerts, subscribe to my free CyberGuy Report Newsletter by heading to Copyright 2023 All rights reserved.

Privacy tip: Make sure you're not accidentally sharing your location with apps or people

Ever text a picture to an acquaintance or someone you just met? Depending on your phone and camera's settings, you may have inadvertently sent over where you live, too.  This is what someone can see from just a photo. One good thing about social media is that most platforms wipe out this data. Still, they're exposing you in other ways.  Here's how to check everything Facebook collects. Your devices and apps know where you are, too, but you can stop that. Join over 400,000 professionals who start their day with my free email. Your GPS app must know where you are to guide you to your destination. Your social media apps want to know where you are to serve you with more relevant ads. You can fiddle with these settings as needed, but you must be thorough.  LITTLE-KNOWN CAMERA APP ON YOUR PHONE UNLOCKS AMAZING PERK Say you turn off location tracking on your phone but don't do the same with your laptop. It defeats the purpose. Let's start with your device and account settings. Your Google account is tied to various apps and services, making it a great place to start. Location History saves your location wherever you take your smartphone. It's off by default, but you may have turned it on and forgotten about it. No problem. Here's how to turn it off: One last thing: Open up Devices on this account to see a list of devices saving your location. Tap or click Turn off  to disable these devices. Location Sharing lets you share your location with people you choose. You may be using this setting with your loved ones, but check to be sure. Smartphone warning:  Check these settings NOW on your iPhone or Android Location Services has two parts: A global setting to stop sharing your location with Apple and individual settings for each app you have installed on your iPhone.  Location Sharing lets you share your location with family and friends in Messages, Find My and other services. Make sure you know who's watching. Feel like a tech pro even if you're not with my free email newsletter, trusted by 400K people.  Totally free, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Choose between turning off location tracking completely or fine-tuning each app's setting. You may have shared your location with friends and family through Google Maps. Here's how to check up on that. Google Maps and Apple Maps:  8 hidden settings you'll use all the time You can turn location services off entirely on your Windows PC or for individual apps. Here's how to change location services for your Mac: HOW TO SCHEDULE TEXT MESSAGES ON YOUR IPHONE AND ANDROID Keep your tech-know going  My popular podcast is called " Kim Komando Today ." It's a solid 30 minutes of tech news, tips, and callers with tech questions like you from all over the country. Search for it wherever you get your podcasts. For your convenience, hit the link below for a recent episode. PODCAST PICK:  Is online betting a loser's game? Here's the truth Do you ever wonder if you can win big in one of those betting apps? Finance journalist Randall Smith shares his findings from a Wall Street Journal investigation. Plus, save big on rideshares with my Uber vs. Lyft comparison and discover the top-paying cybersecurity jobs, free finance calculators to manage debt and cloud storage options. Check out my podcast "Kim Komando Today" on Apple ,  Google Podcasts , Spotify , or your favorite podcast player. Listen to the podcast here or wherever you get your podcasts. Just search for my last name, "Komando." Sound like a tech pro, even if you're not! Award-winning popular host Kim Komando is your secret weapon.  Listen on 425+ radio stations or  get the podcast . And join over 400,000 people who get her free 5-minute daily email newsletter. Copyright 2023, WestStar Multimedia Entertainment. All rights reserved.

Is your new Android phone or TV box one of the millions impacted by preinstalled malware?

If you've ever discovered one of your devices had been infected with malware, you know how disruptive and frustrating it can be to attempt to unravel the dirty deed left by a hacker. However, none of us expect brand-new devices we've just purchased to have any malicious dangers on them right out of the box. Unfortunately, this has become the case for many Android phone and TV owners whose devices came with malware pre-installed on them. CLICK TO GET KURT'S FREE CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH SECURITY ALERTS, QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS, AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER There have been two separate reports detailing how these mobile and television devices were allowed to be sold with malware already installed on them. The first report came from the security firm Trend Micro. The team at Trend Macro discovered that around 8.9 million Android phones came with malware known as Guerrilla already on the devices.  Guerrilla was first discovered and reported on by the security firm Sophos, and they found that the malware was active in 15 different apps available on the Google Play Store. The second report ,  by a researcher at GitHub, found that two China-based companies that power several wildly popular Android TV boxes sold on Amazon were intentionally and covertly included with malware. The affected models include the AllWinner T95, AllWinner T95Max, RockChip X12-Plus, and RockChip X88-Pro-10. The malware within them is capable of launching coordinated cyberattacks. For the Android TV boxes, Guerrilla will report to a command-and-control server which then allows the cybercriminals to install any app they want onto the TV. It also will tap on ads in the background to generate advertising revenue. MALICIOUS ANDROID SPYWARE DETECTED IN OVER 100 POPULAR APPS Meanwhile, the Guerrilla malware has numerous capabilities on these devices. On Android devices, it opens a back door that forces the Android to communicate with a remote command-and-control server to check if there are any new malicious updates for it to install. Every update collects more and more data about the owner of the Android, and the threat actor then uses that data to sell to advertisers. Guerrilla will also diminish the battery life of the Android and worsen the owner's overall user experience. If you find that you already have malware pre-installed on your Android device, the best thing for you to do is immediately install antivirus software. Antivirus software will be able to detect and remove malicious software that has already been installed on your device and alert you of any phishing emails or ransomware scams. Plus, antivirus software will prevent you from clicking a malicious link that could install malware on your device in the first place. If you're interested in purchasing an Android phone for the future, it might be best to consider brands like Samsung, Asus or OnePlus as there have never been reports of pre-installed malware for these higher-quality brands. HOW TO IDENTIFY AND STOP APPS THAT ARE LISTENING TO YOU Turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data to prevent the malware from communicating with its command-and-control servers or downloading additional malicious content. Restart your device and enter safe mode. This mode disables third-party apps, including malware, allowing you to investigate and remove it more effectively. To restart your Android device and enter safe mode, you can follow these steps: Settings may vary depending on your Android phone's manufacturer  Note: To exit safe mode, simply restart your device as you normally would. Upon rebooting, your Android device will start in regular mode, and all your apps will be accessible again 60 GOOGLE PLAY APPS INFECTED WITH ANDROID MALWARE AFFECTING MILLIONS Keeping your device and apps up to date ensures you have the latest security patches, which can help protect against malware. Settings may vary depending on your Android phone's manufacturer. Here's how to update your phone: Here's how to update your apps : DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS PRICE TRACKING FEATURE ON YOUR ANDROID? Once the updates are complete, the apps will be up-to-date, and you can start using them with the latest features and bug fixes. If you suspect that your accounts may have been compromised, change the passwords for your important accounts, such as email, social media and online banking, from a secure device. Be sure to create strong passwords for your accounts and devices and avoid using the same password for multiple online accounts.  Consider using a password manager to securely store and generate complex passwords. It will help you to create unique and difficult-to-crack passwords that a hacker could never guess. Second, it also keeps track of all your passwords in one place and fills passwords in for you when you're logging into an account so that you never have to remember them yourself. The fewer passwords you remember, the less likely you will be to reuse them for your accounts. DO THIS BEFORE YOU EVER THROW THAT OLD ANDROID PHONE AWAY When it comes to choosing the best password manager for you, here are some of my top tips. Check out my best expert-reviewed password managers of 2023 by heading to Research extensively if you're searching for a new phone or TV. The last thing you want is to purchase a device that has been pre-installed with malware, so look up the brand you're considering first to see if they have a history of this before making a purchase. Of course, there's no guarantee, but being cautious and informed gives you a better chance that your purchase doesn't bring you any unwanted surprises. Copyright 2023 All rights reserved.

