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A crumbling infrastructure puts these Biden Cabinet positions in the spotlight

Joe Biden's plan to remake America's crumbling infrastructure as President is expected to increase the pressure on three key Cabinet picks to work together for results that Americans can see clearly and quickly in the early months of his presidency, sources told CNN.

Houston police rescue about 30 people in alleged human smuggling ring

Houston police say they rescued about 30 people being held in a home after officers responded to a report of a man running down the street in his underwear.

On this day in 1933, America ended prohibition

Prohibition ended in the US on this day in 1933 with the repeal of the 18th amendment.

Fact checking Trump's month of shifting, consistently baseless claims for why he lost the election

In the month since the election, President Donald Trump has grasped for seemingly any theory to explain why he lost to Joe Biden, no matter how outlandish -- dead people voted, poll watchers were illegally removed, foreign countries influenced the tabulation of the votes! Yet as his explanations have changed, they remain consistently untrue.

Pence's political future remains clouded by Trump

Days after the election, Mike Pence called a close friend for a 30-minute conversation to analyze what had just happened and what it all might mean for the future of the Republican Party. According to this person, the vice president was upbeat about the success of GOP candidates lower down the ballot, but Pence also sounded skeptical about the various lawsuits and legal challenges that the President's campaign was preparing.

'Harder, scarier and lonelier than necessary.' Kansas man pens powerful obituary after losing father to Covid-19

Courtney Farr says one of the hardest parts of losing his father to Covid-19 earlier this week was knowing he wasn't surrounded by his loved ones in his last moments.

New combative Ivanka Trump sparks questions about her future

A more combative Ivanka Trump has emerged with little more than one month left in her role as adviser to President Donald Trump, as the first daughter makes a conscious effort to publicly push back on her critics.

Fears of forced removals as Bangladesh moves hundreds of Rohingya refugees to remote island

Hundreds of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are being relocated to a controversial island facility in the Bay of Bengal this week amid fears that some could be forced to move there and held indefinitely.

How Republicans live in a bubble, too

Following Hillary Clinton's loss in the 2016 election, there was a lot of talk how the Democrats lived in a bubble. They failed to see President Donald Trump's win coming and nominated someone who lost to the least-liked candidate of all time.

All eyes are on Georgia ahead of Trump's rally and Senate debate

The eyes of the political universe will turn to Georgia this weekend, as the voter registration deadline for January's Senate runoffs approaches.

How Selena's glorious legacy shows off the vast complexity of Latinos

More than 25 years after her murder at the age of 23, Selena Quintanilla-PĂ©rez, or just Selena, endures as a music icon. Her fan base spans oceans and generations. Her records have sold millions of copies. Her sartorial taste -- the bedazzled bustiers -- is best described as one of a kind.

Expect big things from Kamala Harris

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is going to be a major voice in the White House during the next four years, writes Julian Zelizer. As an experienced senator, Harris will be able to help Biden solidify support within the Democratic Caucus for his legislative proposals

The US just hit a record 7-day average of new Covid-19 cases. And the impacts of Thanksgiving will only make things worse, experts warn

Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths are at record-high levels nationwide, and officials expect the US will soon bear the full brunt of another surge of infections fueled by Thanksgiving gatherings.

US anti-doping bill signed into law

US President Donald Trump announced on Friday he had signed into law the Rodchenkov Anti-Doping Act, allowing the United States to impose criminal sanctions on individuals involved in doping activities at international events.

Pentagon blocked Biden's intelligence transition team from meeting with agencies

The Trump administration prevented President-elect Joe Biden's transition team from meeting with its counterparts at Pentagon intelligence agencies this week, according to a former senior intelligence official familiar with intelligence transition discussions.

America is going from an outsider president to the ultimate insider

Joe Biden breaks the mold of recent US presidents in a very important way: He's a Washington survivor.

Warner Bros. has changed the game on movie windows, but consumers will have the last word

The Warner Bros. decision to make its 2021 movies available on streaming service HBO Max the same day they hit theaters comes after a long stretch that offered clarity on what studios want in terms of shrinking release windows, and what theaters want (or don't) to protect their business.

Mariah Carey's Christmas special is truly the greatest gift of all

"Mariah Carey's Magical Christmas Special" is here and it's everything you dreamed it would be.

First shipments of coronavirus vaccine will fall short

The first shipments of coronavirus vaccine won't cover even the small number of people designated to be in the first group to be immunized, states are learning.

'Parents are desperate.' Zoom Santas are cashing in

"Is the audio on?" said Mrs. Claus, leaning closer to the webcam and tapping at the iPad screen. Mr. Claus, seated to her left in front of a backdrop of a fireplace with stockings they purchased off the internet for $10, added: "Hello! Is that Jesse or James who's speaking? I can't tell because your video isn't on."

Biden's Cabinet conundrum deepens amid criticism over diversity

Joe Biden renewed his promise this week to build an administration that will "look like the country." But that task is proving to be a major challenge for the President-elect as he tries to achieve the right ideological balance while trying not to alienate key allies as some Black and Latino leaders voice disappointment about the diversity of his Cabinet picks so far.

Biden weighs ambassador picks amid pressure to diversify

President-elect Joe Biden's team is in the early stages of considering who to appoint as ambassadors around the world, with a handful of selections for high profile posts expected to come sometime in January, according to three sources familiar with the discussions.

A few hours of flu-like symptoms? 'Absolutely' worth it for this woman who was in a Covid-19 vaccine trial

Four hours of body aches cured by a common pain reliever.

It's a record year for LGBTQ representation in holiday movies

Holiday movies are a time-honored tradition, and this season could signal that queer couples are finally getting a seat at the table.

Hayabusa2 mission will land the first subsurface asteroid samples on Earth

Japan's Hayabusa2 mission, the first to collect samples from beneath the surface of an asteroid, is scheduled to land back on Earth early Sunday morning in Australia. The mission collected samples from the near-Earth asteroid Ryugu in 2019.

Fantasy football is a billion-dollar pastime. Covid-19 is wreaking havoc with it

This NFL season has been a chaotic mix of coronavirus precautions, postponed games and infected players, all unfolding under a looming concern for the health of players, staff and spectators.

Covid-19 is raging through overcrowded California prisons

As Covid-19 infections surge across California, state correctional facilities have recorded more than 4,000 active cases among inmates and another 1,430 among staff -- the highest numbers recorded since the pandemic's start.

First nor'easter of the season could turn into a 'bomb cyclone' in New England

A rapidly-intensifying nor'easter will bring heavy rain and snow from the Mid-Atlantic through New England this weekend, triggering winter weather alerts in several Northeastern states.

Covid can't stop the holiday cookie swap

You can get the sugar rush and endorphin boost of a traditional cookie-baking binge without cramming into close quarters. These pandemic-friendly cookie swap ideas will help you celebrate this holiday tradition safely -- and much less stressfully.

The latest on the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

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