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US Army boosting presence in Syria, says ISIS 'still poses a threat'

The U.S. Army is sending Bradley Fighting Vehicles to Syria to bolster force protection in the region as ISIS "still poses a threat," according to a coalition spokesman. 

Boris Johnson says UK 'seeing a second wave coming in' of coronavirus, claims it was 'inevitable'

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday said the U.K. is "seeing a second wave" of coronavirus infections -- as he says he wants to keep schools and the economy open as much as possible.

Joint push for Caribbean countries to develop a coordinated sex-offender registry announced

A joint mission to formulate a coordinated sex offender registry across 15 Caribbean nations - tracking them both in that region and eventually across the world - was announced this week, urging all governments in the sector to follow in the footsteps of Trinidad and Tobago, which was the first country in the collective to pass its own laws related to convicted sex offenders.

Iran upholds sentence to amputate the fingers of 3 teens convicted of stealing

Iran has reportedly sentenced three teenagers to have their fingers amputated for stealing, a brutal punishment still on the books under the country's Islamic penal code.

Coronavirus clusters at French universities give Europe a lesson

Students are worried if coronavirus masks offer enough protection.

Turkey's confrontational foreign policy challenges Greece, European Union amid rising maritime tensions

NATO members Greece and Turkey have ratcheted up tensions in recent weeks over access to natural resources in the Mediterranean, causing yet another fracture in the western military alliance.

Nigerian state says rapists will face surgical castration; death penalty if victims are under 14

The governor of a state in Nigeria has enacted a new law that imposes surgical castration on convicted rapists and the death penalty on those whose victims are under age 14.

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard: 'Strike teams' sent to patrol oil-rich province

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has reportedly formed "strike teams" in the country's capital and plans to patrol the southern oil-rich province of Khuzestan following reports of "theft and insecurity."

How US can help China's Uighurs, who suffer disappearances, forced abortions, other atrocities

In a new Heritage Foundation report entitled "Why the U.S. Should Issue an Atrocity Determination for Uighurs," a potent case is made for the U.S. government to issue an atrocity declaration on the Chinese government's treatment of Uighurs.

German police officers suspended over pro-Nazi photos, doctored images of refugees in gas chambers

At least 29 police officers in western Germany have been suspended pending an ongoing investigation for exchanging photos of Adolf Hitler and doctored images depicting refugees in gas chambers on their personal cellphones, state officials announced Thursday.

Strong 'Medicane' takes aim at Greece, alerts issued for cyclone-like storm

A rare type of storm system known as a "medicane" is taking aim at Greece on Thursday, according to forecasters.

Navalny team found Novichok poison in Kremlin critic's hotel room

Traces of the nerve agent Novichok were found on a bottle of water in Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny's hotel room in the Siberian city of Tomsk, his colleagues said Thursday. 

Indigenous protesters in Colombia topple Spanish conquistador's statue

Indigenous protesters in Colombia have toppled and beheaded a statue of the Spanish conquistador Sebastián de Belalcázar, who they say represents centuries of genocide and slavery.

US officials plan to move forward with enforcing UN sanctions on Iran

State Department officials said Wednesday that it will push forward with U.S. sanctions against Iran, and will impose sanctions on anyone who violates the United Nations arms embargo, despite its expiration next month under the 2015 nuclear deal.

US diplomat pleas for husband jailed in Belarus after visiting family

The pro-democracy protests and subsequent crackdown in Belarus are hitting home for one American couple. 

Kushner 'very confident' Trump's Mideast peace deals make resolution with Palestinians 'more likely'

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner said on Wednesday that he is "very confident" the recent Middle East peace agreements broked by President Trump between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Israel and Bahrain will make an ultimate resolution with Palestine "more likely."

Barbados to remove Queen Elizabeth II as head of state, become a republic

Barbados announced plans Tuesday to remove Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state by November 2021 and transition into a republic.

American accused of murdering Italian police officer in botched drug deal asks for forgiveness

A 20-year-old California man accused of charged with murdering an Italian police officer apologized in court Wednesday, saying he was "filled with remorse" and hoped one day the slain man's family would forgive him.

Top WHO scientist: Pre-coronavirus life won't return till 2022

The most realistic timeline places a COVID-19 vaccine rollout during mid-2021, and face masks and social distancing will remain necessary for a while afterward.

Man using live snake as face mask boards bus in England

A man was spotted using a live snake as a makeshift face mask on a public bus in England.

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