The urgent iPhone warning you can't afford to ignore

Have you ever imagined what would happen if one of your accounts got hacked? I know, it's a scary thought. Luckily, Apple's iCloud Keychain is here to save the day. Look, we all understand the simplicity and ease of using the same password across your digital accounts. It's an all too irresistible hack that helps streamline your access to the dozens and dozens of accounts across your digital footprint. CLICK TO GET KURT'S FREE CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH SECURITY ALERTS, QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS, AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER Unfortunately, decisions like this make you a hacker's best friend. Your password may be exposed if one account suffers a data leak or any other security breach. That's bad enough. Yet if all your accounts share the same password or a minor variation of the same password, your digital identities can fall like dominos, one after the other. Conversely, if your passwords are too complicated or challenging to remember, it can be frustrating to get locked out of online accounts. Going through the tedious process of resetting your password each time you want to log into any of your digital profiles can be a pain and, at times, not even possible, leaving you locked out of your account for good. It's sort of a lose/lose situation. Fortunately, the folks at Apple have thought of almost everything. From setting up your iCloud password keychain to checking for breached passwords, we got you covered. MALICIOUS ANDROID SPYWARE DETECTED IN OVER 100 POPULAR APPS The iCloud Keychain is an excellent tool that stores your app and website passwords on your iPhone. Even more impressive is that it scans known password leaks to warn you if any of your saved passwords have been compromised. If you receive an alert from Apple, it's time to take action and secure your accounts before the situation worsens. HOW TO IDENTIFY AND STOP APPS THAT ARE LISTENING TO YOU First, to save your password from any website onto your iCloud Keychain, log in and enter your password. Your iPhone will then automatically ask if you want to save the password to the Keychain. It's that simple. HOW FACEBOOK SECRETLY COLLECTS YOUR INFORMATION EVEN IF YOU HAVEN'T SIGNED UP Did you accidentally hit "No" when your iPhone asked if you wanted to save your password to the iCloud Keychain? No worries, you can save it later by going to your Settings CHINA HACKING GROUP CAUGHT SPYING ON US ORGANIZATIONS Tap on Passwords LITTLE-KNOWN CAMERA APP ON YOUR PHONE UNLOCKS AMAZING PERK Then select " + " sign WHICH PHONES CAN BE FOOLED AND UNLOCKED WITH LOW-RES PHOTOS OF YOU? Now, you can add a website, username and password for the Keychain to remember enabling you to quickly access your accounts from any of your Apple devices. INTERNATIONAL CRACKDOWN ON CRIMINAL MARKETPLACES SELLING STOLEN DATA If you want to check for compromised passwords on your iPhone, here's what you need to do: HOW TO SCHEDULE TEXT MESSAGES ON YOUR IPHONE AND ANDROID DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS PRICE TRACKING FEATURE ON YOUR ANDROID? TOP APPS TO TROUBLESHOOT YOUR WI-FI SIGNAL THE DARK SIDE OF PAYPAL AND HOW TO STAY SAFE MORE: TOP 5 REASONS TO UPDATE 10 IOS 16.4 ON YOUR IPHONE TODAY  When making a new account, simply select the option " Use Strong Password " to generate a strong passcode that will be nearly impossible to guess. However, it will be just as impossible to remember; luckily, all of that information is stored in the iCloud Keychain for you. HOW TO DELETE PHOTOS OF YOUR HOUSE FROM REAL ESTATE WEBSITES WHY GEN ZERS ARE GOBBLING UP FLIP PHONES AND REJECTING SMARTPHONES The key to a good password manager is how easy it is to use. You need something that's user-friendly and accessible, or you're not going to use it consistently. iCloud Keychain is great for remembering passwords on web pages and auto-filling them when you revisit the site, yet it's not so great if you need to access non-web logins. That's where third-party password managers come in. They fill the gap that iCloud Keychain can't, with seamless sync, cross-platform availability, and encryption to protect your data. If you need to sync more than just passwords and credit cards, like app logins, identities and banking credentials, then a third-party password manager is the way to go. When it comes to choosing the best password manager for you, here are some of my top tips. Check out my best expert-reviewed password managers of 2023 by heading to STOP SUBSCRIPTION CREEP IN ITS TRACKS WHILE SAVING MONEY AND PROTECTING YOUR PRIVACY Taking advantage of the features provided by iCloud Keychain can significantly enhance your online security and save you from potential headaches caused by compromised passwords. By using this tool, you can simplify the process of managing and securing your passwords across all your devices. So, take a few moments to set up iCloud Keychain, and you can rest assured knowing that your online identities are well-protected. CLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP For more of my tips, subscribe to my free CyberGuy Report Newsletter by heading to

