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Tech smarts: 5 silly ways you're flushing money down the toilet

Here are five mistakes you might be making that will cost you.

5 major tech annoyances and how to fix them

Five smart ways you can use your gadgets to cure some of life's little annoyances

Privacy how-to: Secure ways to hide naked photos

If you have sensitive shots of any kind you want to protect, keep reading

Traveling soon? 5 smart tech steps to take before you hit the road

Travel can be stressful, but these hacks can make a huge difference.

3 ways Incognito mode can save you

We willingly give our most personal data so often to advertisers, Big Tech, scammers, and everyone else looking to make a dime off us.

NReal AR glasses set to launch this spring in UK

Chinese augmented reality (AR) startup Nreal will be bringing its smart glasses to the U.K. this spring.

Shaun King's Twitter account disappears after liberal writer claims Musk takeover is 'about white power'

Liberal writer Shaun King appears to have left Twitter following his complaint that Tesla CEO Elon Musk's purchase of the social media platform is "about white power."

3 tech steps to do before you die

In today's digital age, we have to plan for what happens to all our online accounts, data, notes, photos, videos, websites, playlists, blogs, and subscriptions once we're gone.

Quick check to see if someone is spying on your computer

Here's a check to see if there's something very sinister going on - a copy of everything you do on your PC or Mac is being gathered and sent to who knows who.

Best smart LED lights for the money

Smart LED bulbs are an affordable, easy way to dip your toes into the smart home waters, and they offer a ton of perks in return.

30-second privacy check every Google and Facebook user must do today

You may not realize that the very moment when you signed in using your Facebook or Google account, you divulged more data tracking points. So much about you is collected, compiled, and sold to the highest bidder.

Is your ISP throttling your speeds? Here's how to check

When I'm unsure if slow speeds or timeouts are part of a bigger issue, I hit Down Detector to see if others are reporting the same problem

Twitter suspends conservative 'Libs of Tik Tok' account for 12 hours over 'hateful conduct': report

Twitter account "Libs of Tik Tok" was suspended from the platform for 12 hours on Wednesday, according to reports.

LinkedIn reinstates Air Force vet's post after wrongfully calling it 'hate speech,' apologizes

LinkedIn reinstated an Air Force veteran's post about her impoverished childhood after it was wrongfully removed for violating the tech company's hate speech policy.

Revealed: Secret words IT pros use to describe YOU

Here are 10 insider words that you might hear that describe you.

10 incredibly useful iPhone and Android tricks that make your life easier

Your iPhone or Android has a ton of hidden goodies. Here are 10 tricks you'll come back to time and time again.

5 dangerous cybersecurity mistakes you're probably making

Last year, Americans lost more than $6.9 billion to cybercrooks, so don't think you're too smart to fall for their tricks as even savvy people can get conned.

The real way Facebook knows so much about you (and how to stop it)

Facebook knows what you do elsewhere because you might have connected apps sharing your data, but you can stop that.

Tech you didn't know you needed - 10 handy gadgets worth buying

There are the tech stand-outs that you'll genuinely use and appreciate.

Tech how-to: Use your voice to control your TV

There are time-saving principles that can be applied to your TV.

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