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'I ran because of you!': Trump sounds off at Biden

President Donald Trump exclaimed, "I ran because of you," to former Vice President Joe Biden during the final presidential debate of the 2020 election. Check out more CNN debate coverage here.

Trump's response about responsibility surprises Biden

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden debate the handling of coronavirus during the final presidential debate of the 2020 election. Check out more CNN debate coverage here.

Toddler goes viral stealing mom's phone

Nobody likes to have their phone stolen ... unless it's stolen by your own toddler in the middle of your TikTok dance. Video of an adorable theft delighted the internet and inspired people to post other babies (and a pet fox) swiping phones. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.

Harry Enten polling analysis: Trump is dragging down GOP

CNN's Harry Enten spells out how changes in states' congressional seats paint a clearer picture of the electorate in the presidential race.

Wisconsin using overflow facility to keep up with Covid-19 cases

An overflow medical facility set up at the Wisconsin State Fair Park in the Milwaukee suburb of West Allis received its first patient as the number of people with Covid-19 admitted to hospitals rises.

Bernie supporter: I don't owe the Democratic party anything

Mikal Goodman and Nicole Reid live in Michigan, a swing state that Trump narrowly won in 2016. Both Goodman and Reid are diehard supporters of Bernie Sanders and are deeply unhappy with the presidential options in front of them. This one issue could affect how they vote.

'Fun, joyous' family man loses battle with COVID after 3 weeks in the hospital

CNN's Jake Tapper reports.

Biden prepares for personal attacks, Trump advisers plead for him to be less combative

CNN's Jake Tapper reports.

The GOP's closing argument for re-electing Trump

RNC spokesperson Liz Harrington defends President Trump's record and his case for reelection.

'The Place of No Words' sees with child's eyes

Filmmaker Mark Webber stars with his wife Teresa Palmer and their young son Bodhi in a film that shifts between reality & fantasy. David Daniel has a look.

This company makes sure you never run out of coffee

Startup Bottomless uses a connected scale to measure customers' coffee consumption and send automatic refills. Its co-founder explains how the pandemic has affected business.

This fourth-grader doesn't have WiFi at home. So he walks to school

A fourth-grader without internet access at home was caught sitting outside his shuttered school doing homework. CNN speaks to him and his mother.

The soulful music of Melody Gardot

Jazz artist Melody Gardot talks to Amanpour about making music during lockdown and her new album "Sunset in The Blue."

Why a Democratic landslide could crush the GOP for years to come

As November 3 draws closer, independent political handicappers are revising upwards the likelihood of Joe Biden winning the presidency and Democrats making gains in Congress. In other words, a Democratic landslide could be coming. CNN's Chris Cillizza explains how this potential wave will crash hardest -- and with the most impact -- at the state legislative level.

Trump falsely claims best economy in history in '60 Minutes' interview

In an interview with CBS News' Lesley Stahl, President Trump said "we created the greatest economy in the history of our country." CNN's Christine Romans breaks down how the economy has fared under Trump.

Connie Chung reacts to Trump's conflict with '60 Minutes'

Award-winning journalist Connie Chung says CBS News should have released the "60 Minutes" interview with Trump ahead of the Presidential debate.

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