Malicious Android spyware detected in over 100 popular apps

Brace yourself for this troubling revelation. A new report from researchers at the IT security solutions firm Dr. Web found that over 100 Android apps that collectively have over an astounding 421 million downloads are infected with a new malware strain.  What is this new malware strain CLICK TO GET KURT'S FREE CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH SECURITY ALERTS, QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS, AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER   The malware strain has been named SpinOK, and it also contains a spyware module within it. SpinOK is being used mainly as a marketing software development kit (SDK) and was designed to maintain users' interest in apps with the help of mini-games, a system of tasks, and alleged prizes and reward drawings. Below is an example of an ad SpinOk displays:  The team at Dr. Web found that SpinOK is capable of invading even the best Android phone models and stealing private information stored on them, including data from sensors that can be used to detect a simulated or test environment and adjust the operating routine to avoid being detected by cybersecurity experts.  Once it has the information it needs, it will send it to a remote server controlled by the cybercriminals running SpinOK.   What are the apps that have been affected?  DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS PRICE TRACKING FEATURE ON YOUR ANDROID? There are over 100 Android apps that have been affected by this malware strain, and you can find a full list of them here. However, here is a list of the apps that have been downloaded the most often.  Biugo - video maker&video editor (at least 50,000,000 installations)  CashEM : Get Rewards (at least 5,000,000 installations)  Cashzine - Earn money reward (at least 10,000,000 installations)  Crazy Drop (at least 10,000,000 installations)  Fizzo Novel - Reading Offline (at least 10,000,000 installations)  MVBit - MV video status maker (at least 50,000,000 installations)  Noizz : video editor with music (at least 100,000,000 installations)  Tick: watch to earn (at least 5,000,000 installations)  VFly : video editor&video maker (at least 50,000,000 installations)  Zapya - File Transfer, Share (at least 100,000,000 installations; the trojan module was present in version 6.3.3 to version 6.4 and is no longer present in current version 6.4.1)  Many of these apps have been taken off the Google Play Store. However, some have just been updated to no longer include the malware strain. If you really want to keep an app that is listed, you can update it to its latest version. Although, I would recommend deleting it altogether.  HOW TO CHANGE YOUR PRIVACY SETTINGS ON YOUR ANDROID DEVICES    What can I do to protect myself against infected apps in the future?  It's always an unfortunate thing when apps we love that seem safe at first end up being infected with malware. With these apps it is still unclear whether the app developers were tricked by the distributors of SpinOK or if the malware was included in the apps on purpose, so you have to be vigilant about protecting yourself and not putting all your trust into every app you see. Here are some of my tips.  Remove apps from Android If you have any malicious apps on your Android phone, delete them immediately by following these steps:  DO THIS BEFORE YOU EVER THROW THAT OLD ANDROID PHONE AWAY Update your apps and operating system  Developers regularly release updates that include security patches to fix vulnerabilities. Keep your apps and operating system up-to-date to ensure you have the latest protection against potential threats.  Have good antivirus software Antivirus software provides more comprehensive protection by scanning your device for viruses, spyware, and other types of malware. It can also detect and remove malicious software that has already been installed on your device and alert you of any phishing emails or ransomware scams. Most importantly, antivirus software will prevent you from clicking a malicious link that could install malware on your device in the first place. See my expert review of the best antivirus protection for your Windows, Mac, Android & iOS devices by heading to   Look for good reviews DELETE THESE DANGEROUS ANDROID APPS NOW    Although having antivirus software is very helpful, it never hurts to do your own research before downloading an app. Even if the app comes from a source like the Google Play Store, keep in mind that Google Play Store apps can always get infected, and reviews and ratings on there can be faked.  It's a good idea to look for reviews in places besides the Google Play Store. Check to see if the app has a website or social media page that you can look through. Go to YouTube and see if anyone has done video reviews on the app so that you can see how it really works. And always be cautious if the app is asking to use certain permissions like access to your photos or contacts.  Be skeptical of app clones  Sometimes, cybercriminals create fake or cloned versions of popular apps to trick you into downloading malware. Pay attention to app names, developer names, and reviews to ensure you're downloading the legitimate version.  Trust your instincts  If something feels off about an app, trust your gut instincts. If an app seems suspicious, has poor reviews, or exhibits unexpected behavior, it's best to err on the side of caution and avoid downloading or using it.  Kurt's key takeaways  The most important thing to remember is that not every app can be trusted. Although having lots of great reviews and downloads is helpful, we can see now that those reviews and downloads don't always matter because any app can be infected with malware. Do the research and download the antivirus software to make sure you're protected above all else.  Should we expect better warnings from smartphone makers and app stores? Let us know by writing us at   For more of my security alerts, subscribe to my free CyberGuy Report Newsletter by heading to   Copyright 2023 All rights reserved. 

How to identify and stop apps that are listening to you

We typically always have our smartphones right next to us in case we need to answer or make a call, text someone, look something up, or just scroll aimlessly on social media. One thing you might not be aware of is that your smartphone is always listening to you, which is a bit creepy if you ask me. There is a way for you to see exactly which apps on your phone are listening, and you can even turn this feature off. Let's dive into the steps for doing so.  CLICK TO GET KURT'S FREE CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH SECURITY ALERTS, QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS, AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER   How do I know if apps are listening to me?  There are different steps to follow for you to see which apps on your phone are listening to you, depending on whether you use an iPhone or an Android. Our smartphones come with built-in microphones, and these microphones are designed to always be listening in case, for example, we give a voice command like with Siri or Google Assistant.  Certain apps like Facebook and Instagram likely also have microphone access because you can take videos with these apps, and the microphones need to be accessed so that your videos can have sound. Despite how some apps may encourage unlimited access to your mic, you do not need to have access turned on all the time if you're not using these apps frequently.  Here's how to check which apps on your iPhone are listening  A list of apps that have microphone access at all times will be listed. If there are apps that you do not want to give access to, simply toggle each one off. Here's how to check which apps on your Android are listening  WHY A GREEN AND ORANGE DOT ON YOUR PHONE CAN INDICATE SOMEONE LISTENING AND WATCHING   Here's how to turn off Siri  Turn off the following options:  How to turn off Google Assistant  TOP APPS TO TROUBLESHOOT YOUR WI-FI SIGNAL If your phone has malware, scammers may be listening  Another important consideration. If your device is acting slowly and you're receiving strange popups on your phone, your device may be infected with malware. You may have accidentally clicked a link that looked legitimate when in fact, it was a link to install malware. If you have malware, scammers may be doing a variety of things, including monitoring you and extracting personal information.  Have good antivirus software on all your devices  You can help keep hackers out of your devices if you have good antivirus software installed. Having antivirus software on your devices will make sure you are stopped from clicking on any potential malicious links which may install malware on your devices, allowing hackers to gain access to your personal information.  See my expert review of the best antivirus protection for your Windows, Mac, Android & iOS devices by heading to Kurt's key takeaways  Now you know the steps to check which apps have microphone access on your smartphone and how to disable this feature. It is also important to be cautious about malware, and I recommend having antivirus software to protect your personal information. Overall, it is crucial to take control of app permissions and maintain good cybersecurity practices to safeguard your privacy and security.  Ever notice an odd coincidence that leads you to believe your smartphone is listening to you? Let us know by writing us at   For more of my tips, subscribe to my free CyberGuy Report Newsletter by heading to   Copyright 2023 All rights reserved. 

How Facebook secretly collects your information even if you haven't signed up

You may have managed to go all this time without ever making any kind of social media account. However, Facebook could potentially still have your information even if you've never set up an account. Find out why this is possible and how you can protect your information.  Whether you deleted your Facebook account years ago or you never made an account at all, it's possible that Facebook could still have your email address cell phone number or landline number. The reason for this is because of hidden accounts called Shadow Profiles . These profiles are created based on data gathered from various sources, such as contacts uploaded by Facebook users, websites with Facebook tracking pixels, and other third-party data providers.  So, even if people you're friends with shared their own contact information on Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger, and you were in their address book, Meta, the parent company of these apps, likely has your information. Facebook's algorithms use this information to create a profile for non-users, which may include details like the person's name, email address, phone number and other personal data. These profiles are created without the knowledge or consent of the individuals involved. We reached out to Facebook's parent company Meta for additional information and to offer the social media platform an opportunity to comment on this report and have not heard back from them at the time of publishing.  CLICK TO GET KURT'S FREE CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH SECURITY ALERTS, QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS, AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER   Facebook's privacy policy explains in great detail what they do with the information they receive. According to its website, there are three main ways in which they use the information they get from other websites and apps:  The company emphasizes that they don't sell people's data. Even so, shadow profiles have been a subject of controversy and criticism due to privacy concerns. Critics argue that the creation of shadow profiles raises ethical questions regarding user consent and control over personal information. However, it is possible to have yourself removed from its databases.  HOW TO CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD ON FACEBOOK    Select the type of information you want to remove. Choose from a mobile number , landline, or email address , then hit Next IS FACEBOOK LISTENING TO YOU?   Once you have turned off this setting, Facebook will no longer upload your contacts to the app. Keep in mind that if you previously allowed Facebook to upload your contacts, you may need to delete your previously uploaded contacts manually.  Knowing how Facebook collects and utilizes personal information is important, even if you have never used the platform. Be aware that they can create hidden accounts called Shadow Profiles, which are generated using data from various sources. While Facebook claims this data is used to improve and protect user experience, creating shadow profiles raises concerns about privacy and consent. By following the steps I'm providing, you can take control of your information and minimize your exposure to potential privacy risks.  Should Facebook be allowed to collect your personal data without asking you directly? Let us know by writing us at   For more of my tips, subscribe to my free CyberGuy Report Newsletter by heading to   Copyright 2023 All rights reserved. 

