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Pennsylvania primaries test future direction of the Republican Party

Voters in five states cast their ballots in Tuesday's primaries, but two GOP contests in Pennsylvania will offer the greatest insight into the future of the Republican Party with candidates who have denied the results of the 2020 election running for both the Senate and gubernatorial nod in the state.

How the 18-year-old suspect legally obtained guns before the Buffalo mass shooting

The 18-year-old man accused of mass murder at a Buffalo supermarket legally obtained an AR-15 style rifle, believed to be the same weapon he described modifying in a lengthy, racist rant posted online before the attack.

Federal judge strikes down Tennessee law requiring some businesses to post transgender bathroom notices

A federal judge on Tuesday struck down a Tennessee law that required some businesses to post signs outside their bathroom doors if they allow transgender or nonbinary people to use those that match their gender identity -- a policy LGBTQ advocates charged was "offensive and humiliating" for members of the community and could lead to harassment.

What we know about Buffalo supermarket shooting suspect Payton Gendron

The 18-year-old man who allegedly shot and killed 10 people in Buffalo, New York, on Saturday afternoon was motivated by hate, authorities said, targeting a supermarket in the heart of a predominantly Black community.

DOJ files suit against casino mogul Steve Wynn seeking order that he register as foreign agent of China

The Justice Department has filed a civil lawsuit seeking a court order requiring that casino mogul Steve Wynn register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Russia's war in Ukraine

Ukrainian forces have completed their "combat mission" in Mariupol, according to the country's military. It comes after hundreds of people were evacuated from a steel plant that was the last holdout in the city. Follow here for live news updates.

Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kentucky, Idaho and Oregon primaries

Five states - Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Kentucky, Idaho and Oregon - are holding key primaries Tuesday in what will be another test of former President Trump's endorsement power. Follow here for live news updates, results and analysis.

Orange County church shooting suspect to be charged with murder and nine other counts

The man accused of fatally shooting one man and wounding five others at a Taiwanese church service in Orange County, California, on Sunday will be charged with murder, attempted murder and possession of an explosive device, District Attorney Todd Spitzer said Tuesday.

Russia needs cars, so it's rebooting this Soviet-era brand

After Renault announced its departure this week from the Russian auto market amid the country's war with Ukraine, Moscow's mayor announced its factory will be used to restart the defunct Soviet-era Moskvich car brand.

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May 18, 2022

Amber Heard finishes testifying in Johnny Depp defamation case

Amber Heard faced questions from Johnny Depp's lawyers in her fourth day of testimony in the defamation trial between the former couple.

How to help Afghanistan's hunger crisis

Hunger and food insecurity have reached catastrophic levels in Afghanistan. The World Food Program reports that almost 20 million people -- about half the country's population -- are in desperate need of food.

Justice Department asks January 6 committee for transcripts of witness testimony

The Justice Department has asked the committee investigating the January 6, 2021, insurrection to hand over transcripts of the panel's witness depositions as part of its investigation, a committee spokesman and another source familiar with the matter told CNN on Tuesday.

Allianz division agrees to pay $6 billion for defrauding teachers, religious groups and foundations

A US division of German insurance firm Allianz will pay more than $6 billion for what US investigators called a "massive fraudulent scheme" that involved the investments of public pensions, religious organizations and other foundations.

Prosecutors say Clinton campaign lawyer tried 'to manipulate the FBI' with Trump-Russia tip as first Durham trial opens

Special counsel John Durham's prosecutors laid out their case against Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann during opening statements Tuesday, accusing him of scheming "to inject the FBI into a presidential election" by peddling an ultimately unsubstantiated tip about Donald Trump's ties to Russia, eight weeks before Election Day.

Online posts reveal suspected gunman spent months planning racist attack at a Buffalo supermarket

Social media posts by the 18-year-old White man suspected of shooting and killing 10 people at a Buffalo supermarket Saturday reveal he had been planning his attack for months.

Pentagon doesn't hold anyone accountable for 2019 Syria strike that killed four civilians following review

Despite a renewed commitment on civilian casualties, the Pentagon has decided to hold no one accountable for a 2019 strike in Baghouz, Syria, that killed four civilians and wounded 15.

DHS hasn't seen a 'significant decrease' of migrants at the US-Mexico border amid ongoing efforts, Mayorkas tells CNN

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas acknowledged on Tuesday that the agency has "not seen a significant decrease" in migrants coming to the US-Mexico border despite its efforts to restrict the flow.

US assesses North Korea preparing for possible long range missile test within days as Biden prepares to travel to Asia

North Korea appears to be preparing for a possible intercontinental ballistic missile test within the next 48 to 96 hours, just as President Joe Biden is scheduled to travel to Asia, according to a US official familiar with the latest intelligence assessment.

Why the military wants to hear about more UFO sightings

UFO sightings logged by the US government near government property are on the rise, an intelligence official told lawmakers in the first public congressional hearing on UFOs in 50-plus years. The government wants to better understand unexplained objects to make sure they don't represent some new and threatening technology.

Opinion: The trolling of Amber Heard sends a perilous message to women

There are no heroes in Johnny Depp's defamation trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heard. To a casual observer, the case seems to be about two deeply dysfunctional people who both saw their emotional dysregulation made exponentially worse by their romantic relationship.

Judge signs off on steps troubled baby formula manufacturer must take to restart closed plant

A federal judge has signed off on a legally binding agreement between the United States Food and Drug Administration and the baby formula manufacturer Abbott Nutrition, the company at the heart of a nationwide formula recall.

'We didn't have much, and you took what was left'

The beloved Tops is the only supermarket in a one-mile radius within this largely Black neighborhood and one that took more than a decade to get. It has now been scarred by a deadly rampage whose remnants are evident in the stretches of police tape that now guard the store.

Jerry Bruckheimer addresses Johnny Depp's future with 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise

Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films, has reportedly had his say about Johnny Depp continuing to appear in the franchise.

Biden gives emotional speech after Buffalo shooting: 'White supremacy is a poison'

President Joe Biden on Tuesday did not hesitate to call the deadly mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, an act of domestic terrorism, condemning the racist ideology of the suspected shooter.

Apple delays plan for Bay Area workers to be in office three days a week

Apple notified corporate employees that it is delaying a requirement for most staffers to be in the office at least three days a week amid an increase in Covid-19 cases in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the company is based.

Death toll in blast near school in Kano, Nigeria rises to nine amid allegations of a cover up

The death toll in an explosion that rocked the city of Kano in northwest Nigeria has risen to nine, authorities say.

Biden administration makes 8 more free Covid tests available to US households as it calls on Congress to pass additional funding

The Biden administration is opening for a third round of orders while reiterating its calls on Congress to act on additional Covid response funding.

California court strikes down another law seeking to diversify corporate boards

California's efforts to mandate board diversity have been dealt another blow.

Man arrested in Korean-owned hair salon shooting and charged with felony aggravated assault

A man has been charged with three counts of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in a Dallas hair salon shooting last week that wounded three people, according to the probable cause affidavits obtained by CNN.

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