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Scaramucci: Former Trump cabinet members to rebuke Trump

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who recently withdrew his support for President Trump, says he is putting together a coalition of former cabinet members to speak out against Trump.

Potential mass shootings thwarted in 3 states

Authorities this weekend announced they had foiled three potential mass shootings after arresting three men in different states who expressed interest in or threatened to carry them out.

CNN Business Before the Bell

CNN's Alison Kosik has the day's top business headlines before the Opening Bell on Monday, August 19.

Morning news briefing from CNN

Morning news briefing from CNN on Monday, August 19.

Potential mass shootings thwarted in three states

Authorities this weekend announced they had foiled three potential mass shootings after arresting three men in different states who expressed interest in or threatened to carry them out.

Severe storms and heat impact much of eastern US

Severe storms slammed much of the northeast last night with more in the forecast today. Millions are also under a heat advisory. CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the latest and who will be affected.

Iranian oil tanker at center of a standoff leaves Gibraltar

An Iranian oil supertanker that was seized by the UK, a move that came amid escalating tension between Tehran and the West, was released Sunday and was moving away from Gibraltar, according to local media and maritime tracking site.

The Racing Helmet That Can Read Your Mind

This new helmet has been designed to read the minds of race car drivers, letting them use their own brain's data to inform and ensure peak performance on the track. Electroencephalographic headgear monitors their brain activity when they're driving and turns that information into insights-which can help them improve how they drive and win more races. This Great Big Story is by Ford.

In Japan, This Black Vinegar Is Aged Like Wine

Tadaaki Kuramato is a brewmaster. But he doesn't brew beer-Kuramato cultivates a special black vinegar called kurozu at the Sakamoto Kurozu brewery in Japan. It's made with rice malt, steamed rice and groundwater. And like a fine wine, this fine vinegar is aged. It's Kuramato's job to carefully look after 52,000 clay vases full of fermenting kurozu, all aspiring to perfection. The longer the vinegar ferments, the darker it becomes, and the smoother it tastes. It's also known to have health benefits. This Great Big Story was inspired by Genesis.

Hong Kong's weekend of peaceful protests

Despite pouring rain, organizers estimate 1.7 million people attended an anti-government march in Hong Kong. CNN's Ivan Watson reports

Thousands left homeless after fire ravages slum

A devastating slum fire in Dhaka, Bangladesh, destroyed homes of more than 10,000 people. The majority of the slum's residents are low-paid workers from nearby garment factories.

Hammerhead shark snatches catch from fisherman's hand

A fisherman got quite a shock when a 14-foot hammerhead shark stole the tarpon he was trying to pull into his boat. CNN affiliate Bay News 9 reports.

Migrants jump off rescue boat and try to swim to Italy

Migrants aboard a Spanish humanitarian ship attempted to swim to Italy. Crew members swam after them and brought them back to the boat.

How a wedding turned to tragedy

A suicide bomb attack at a wedding in Kabul killed at least 63 people and wounded 182, the Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman said.

Historic ship replicas nod to Macao's maritime past

Master shipbuilder Tam Kam Chun is on a mission. Every day, the 71-year-old spends hours at an abandoned Macao shipyard, hunched over a table, hard at work.

Soccer riot leaves 3 dead, many injured

Three people were killed and several injured in clashes between fans of rival soccer clubs in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa.

Evening news briefing from CNN

Evening news briefing from CNN on Sunday, August 18.

Camera catches person destroying sand sculpture

Honolulu Police released video that shows a teenager destroying a sand sculpture in a hotel lobby.

Former NFL player Cedric Benson dies in motorcycle crash

Former NFL running back Cedric Benson was killed in a motorcycle accident at the age of 36. Benson played in the NFL for eight years on several different teams.

Man arrested for threatening mass shooting in texts

Tristan Scott Wix has been charged for threatening to commit a mass shooting after his ex-girlfriend alerted authorities to a series of ominous text messages he sent her.

Watch moment lightning nearly strikes man's umbrella

Video captured the moment lightning nearly struck Romulus McNeill's umbrella as he was walking down a sidewalk.

Trump: There's something going on at Fox News

When asked about Fox News polling data, President Donald Trump lashed out at the network saying, "there's something going on" that he's not happy with.

CNN10 - 8/19/19

Problems involving lead and tap water are growing in New Jersey, experts aim to add new rules concerning Chomolungma, and a 103-year-old takes a record skydive.

Two men rescued a wheelchair-bound cruise ship passenger who fell off a dock

When a young woman in a wheelchair fell off a cruise ship dock in St. Martin, two local entertainers jumped in after her to save her from drowning.

Why passing gun control legislation is so hard

In the wake of twin mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, Congress is faced again with mounting pressure to pass gun control legislation. It's the same pressure lawmakers faced following the Sandy Hook Elementary in 2013. Is there any reason to think this time will be any different?

Russian site launches smear campaign against CNN's Clarissa Ward

CNN's Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward is being targeted by a Russian propaganda outfit for her months-long investigation uncovering Putin's secret private army in the Central African Republic. Ward tells John Avlon that when she noticed her team was being followed, "that really was deeply disconcerting, because it was just a year ago that three Russian journalists who were pursuing the same story about... Russian mercenary activity in the Central African Republic were actually ambushed and killed." She says, "While this [smear campaign] may have been just about intimidation, it certainly also gave us real pause for thought and concern about our safety as well. And it hasn't stopped."

House party turns violent, at least 6 teens shot

Detectives in Houston say an impromptu house party organized on Snapchat devolved into chaos when a verbal dispute led to the shooting of at least six teenagers. CNN affiliate network KTRK has the story.

A look at the growing disinformation wars

The right has long accused the media of bias, but now some on the left, including Bernie Sanders, are echoing accusations of media bias. New York Times media columnist Jim Rutenberg says the "Trump era forces us to be a little more aggressive" about the telling the truth because journalists are met with "so much disinformation."But Roll Call columnist Mary C. Curtis adds that journalists have to be cognizant of their own biases, "every journalist frames their story, and we have to be honest about that." Adam Serwer and Bari Weiss also join.

Watch a giant glacier collapse in front of two kayakers

Andrew Hooper and Josh Bastyr were kayaking near Spencer Glacier in Alaska when they heard cracking noises. Moments later, the massive glacier collapsed right in front of them.

Mom thought she had kidney stones, gave birth to triplets

A South Dakota mom went to a hospital for pain she thought was caused by kidney stones. Turns out, the pain was caused by the fact that she was in labor with triplets. CNN affiliate network KOTA reports.

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