China hacking group caught spying on US organizations

A recent report from Microsoft and the National Security Agency reveals a targeted cyberattack by a Chinese hacking group on critical infrastructure organizations in the United States. The attack was carried out by a state-sponsored group known for espionage and information gathering.  The hacker group, known as Volt Typhoon, is believed to be behind a mysterious computer code that was discovered in telecommunications systems across the United States, including Guam. The presence of this code is concerning due to Guam's strategic importance in potential military responses to a Taiwan invasion or blockade, given its Pacific ports and significant American air base. The code, referred to as a "web shell," is a malicious script that grants unauthorized remote access to a server.  CLICK TO GET KURT'S FREE CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH SECURITY ALERTS, QUICK TIPS, TECH REVIEWS, AND EASY HOW-TO'S TO MAKE YOU SMARTER   Other organizations believed to be affected span various sectors, including information technology, education, communications, maritime, government, manufacturing, utilities, transportation and construction. The hacking group's behavior suggests a focus on long-term access and espionage, with an aim to remain undetected within target networks.  Volt Typhoon achieves initial access to their targeted organizations through Fortinet FortiGuard devices. These devices are designed to help protect organizations from cyber threats. However, in this case, the hackers find weaknesses or loopholes in the FortiGuard devices that allow them to break in.  They try to mask their activity by sending data traffic through small business and home office network hardware they control, such as firewalls, routers and VPN hardware. They also rely on resources already within their operating systems. Once they have gained this initial access, the hackers can then proceed to carry out further malicious activities within the targeted organizations.  Volt Typhoon could use their tactics to damage infrastructure plans for the U.S., or it could be part of a larger plan that China is brewing that is connected to the spy balloon that floated across American nuclear sites in late January and early February of this year.  The biggest security concern is for Anderson Air Force Base in Guam. If that gets attacked, it could reveal some much-needed answers to China for a desired attack on Taiwan. Plus, it is a major hub for many of our country's ships stationed in the Pacific Ocean. Because of these threats, the Biden administration says it will be stepping in to help protect its infrastructure with new security requirement plans.  Following Microsoft's report , China has vehemently denied the allegations.  DON'T USE TIKTOK? THE CHINA-OWNED SOCIAL NETWORK MAY STILL HAVE YOUR DATA    It is worth mentioning that Microsoft did make a statement about how people can protect themselves by saying, "Microsoft has directly notified targeted or compromised customers, providing them with important information needed to secure their environments."  Although this is likely to help prevent attacks on a much larger scale than individual's devices, it is a good reminder to take the proper precautionary steps for yourself to protect your data and privacy.  Whenever possible, enable two-factor authentication for your accounts and devices. This adds an extra layer of security by requiring a secondary verification method, such as a unique code sent to your mobile device in addition to your password.  Regularly update your operating system, web browsers and other software on your device. These updates often include security patches that address vulnerabilities and protect against known threats.  CHINA HACKING GROUP CAUGHT SPYING ON U.S. ORGANIZATIONS If you get an email or a text message asking you to click a link either to view or verify your information, don't fall for it. Hackers use this technique all the time to try to fool people. They'll even pretend to be a real high-ranking official from the IRS or some other government organization to try to scare you into falling for their schemes.  Having antivirus software running on your devices will make sure you are stopped from clicking on any malicious links or from downloading any files that will release malware into your device and potentially have your private information stolen. The software will also remove any existing malware from your devices. See my expert review of the best antivirus protection for your Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices by visiting Create strong passwords for your accounts and devices and avoid using the same password for multiple online accounts. Consider using a password manager to securely store and generate complex passwords. It will help you to create unique and difficult-to-crack passwords that a hacker could never guess. Second, it also keeps track of all your passwords in one place and fills passwords in for you when you're logging into an account so that you never have to remember them yourself. The fewer passwords you remember, the less likely you will be to reuse them for your accounts. CONGRESS RACES TO RESEARCH AI-ENHANCED DRONES TO MAINTAIN NATIONAL SECURITY EDGE OVER CHINA What qualities should I look for in a password manager?  When it comes to choosing the best password manager for you, here are some of my top tips.  CHINA ACCUSES U.S. OF INTERFERING IN TRAINING EXERCISE BEFORE 'AGGRESSIVE' FIGHTER JET MANEUVER Check out my best expert-reviewed password managers of 2023 by heading to Consider using a VPN to protect against being tracked and to identify your potential location on websites that you visit. Many sites can read your IP address and, depending on their privacy settings, may display the city from which you are corresponding. A VPN will disguise your IP address to show an alternate location.  For the best VPN software, see my expert review of the best VPNs for browsing the web privately on your Windows, Mac, Android & iOS devices by visiting   This latest news about the Chinese hacking group called Volt Typhoon is troubling. They are targeting critical infrastructure organizations in the U.S. with stealthy tactics to conduct espionage activities. There are concerns about potential damage to infrastructure plans and national security. The Biden administration plans to implement new security requirements to protect U.S. infrastructure. This is a good reminder to do what you can to protect your data and privacy. I recommend you install antivirus software, use a password manager, and consider using a VPN to protect against potential cyber threats.  How concerned are you for the safety of our infrastructure now that you know about Volt Typhoon and its malicious plans? How ready is your own technology to fend off an attack? Let us know by writing us at   For more of my security alerts, subscribe to my free CyberGuy Report Newsletter by heading to   Copyright 2023 All rights reserved. 

Biden says artificial intelligence scientists worried about tech overtaking human thinking and planning

President Biden told hundreds of U.S. Air Force Academy graduation attendees on Thursday that scientists are warning about the capabilities of artificial intelligence.  "I met in the Oval Office, in my office, with 12 leading - no, excuse me, eight leading scientists - in the area of AI," he said, speaking at Falcon Stadium in Colorado.  "Some are very worried that AI can actually overtake human thinking and planning," Biden noted. "So we've got a lot to deal with." Vice President Kamala Harris and the president met with the head of Google, Microsoft and other companies developing AI in early May.  BIDEN TUMBLES DURING AIR FORCE COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY "What you're doing has enormous potential and enormous danger," Biden told the CEOs, according to a video posted to his Twitter account. "As I shared today with CEOs of companies at the forefront of American AI innovation, the private sector has an ethical, moral, and legal responsibility to ensure the safety and security of their products. And every company must comply with existing laws to protect the American people," Harris said in a statement. Recently, industry leaders, scientists and academics signed a statement from the Center for AI Safety which said "mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war." WILL AI EVER BE SMART ENOUGH TO DECIPHER FEDERAL REGULATIONS? Risk of dangers from the tech also came up at the last White House press briefing before the ceremony. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said the government takes the issue "extremely seriously." "We have taken seriously both the promise and the challenges of artificial intelligence since coming into office: the National Security Council, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, certainly the president," he explained. "There is promise, and there's peril. There is both," said Kirby. "And the President wants to see a strong private-public partnership to get after both those - the promises and the perils and the threats and challenges." The Associated Press contributed to this report.

What is the history of AI?

