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Army pursues new 'Combined Arms Maneuver' warfare attack plan

U.S. Army war planners believe winning a major power war against Russia or China will require an intricate and sophisticated blend of weapons, effects, networking and tactics, creating a need for the service to revamp its traditional Combined Arms Maneuver warfare approach.

Ransomware jumps in September as schools become primary target

Schools have become magnets for ransomware.

Army developing 'high-rate-of-fire' breakthrough 1,000-mile range cannon

Army weapons developers stay on course with an ambitious Long Range Cannon science and technology program aimed at engineering a low-cost, high-rate-of-fire 1,000-mile ground cannon.

FBI warns on teenage sextortion as new twists on sex-related scams emerge

The FBI this week warned about recent incidents in Arizona involving an adult coercing teenagers into producing sexual content, as new twists on sextortion scams come to light.

Apple unveils Fitness+ app

Apple on Tuesday unveiled its Fitness+ app, which will be available to users before the end of 2020.

New F-35-dropped Air Force bomb tracks and destroys targets from 40 miles

The "Stormbreaker" weapon is slated to operate on the F-35 by 2023.

Apple unveils new Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, and new iPad Air

Apple has unveiled its new Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE and a new iPad Air at an event at the tech giant's headquarters in Cupertino, Calif.

Google Doodle honors Felicitas Mendez, civil rights pioneer, for Hispanic Heritage Month

Felicitas Mendez was honored Tuesday with a Google Doodle celebrating her work as a civil rights pioneer to mark the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Facebook loses bid to avoid Australian legal action over data mishandling claims

Facebook will not be able to avoid a multimillion-dollar lawsuit from Australia's Privacy Commissioner over allegations it mishandled the personal information of more than 300,000 Australians after the Federal Court ruled against the social media giant today.

Massive breakthrough: 155 mm howitzer artillery destroys incoming cruise missile

In an amazing first, an artillery cannon took out a cruise missile.

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