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Felicity Huffman reports to prison to start two-week sentence for college admissions scam

Actress Felicity Huffman reported to federal prison in Dublin, California, on Tuesday to begin serving a two-week sentence for her role in the college admissions scam, a representative said.

Ohio might become the latest state to end the tax on pads and tampons. Here are others that already have

Ohio could become the 16th state with no sales tax on menstrual products.

7 things to watch during the CNN/New York Times Democratic presidential debate

Twelve Democratic presidential candidates will take the stage here at Otterbein University on Tuesday during a swirl of news back in Washington and on the other side of the world.

Google unveils the new Pixel 4 smartphone

Google is set to launch its next-generation smartphone, the Pixel 4, at an event in New York City on Tuesday.

Teen collects hundreds of Barbies with prosthetic legs for kids just like her

Chloe Newman lost her right leg when she was a baby, so when Mattel introduced the Barbie Fashionista #121 -- a stylish doll with a prosthetic leg -- she wanted to give them to kids just like her.

How to watch the Democratic debate tonight

The stakes are high for the 2020 candidates participating in the October Democratic debate. View information on when and how to watch the debate, along with the list of participants and moderators.

MIT engineers tested Leonardo da Vinci's bridge design. Here's how it held up

In 1502, Leonardo da Vinci sketched out a design for what would have been the world's longest bridge at the time -- 280 meters (918.6 feet). Although the bridge itself was never built, engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have tested the design to see if it would work.

Congested streets, dying batteries and fragile design: These are the problems e-bikes and scooters must overcome

Future generations will visit a city and think nothing of zipping to their destination on shared e-bikes and e-scooters, writes Brad Hunstable, CEO of Linear Labs.

GM CEO meets with UAW negotiators, another sign of progress ahead of union leadership meeting

The end could be on the horizon for the United Auto Workers union's four-week long strike against General Motors.

Police chief apologizes for Atatiana Jefferson's death, while family says officer's arrest is just a start

Fort Worth Interim Police Chief Ed Kraus apologized Tuesday for the killing of Atatiana Jefferson in her home by a Fort Worth officer. "Human life is a precious thing and should not have been taken from Ms. Jefferson," he said.

Ohio voters voice dismay over Trump's actions but aren't convinced on impeachment

When Donald Trump swept Ohio in 2016 with the largest margin of any Republican since 1988, he won so convincingly that Democrats wondered whether the state was permanently off the swing map.

Bulgaria charged over racist chanting at England match

European soccer's governing body has charged the Bulgarian national federation over the racist chanting directed at England players at a European championship qualifier match on Monday.

Consumers are still spending, says JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon

Consumers are still spending, according to JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon. But Dimon added that the US trade war with China is weighing on corporate sentiment.

Liz Cheney tried to blame the Syria debacle on impeachment

Well, this is a new one.

Puerto Rico governor calls urgent meeting after six people were killed in a mass shooting

Puerto Rico Gov. Wanda Vázquez Garced has called an urgent meeting after six people were killed in a mass shooting at a San Juan apartment complex.

The first all-female spacewalk is scheduled for this month

After the first all-female spacewalk was scrapped in March, NASA has now scheduled another attempt with astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir for October 17 or 18.

Google's new flagship Pixel 4 smartphone: Preorder guide

After months of leaks, Google just made the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL official. The latest iteration of their flagship smartphone starts at $799 for the 4 and its 5.7-inch display, and $899 for the 6.3-inch 4 XL.

Monday was supposed to be a big day for Facebook's Libra. Instead, it lost another partner

Monday was supposed to be an exciting day for Libra. Its governance organization, the Libra Association, held an inaugural meeting to select members for its leadership team - a critical milestone for the Facebook-developed cryptocurrency project.

Jennifer Aniston joins Instagram with help from some 'Friends'

Jennifer Aniston's "Friends" co-stars will always be there for her -- even for her first day on Instagram.

Enable to continue racing in 2020 with Arc redemption a possibility

Redemption in Paris? Possibly. Wonder horse Enable aimed at Arc revenge trip.

Bulgaria football chief resigns after England players suffer racist abuse

The president of Bulgaria's football association Borislav Mihaylov has handed in his resignation after England players were subjected to racist abuse during Monday's Euro 2020 qualifier.

How to run for President

Being President makes you the most powerful person in the world and puts you in the history books. Here are the processes behind becoming and running for President of the United States.

Why do Iowa and New Hampshire get to go first?

It's completely unfair to the other 48 states, but Iowa and New Hampshire always get to pick first in the presidential primary process.

Gymboree is being revived in early 2020

Gymboree is being revived just several months after it went bankrupt.

Bronze Age warrior's belongings recovered from famous battlefield

About 3,300 years ago, a terrible battle raged in Germany's Tollense Valley. The Bronze Age site has been excavated since its discovery in 2008 and every bone and artifact adds to the tragic narrative of what unfolded on the battlefield.

Newborn girl rescued after being found buried alive in Indian cemetery

A four-day-old baby girl has been rescued after she was found buried alive in a cemetery in northern India.

Who can vote in US elections?

The United States is a democracy, which means everyone gets to vote in US elections, right? Wrong.

Political primaries and caucuses, explained

Every state conducts their own primary or caucus and none of them do it exactly the same way. Learn more about primaries and caucuses in the United States.

What each candidate must do in tonight's debate -- Meanwhile in America

The CNN/New York Times presidential debate tonight in Ohio will be the most pivotal moment yet in the Democratic race. The clash among 12 candidates will highlight growing vulnerabilities among front-runners and offer outsiders one of a dwindling number of chances to break through.

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