With the rapid emergence of artificial intelligence, which is quickly making its way into the daily lives of individuals around the world, there are a lot of questions circulating about the new technology.  Artificial intelligence has existed for a long time, but its capacity to emulate human intelligence and the tasks that it is able to perform have many worried about what the future of this technology will bring.  Here are answers to some of the big questions surrounding artificial intelligence. REGULATION COULD ALLOW CHINA TO DOMINATE THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE RACE, EXPERTS WARN: 'WE WILL LOSE' There are major names that have often been credited as the founders of artificial intelligence. One such individual is Alan Turing, a British logician, computer scientist and mathematician who made major contributions to the field before his death in 1954. These include his creation of the Turing Machine, which implements computer algorithms, and his famous work "On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem", concepts which paved the way for the function of modern computers.  Warren McCulloch and Walter Pitts wrote "A Logical Calculus of the Ideas Immanent in Nervous Activity," which built on the artificial intelligence model started by Turing by describing a neural network, according to A neural network enables computers to process information in a way that simulates human brain activity. John McCarthy is credited with coining the term in 1955, according to He also was the inventor of Lisp, which became the preferred programming language for AI work. There are lots of players in the AI game. Many companies are widely using artificial intelligence as they conduct business and compete across the globe.  WHAT ARE THE DANGERS OF AI? FIND OUT WHY PEOPLE ARE AFRAID OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE One of the biggest artificial intelligence companies that has made a splash recently is OpenAI, which has a partnership with Microsoft. If you are not familiar with OpenAI, you are probably familiar with its product, ChatGPT.  ChatGPT has become one of the most talked about AI systems in history. It is "trained to follow an instruction prompt and provide a detailed response," according to the OpenAI website. When operating ChatGPT , a user can type whatever they want into the system, and they will get an AI-generated response in return.  ChatGPT has raised public concern, prompting some AI leaders like Elon Musk  to call for ethical guidelines with respect to AI regulation. OpenAI's ChatGPT has dominated the AI conversation of late, but many other companies are exploring, developing, and investing in the revolutionary technology. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 'GODFATHER' ON AI POSSIBLY WIPING OUT HUMANITY: 'IT'S NOT INCONCEIVABLE' Google recently launched its own chatbot AI system called Bard. Adobe also offers AI products, including Sensei, which is billed to "bring the power of AI and machine learning to experiences" and Firefly, which employs generative AI technology. Amazon also uses AI. If you have ever used Amazon, you are accustomed to seeing product recommendations. This is one way the company uses AI, by figuring out what kind of products you may be interested in purchasing based on your previous search and purchase history. Amazon also has its AI assistant Alexa hooked up to all its Echo devices. You can ask Alexa any question you like, and the system will give you an answer. Apple offers the AI software Siri, which works similarly to Alexa. AI is also used in Apple Maps and with its face identification capabilities.  Baidu is a Chinese company , and is a competitor to Google. The platform has developed voice cloning technology which is regarded as highly authentic, prompting concerns of deepfakes. In 2018, its research arm claimed the ability to clone a human voice in 3 seconds. IF AI 'SPINS OUT OF CONTROL,' WILL THE BOTS REFELCT VALUES FROM CHINA OR THE US? IBM is another AI pioneer, offering a computer system that can compete in strategy games against humans, or even participate in debates., the Chinese e-commerce giant, has also made large investments in AI. Company founder Richard Liu has embarked on an ambitious path to be 100% automated in the future, according to Forbes.  Another commonly known company with strong artificial intelligence roots is Tesla, the electric vehicle company founded by Musk that uses AI in its vehicles to assist in performing a variety of tasks like automated driving.  An analysis of how artificial intelligence functions is difficult due to its extreme complexity. Fundamentally, artificial intelligence works by "combining large amounts of data with fast, interactive processing and intelligent algorithms, allowing the software to learn automatically from patterns or features in the data," according to AI EXPERT WARNS OF TOO MUCH 'HYPE': HUMANS WILL STILL BE IN CHARGE, WON'T BE 'PETS' TO NEW TECH In other words, different types of artificial intelligence software are, in a sense, able to study and absorb the information that they need, allowing them to learn, adapt, and improve, in a way that mirrors human learning. Artificial intelligence is an umbrella term that covers many different areas of technology.  There are four main types of artificial intelligence: reactive machines, limited memory, theory of mind and self-awareness, according to ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT AI Reactive machines refer to the most basic kind of artificial intelligence in comparison to others; this type of AI is unable to form any memories on its own or learn from experience. Limited memory artificial intelligence, unlike reactive machines, is able to look into the past. A common example of a limited memory artificial machine is a self-driving car.  Theory of mind AI involves very complex machines that are still being researched today, but are likely to form the basis for future AI technology. These machines will be able to understand people, and develop and create complex ideas about the world and the people in it, producing their own original thoughts. Finally, the last frontier in AI technology revolves around machines possessing self-awareness. While leading experts agree that technology such as chatbots still lacks self-awareness, the skill at which they engage in mimicry of humans, has led some to suggest that we may have to redefine the concepts of self-awareness and sentience. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE QUIZ! HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW AI? Philosophy, mathematics, economics, neuroscience, psychology, computer engineering and linguistics have all been disciplines involved in the development of AI.  Scientists and researchers involved in these fields developed the most basic form of artificial intelligence: reactive machines. Reactive machines are the foundation of more complex AI. This AI base has allowed for more advanced technology to be created, like limited memory machines. In the future, we may envision fully self-driving cars, immersive movie experiences, robots with advanced abilities, and AI in the medical field. The applications of AI are wide-ranging and are certain to have a profound impact on society. AI has already advanced so rapidly that it is hard to predict what will happen just a few years from now. What is likely to happen is that AI will make its way into pretty much every part of our lives and every facet of our economy in some fashion. AI could be used more in healthcare to do things like make diagnoses and help doctors make decisions about a patient's care.  AI may also be used more to perform simple everyday tasks, like assist with household chores.  Self-driving cars will likely become widespread, and AI will play a large role in manufacturing, assisting humans with mechanisms like robotic arms. Even the entertainment industry is likely to be impacted by AI, completely changing the way that films are created and watched.  AI EDUCATION: GATHER A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WITH BOOKS, BLOGS, COURSES AND MORE  Strong AI is also a possibility in the future. Right now, strong AI only exists in the domain of Hollywood films, but with rapid technological advancement, science fiction may become reality. Strong AI is essentially a type of artificial intelligence that seeks to create intelligent machines able to emulate the human mind.  While it is hard to predict the future of AI, undoubtedly it will have a major impact on human lives and there will be few industries which do not feel its effects. AI has changed a lot of fundamental aspects of day to day life, especially when it comes to work and the ways we communicate with one another.  AI has made lots of things easier for humans, like being able to use a GPS on our phones to get from point A to point B instead of the alternative of using a paper map to get directions. The more advanced AI that is being introduced today is changing the jobs that people have, how we get questions answered and how we are communicating.  Lots of jobs have already been affected by AI and more will be added to that list in the future. A lot of automated work that humans have done in the past is now being done by AI as well as customer service-related inquiries being answered by robots rather than by humans. There are also lots of different AI software being used in tech industries as well as in healthcare.  WHO IS WATCHING YOU? AI CAN STALK UNSUSPECTING VICTIMS WITH 'EASE AND PRECISION': EXPERTS  AI has changed the way people learn, with software that take notes and write essays for you and has also changed the way we find answers to questions. There is very little time spent going through a book to find the answer to a question, because answers can be found with a quick Google search. Better yet, you can ask your phone a question and an answer will be verbally read out to you. You can also ask software like ChatGPT or Google Bard practically anything and an answer will be quickly formatted for you.  With chatbots on the rise, AI has also changed the way we communicate with others. Now, you can have ongoing conversations with a bot and get an immediate response, like with Snapchat's My AI feature.  It has also changed the way we conduct daily tasks like commutes with self-driving cars and the way we do daily chores with tools like robotic vacuum cleaners.  These are just a few ways AI has changed the world, and lots more changes will come in the near future as the technology expands.  Even though AI is being talked about now more than ever, the tech has been around for quite a while and there are many historical milestones for the technology that has happened over a long range of time.  One of the earliest key events in AI was the development of the Turing Machine by Turing, and his famous work "On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem", concepts which paved the way for the function of modern computers. This all took place before his death in 1954.  Another key moment in AI came when McCarthy coined the term "artificial intelligence" and created the LISP language for the IBM 704 computer in 1958.  In the late 1990s, there was the creation of the robot pet dog, released by Sony. When AI started to become more advanced, it began to surpass humans at certain things. For example, in 2011, IBM's Watson computer competed against past "Jeopardy" winners and won by large margins. In 2016, Google DeepMind's AlphaGo beat the Go world champion Lee Sedol.  There have also been historical AI events that have happened in the media, such as in the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" where an AI called HAL 9000 is introduced. Some other monumental AI-related movies are "I, Robot," "Blade Runner," "WALL-E" and "The Matrix." 

