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Hear part of Jayme Closs' statement read in court

The attorney for Jayme Closs, as well as members of her family, read impact statements in court to Jake Patterson, who pleaded guilty to homicide and kidnapping charges.

See Lil Nas X surprise Billy Ray Cyrus with this gift

Artist Lil Nas X delivered a Maserati to Billy Ray Cyrus' house after their hit song "Old Town Road" topped the charts for seven weeks.

Officers revive teen after heart attack at skating rink

CNN's Athena Jones shares the story of New Jersey police who revived a teen after she suffered a heart attack at a skating rink.

Explosion in Lyon, France, leaves several people injured

An explosion in the city of Lyon, France, has injured at least seven people. CNN's Melissa Bell reports.

NASA plans to return to the moon by 2024

NASA announced its new mission to return to the moon and maintain a human presence there.

Watch this robot clean skyscraper windows

Skyline Robotics CEO Yaron Schwarcz tells CNN's Samuel Burke why the dangerous work of cleaning windows should be done by machines, even if that puts jobs at risk.

Late-night comics make light of Trump-Pelosi drama

Late-night hosts make fun of the escalating feud between President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as they fail to make a deal on infrastructure policy. For more comedy, watch "Colin Quinn: Red State, Blue State" on Monday May 27, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Lawmaker explains why he stalled disaster aid bill

A $19 billion disaster relief bill stalled in the House after Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) objected to passing the bill.

D-Day: The largest sea invasion by the numbers

Listen to General Eisenhower's speech to Allied troops before D-Day, one of the most pivotal battles of WWII.

What does Theresa May's exit mean for Brexit?

Christiane Amanpour speaks with editor of The Spectator Fraser Nelson and former Swedish PM Carl Bildt about Theresa May's decision to resign as UK PM.

What NOT to do in a heat wave

CNN's Jennifer Gray offers four surprising tips on how to stay cool during a heat wave.

Trump sending 1,500 troops to Middle East

President Donald Trump tells reporters that he approved additional military resources to the Persian Gulf region to deter Iranian threats.

Congressman seems to faint mid-press conference

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) was at an event in New York when he appears to have overheated and fainted. Nadler's aide told CNN that the congressman seems to have been dehydrated and he is now responsive.

Trump's history of promises to the LGBTQ community

CNN's Jessica Dean takes a look at President Trump's campaign promises to the LGBTQ community as the Supreme Court allows Trump's transgender military ban go into effect.

Mercedes looks ahead to joining Formula E

Mercedes will join Formula E from next season -- and they're coming to win.

Victim speaks after execution of serial killer

It took more than three decades, but convicted serial killer and rapist Bobby Joe Long was executed in Florida as two of his surviving victims looked on.

Here's what you need to know about Brexit

CNN correspondents go back to basics to guide you through everything you need to know about the divorce between the EU and the UK.

Azerbaijan minister says country has done everything to protect Mkhitaryan

Azerbaijan's minister of youth and sports, Azad Rahimov, tells CNN there is nothing more his country can do to provide Arsenal player Henrikh Mkhitaryan with assurances about his safety ahead of the Europa League final in Baku.

Watch: This man walked on a plane's wing mid-flight

This filmmaker bought a one-way ticket around the world and learned how to walk the wings of a 1940s biplane.

How Ólafur Arnalds Creates Music With "Ghost Pianos"

Following an accident, musician Ólafur Arnalds suffered nerve damage that left him unable to play the piano. That's when he discovered the power technology granted him in innovating on the classical form. He got to work with a programmer to create a software called Stratus that controls self-playing, semi-generative pianos. It's all supported by some complex mathematics and a wildly creative vision. While Ólafur plays an electronic keyboard onstage, the two upright ghost pianos accompany him, creating a cascade of complementary notes. It's an incredible system that fuses the physicality of classical music with the ingenuity of electronic music. In this episode of SOUNDWAVE, Ólafur delves into the creation of his Stratus software and walks us through how he composed the song "unfold" from his latest album "re:member."

Divers swim with rare great white shark

Divers off the coast of Hawaii spotted and then swam with a rare great white shark.

A look at Theresa May's time as Prime Minister

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has announced her resignation as Conservative Party leader, finally bowing to intense political pressure over the failure to deliver her signature policy -- Britain's withdrawal from the European Union.

Miliband: Ebola situation is getting worse

International Rescue Committee Chief Executive David Miliband speaks with Christiane Amanpour about the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Obama surprises kids in after-school program

Former President Barack Obama surprised students at the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy.

The event that brought the US into WWII

America pauses on December 7 to remember the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor that led the US into World War II.

Doctored video of Nancy Pelosi goes viral

Some social media users shared a manipulated video to spread a false claim that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slurred her words after meeting with President Donald Trump. CNN's Donie O'Sullivan reports.

'The Voice' cast on why the show is so successful (2014)

CNN chats with judges Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Carson Daly.

Watch this helicopter fly upside down over Manhattan

Lucky New Yorkers got a sneak peak of a Memorial Day airshow when pilot Aaron Fitzgerald flew seemingly impossible loops, twists and barrels with his Red Bull Aerobatic helicopter.

The Native American Code Talkers Who Helped Win WWI

It was fall of 1918. The Allied military's tactical movements were jeopardized by the German military's superior espionage capabilities. Not only were the Germans tapping Allied phone lines, they were able to crack the code. That's when two Native American soldiers speaking Choctaw came in, and would ultimately help turn the tide of the war. After a chance encounter with an officer, they were charged with setting up a new kind of communications system, one that required ingenuity and made heroes out of an oppressed group of Native Americans.

See SpaceX launch 60 internet satellites into orbit

SpaceX deployed 60 satellites into low-earth orbit in what could be the first step toward internet access for the entire planet.

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