What is AI?

AI, or artificial intelligence, is a branch of computer science that is designed to understand and store human intelligence, mimic human capabilities including the completion of tasks, process human language and perform speech recognition. AI is the leading innovation in technology today and its primary goal is to eliminate tedious tasks and assist in immediately accessing extremely detailed and hyper-focused information and data. AI has the ability to consume and process massive datasets and develop patterns to make predictions for the completion of future tasks. While the interest in AI around the world is growing, the science poses an existential crisis for jobs, companies, whole industries and potentially human existence. In March, Goldman Sachs released a report and warned the public of the threat to jobs that AI, and ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by AI research company OpenAI, poses. The report revealed that jobs with repetitive responsibilities and some manual labor are at risk for automation. The report concludes that 300 million jobs could be affected by AI. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FAQ In simple terms, artificial intelligence is computer science that is capable of completing tasks that humans already perform or require human intelligence to complete. AI uses technology to learn and recreate human tasks. Currently, in some situations, AI has the ability to perform human tasks better than we do, which poses a threat to the workforce. While it may seem AI has only recently become popular or relevant to society, it has been used in many ways for years.   Reactive machines are task specific and a basic form of AI. They react to the input provided to them and offer the same output. In the form of reactive machines, AI does not learn new concepts. These machines apply datasets and respond with recommendations based on already existing inputs.  An example of reactive machines is the recommendations section in Netflix. whereby TV shows and movies are recommended by the streaming service to a user based on their search and watch history.  FIVE DISTURBING EXAMPLES OF WHY AI IS NOT QUITE THERE Limited memory understands by storing previously captured and learned data and builds knowledge for the future based on its findings. An example of limited memory is self-driving cars.  Self-driving cars use signals and sensors to detect their surroundings and make driving decisions. The cars compute where pedestrians, traffic signals and low-light conditions exist, in order to drive more cautiously and avoid accidents or traffic errors. Theory of mind means that humans have thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, etc. that impact their day-to-day behaviors and decisions. While early adaptations of AI struggled with theory of mind, it has since made astonishing improvements. In order for AI to procure theory of mind, it must understand that everyone has feelings and develop the ability to change its behaviors as humans do. An example of theory of mind for humans is to see a wilted plant and understand that it needs to be watered in order to survive. In order for AI to have theory of mind, it will need to do the same. AI, ChatGPT specifically, has passed a theory of mind test commensurate with 9-year-old ability, as of February 2023. Finally, when AI is self-aware, the stages of development will be complete. Self-awareness for AI is the most challenging of all AI types as the machines will have achieved human-level consciousness, emotions, empathy, etc. and can commiserate accordingly. Once the machine has learned to be self-aware, it will have the ability to form its own identity. This stage of self-awareness is not currently possible. In order for self-awareness to become a possibility, scientists will need to find a way to replicate consciousness in a machine.  WHAT ARE THE DANGERS OF AI? FIND OUT WHY PEOPLE ARE AFRAID OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a coaching company in Chicago, found in an April report that ChatGPT could replace 4.8 million jobs in the future. Specifically, ChatGPT is likely to replace job roles that are repetitive and predictable including copywriters, customer service representatives, cashiers, data clerks, drivers and more. Individuals with graduate degrees are most fearful of losing their jobs to AI and nearly 69% of them emphasized their fear of it, according to a Tidio survey. While humans are becoming increasingly alarmed by AI, we are already using it in our daily lives in ways people might not even realize. Here are some of the most popular and typical ways we're already leveraging AI. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE QUIZ! HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW AI? Facial recognition is being used mostly by law enforcement to identify criminals and assess potential threats. Individuals use it daily to access smart devices and through social media like Facebook photo tag recommendations. Determining violations of community guidelines, facial recognition, and translation tools for language interpretation are just a few of the ways social media is operating alongside AI. Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri are all examples of voice assistants that employ AI. Voice assistants use natural language processing and are capable of discovering patterns and behaviors among users in order to conserve preferences and offer results to consumers. The more you use them, the more the voice assistant will learn. ARE YOU READY FOR AI VOICE CLONING ON YOUR PHONE? Smart home devices are used in a variety of ways including the protection and security of your home. Technology like Ring doorbells and Nest security systems use AI to detect movement and alert homeowners. Voice assistants like Siri and Alexa are also examples of smart devices. Search engines like Google, Bing and Baidu use AI to improve search results for users. Recommended content based on initial search terms are provided to users every time they search. Search engines use natural language processing, a branch of AI, to recognize search intent in order to provide exemplary results.  For example, if you search for "rose" results for the pink wine rose, the flower rose, Rose the singer or rose the verb may appear. When you provide context to your search, AI assimilates and suggests results. If you're using Google to query "Marylin Monrow," the search engine giant suggests the correct search term and results for "Marilyn Monroe." Search engines are using AI to grasp spelling, context, language and more in order to best satisfy users. AI is also the power behind the rapid adaptation of search results. Trillions of searches are performed every year and humans don't have the ability to comb through results - but AI does. When you come home from a long day at work to relax on the couch and throw on Netflix, you're leveraging AI to help you choose the next TV show or movie you'll watch. When you log onto Instagram or Facebook and a suggested list of new followers or friends appears, you're experiencing the power of AI. When you open your Google Maps app and type "gas" into the search bar to locate the closest gas station near you, you're using AI to make your life easier. AI AROUND THE WORLD: HOW THE US, EU, AND CHINA PLAN TO REGULATE AI SOFTWARE COMPANIES Artificial narrow intelligence - or ANI - is also known as "Weak" AI. ANI systems are capable of handling singular or limited tasks and are the exact opposite of strong AI, which handles a wide range of tasks. Example of ANI include Apple's Siri, Netflix recommendations and the weather app where you can check the weather for the day or the week. While Siri has the ability to assist with numerous tasks like announce calls or text messages, play music, shortcut smart device apps and more, it struggles with tasks outside its immediate capabilities.  ANI systems are not self-aware or and do not possess genuine intelligence, according to ANI uses datasets with specific information to complete tasks and cannot go beyond the data provided to it Though systems like Siri are capable and sophisticated, they cannot be conscious, sentient or self-aware. "LLMs have a broader set of capabilities than previous narrow AIs, but this breadth is limited," said Ben Goertzel, expert in Artificial General Intelligence, in a Fox News Digital Opinion article. "They cannot intelligently reason beyond their experience-base. They only appear broadly capable because their training base is really enormous and covers almost every aspect of human endeavor." Artificial general intelligence - or AGI - is AI that can perform any intellectual task a human can, according to AGI capabilities vary from consciousness to self-awareness. We have seen adaptations of life with AGI in movies like "Her" and "Wall-E."  AI EDUCATION: GATHER A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WITH BOOKS, BLOGS, COURSES AND MORE In the Pixar animation film "Wall-E," the sad, lonely robot meets another, Eve, and they fall in love. In this film, while the characters are sentient, they are AGI systems. In addition to "Wall-E," the 2013 film "Her" stars Joaquin Phoenix. "Her" is also an AGI system as she outgrows her first owner and goes out to be on her own. AGI systems learn, execute, reason, and more but do not experience consciousness. Artificial superintelligence - or ASI - is the type of AI most people are fearful of. It will have the ability to surpass human intelligence in a number of ways including creativity, self-awareness, problem-solving and more. ASI, if ever created, will have the ability to be sentient. While people are worried about AI becoming sentient, the technology is years away from such capabilities. In 2018 at South by Southwest tech conference - SXSW - in Austin, Texas, Elon Musk expressed his concerns over AI and regulations regarding the development of ASI. Generative artificial intelligence is technology with the ability to produce content including text, images and more. Generative AI like chatbots have the ability to complete a wide range of tasks including writing stories or recipes, answering questions from humans, ordering products and services and more. Examples of generative AI include chatbots like ChatGPT, Bard, Tongyi Qianwen and Ernie Bot.  Tech titans like Elon Musk and the CEO of ChatGPT, Sam Altman, are concerned about congressional oversight and regulation of generative AI across the U.S.  WHAT ARE SOME CONTROVERSIES SURROUNDING NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING? In March 2023, Musk signed a letter alongside other AI experts including Steve Wozniak, Emad Mostaque, researchers at Alphabet-owned DeepMind, Yoshua Bengio and Stuart Russell, and warned of advanced AI technology.  "Powerful AI systems should be developed only once we are confident that their effects will be positive and their risks will be manageable," said the letter. The computer programs that leverage AI and natural language processing are expected to impact the workforce significantly. Students are making use of generative AI to write essays and complete homework.  While beneficial, generative AI is also susceptible to bias and some worry it can become too human-like as it advances.  CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP Gary Marcus, a New York University professor, warned of generative AI to Congress in May: "they can and will create persuasive lies at a scale humanity has never seen before."  Marcus said, "outsiders will use them to affect our elections, insiders to manipulate our markets and our political systems. Democracy itself is threatened."

Robots could go full 'Terminator' after scientists create realistic, self-healing skin

Robots could soon be cloaked in human-like synthetic skin, similar to the cyborg assassin of the "Terminator" movie franchise, after Stanford University researchers developed an ultra-realistic, self-healing material.  Researchers have been studying and developing convincing skin materials for robots for years, with Stanford professor Zhenan Bao touting the first multi-layer self-healing synthetic electronic skin back in 2012.  More than a decade later, Bao and fellow researchers have taken their studies even further into the future: layers of synthetic skin that can now self-recognize and align with each other when injured, simultaneously allowing the skin to continue functioning while healing.  "We've achieved what we believe to be the first demonstration of a multi-layer, thin film sensor that automatically realigns during healing," Christopher B. Cooper, Stanford Ph.D. student and co-author of the study, told SWNS.  OPENAI AND FIGURE DEVELOP TERRIFYINGLY CREEPY HUMANOID ROBOTS FOR THE WORKFORCE "This is a critical step toward mimicking human skin, which has multiple layers that all re-assemble correctly during the healing process." Armoring an artificial intelligence-powered robot with life-like skin could be the way of the future, making humans feel more comfortable around such technology, according to SWNS. The material is similar to actor Arnold Schwarzenegger's cyborg character in "Terminator," which boasted a robotic endoskeleton covered by "living tissue." AI COULD GO 'TERMINATOR,' GAIN UPPER HAND OVER HUMANS IN DARWINIAN RULES OF EVOLUTION, REPORT WARNS Similar to human skin, the materials produced by the Stanford researchers can sense thermal, mechanical or electrical changes around it. The current prototype featured in the study was designed to sense pressure.  "It is soft and stretchable. But if you puncture it, slice it, or cut it each layer will selectively heal with itself to restore the overall function. Just like real skin," co-author Sam Root said.  "One layer might sense pressure, another temperature, and yet another tension," Root added.  The researchers developed silicone and polypropylene glycol materials that can stretch like human skin without tearing, while magnetic properties allow the skin to self-align.  When the material is warmed, it softens before returning to its normal state. If the material is damaged, it can self-heal in just 24 hours when warmed to 158°F, while the same healing process takes about a week at room temperature. NEW POWERFUL AI BOT CREATES ANGST AMONG USERS: ARE ROBOTS READY TO TAKE OUR JOBS? "Combining with magnetic field-guided navigation and induction heating, we may be able to build reconfigurable soft robots that can change shape and sense their deformation on demand," co-author Renee Zhao said.  The researchers said they are next working on making the layers of skin as thin as possible that have different functions, such as a layer that can sense a change in temperature and another layer that senses pressure. WILL AI EVER BE SMART ENOUGH TO DECIPHER FEDERAL REGULATIONS? The research comes as artificial intelligence is having a boom in popularity, including millions of people flocking to use chatbot ChatGPT and create life-like images generated by AI.  Amid the tech race to build even more powerful AI systems, humanoid robots are also finding themselves in the spotlight. A Texas-based company is working on "general purpose robots" that will be used to assist with household duties, while a robotics startup backed by OpenAI is working to commercialize humanoid robots for the workplace. 

Artificial intelligence: Frequently asked questions about AI

The advancement of artificial intelligence is progressing at a breakneck pace. While the technology is changing rapidly, the basic principles behind AI aren't new.  Artificial intelligence has been around for many years, and has been expanded upon by many different developers. Today, some of the most well known AIs include chatbots like ChatGPT and Google Bard, with many more on the way. These AIs have become more sophisticated and refined over the course of many iterations. These advancements are bringing AI to levels reaching what would be considered "strong AI," a machine that essentially has the same capabilities as a human mind.  Following are links to articles that answer some of the most-asked questions about AI.  AI, or artificial intelligence, is a branch of computer science that is designed to understand and store human intelligence, and mimic human capabilities including completing tasks, processing human language and performing speech recognition. AI is the leading innovation in technology today and its primary goal is to eliminate tedious tasks and assist in immediately accessing extremely detailed and hyper-focused information and data. The four main types of AI are reactive machines, limited memory, theory of mind and self-awareness. The most basic forms of AI are reactive machines and limited memory. Theory of mind and self-awareness are two stages in AI that are theoretical as of now, as they are still being developed. In the future, these two forms of AI could come to fruition. For a machine to reach the self-awareness stage of development, the most complex stage, it would need to possess the ability to form its own identity and become self-aware, as its name implies.  While there are many recent developments in the AI field, its premise is not new, and the history of AI dates back to before chatbots. Some of the earliest names in AI were Alan Turing, who created the Turing machine, Warren McCulloch and Walter Pitts, who expanded upon Turing's ideas and John McCarthy, who coined the term "artificial intelligence." The emergence of artificial intelligence has led to feelings of uncertainty, fear, and even hatred toward a technology that most people do not fully understand. AI can automate tasks that previously only humans could complete, such as writing an essay, organizing an event, and learning another language.  However, experts worry that the era of unregulated AI systems may create misinformation, cyber-security threats, job loss, and political bias.  ChatGPT is a sophisticated artificial intelligence chatbot developed by AI research company OpenAI. The AI technology was added to Microsoft products including Bing, the corporation's search engine. ChatGPT is a generative AI that is capable of producing content from text to images, having conversations with humans, suggesting edits to computer programming code and more. The chatbot has the ability to answer questions or assist humans in queries or tasks through its vast training using social media, websites, articles, datasets, books and other forms of text on the internet. Bard is one of the newest artificial intelligence chatbots. The AI chatbot, created by Google, was released in March 2023, after an initial announcement in February. The software was released to a limited amount of users for testing.  The chatbot comes on the heels of the release of one of its major competitors, OpenAI's ChatGPT, and has very similar functions to that model.  Bing's new AI search engine program uses ChatGPT language modeling to provide its users with detailed human-like responses to questions and other inquiries.  Microsoft, which owns Bing, and Google are working to create the most interactive and accurate chatbot possible in order to drive more engagement from users. It is no secret that artificial intelligence impacts society in surprising ways. One way that most people have used AI without their knowledge is when searching on Google. When doing so, it is likely that the searcher unknowingly used BERT, or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, in the form of an artificial intelligence algorithm since about 10% of all searches utilize it. This framework has allowed Google to recognize how users search by better understanding words within their correct order and context. BERT is more than just a part of Google's algorithm, though. As an open-source framework, anyone can use it for a wide array of machine-learning tasks.  With the growing presence of artificial intelligence in the everyday lives of people around the world, many tech leaders have spoken out about the controversial and revolutionary new technology. Some of the biggest names in tech have differing opinions on AI and how it will impact society as a whole, but most argue that ultimately the technology will benefit humanity. The United States government uses artificial intelligence in the military, intelligence, and law enforcement to help mitigate potential threats.  However, the use of machine learning technology largely remains unregulated by the government, although year-on-year spending on AI government contracts continues to increase.  Artificial intelligence is not intrinsically ADA compliant or not, but how it is used can either help or hinder the disabled, including those with vision and hearing impairments. When used within the hiring process, apprehension over whether AI allows for equal opportunities for candidates with disabilities, based on Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act, has been scrutinized. On the other hand, AI has proven instrumental in improving the lives and independence of those with disabilities.  With AI large language models like ChatGPT being developed around the globe, countries have raced to regulate AI. Some have drafted strict laws on the technology, while others lack regulatory oversight.  China and the EU have received particular attention, as they have created detailed, yet divergent, AI regulations. In both, the government plays a large role. This greatly differs from countries like the United States, where there is no federal legislation on AI. Government regulation comes as many countries have raised concerns about various aspects of AI. These mainly includes privacy concerns, and the potential for societal harm with the controversial software. Artificial intelligence may seem like an emerging technology bound for regular use by humans in the distant future, but there are various machine learning products that millions of people already use in their daily lives.  Machine learning technology is featured in a variety of everyday technologies, such as search engines, online shopping algorithms, navigation systems, and smartphones. Popular AI products can help you get from one destination to the next, search for facts about your favorite movie, or help you shop for a particular product online. It might be some time before we see the futuristic concept of artificial intelligence that is depicted in science fiction novels and films come about in real life, but AI is still all around us.  Most homes have some form of voice assistant gadget, such as an Alexa smart home device or Siri assistant on an iPhone. These machines have developed the ability to learn and respond in a way similar to humans' cognitive abilities, all thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms. You've probably heard of some of the biggest artificial intelligence chatbots being used and explored today, like ChatGPT and Google Bard. One artificial intelligence tool that may be new to you is Auto-GPT, an AI tool released at the end of March that is more advanced than both ChatGPT and Google Bard.  Auto-GPT is a step closer to creating what is known as "strong AI," a type of AI that is likely what we pictured when we thought of AI in the past. These depictions often feature robots with human-like capabilities that were only seen in futuristic science-fiction movies. Artificial intelligence has recently become a hot topic around the world as tech companies like Alibaba, Microsoft, and Google have released conversational chatbots that the everyday person can use. While we're already using AI in our daily lives, often unknowingly, these forms of computer science are very interesting to a large population. Some are hoping to simply learn to properly use the chatbots to make extra money on the side, experiment with robot interactions, or simply catch sight of what the fuss is all about. Others, however, are hoping to inspire change and become part of the history by physically advancing AI technology alongside tech tycoons. No matter what industry you work in, it is more than likely that artificial intelligence is going to impact your job in some capacity. That being said, it is going to affect some industries more than others.  Predicting what jobs will look like 20 years from now or even 10 for that matter is tricky. There are jobs that exist now that we couldn't have imagined 10 years ago. So, there are certain things that AI is good at now, like coding, working with numbers, writing content, but it could do a lot more in the coming years. Eighty percent of workers will have at least 10 percent of their work tasks affected by AI, according to researchers at OpenAI and the University of Pennsylvania, per the New York Times. Another report by Goldman Sachs reported by CNBC, predicted that AI could affect 300 million jobs. As machine learning technology continues to shock the world, popular artificial intelligence tools such as natural language processing may generate unforeseen issues for humanity.  For instance, natural language processing can have implicit biases, create a significant carbon footprint, and stoke concerns about AI sentience. Natural language processing is a field in machine learning where a computer processes human language through vast amounts of data to understand, translate, extract, and organize information. However, the language processing tools such as Open AI's Chat GPT and other tools run into some challenges, such as misspellings, speech recognition, and the ability of a computer to understand the nuances of human language.  Data science is an essential field within computer science and machine learning that uses statistics, algorithms, and technology to make meaningful analysis and predictions from large amounts of data.  For instance, computer scientists often describe data science as an interdisciplinary academic field combining various tools within the computer science world to extrapolate information and meaning from large amounts of structured and unstructured data. Some of the biggest corporations and technology firms in the world have a wide variety of means for collecting and storing information related to their customers and products.  Modern chatbots have become more than just customer support programs. Thanks to powerful breakthroughs in machine learning and natural language processing - two subsets of the field of artificial intelligence - people around the world are using chatbots to solve a host of problems and gain access to new conveniences. Artificial intelligence can be a hard concept for adults to fully wrap their heads around, so explaining it to kids is even harder. Having to explain this technology to kids is fairly uncharted territory, but something necessary to do since they are more than likely being exposed to it every day.  Another layer of this is AI safety. Today, so many young children have smartphones of their own, meaning they have access to chatbots like ChatGPT and other AI-generated software. It's important for kids to be briefed on internet safety before interacting with AI. 

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