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Doctors and nurses are pleading for mask mandates or stay-at-home orders to prevent hospitals from bursting past capacity

Dr. Cleavon Gilman served in the Iraq War, but he said that doesn't compare to the battle he's fighting as an emergency room physician in Arizona.

The US just hit a record 7-day average of new Covid-19 cases

Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths are at record-high levels nationwide, and officials expect the US will soon bear the full brunt of another surge of infections fueled by Thanksgiving gatherings.

Southern California region could face stay-at-home order due to strain on health care system

Why vaccinate our most frail? Odd vote out shows the dilemma

The vote to recommend long-term care residents be among the first to receive Covid-19 vaccinations was not unanimous.

First shipments of coronavirus vaccine will fall short

State health departments and governors' offices across the country are finally being told by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Operation Warp Speed how many doses of the coronavirus vaccine they will initially be receiving once the vaccine becomes is authorized, and it's not enough.

Doctor: 'Warp Speed' refers to business risk, not safety shortcuts

Dr. Anthony Mazzarelli says that while even health care workers are wary of a vaccine made through a process called 'Operation Warp Speed,' safety didn't cut corners. 'It's the suits. Those are the processes cut short. The government eliminated the business risk.'

Woman describes her experience during a Covid vaccine trial

Four hours of body aches cured by a common pain reliever.

New CDC guidance suggests masks should sometimes be worn at home, too

Masks are "critical" to controlling the spread of coronavirus, and that includes at home sometimes, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday.

New combative Ivanka Trump sparks questions about her future

A more combative Ivanka Trump has emerged with little more than one month left in her role as adviser to President Donald Trump, as the first daughter makes a conscious effort to publicly push back on her critics.

Pentagon blocked Biden's intelligence transition team from meeting with agencies

The Trump administration prevented President-elect Joe Biden's transition team from meeting with its counterparts at Pentagon intelligence agencies this week, according to a former senior intelligence official familiar with intelligence transition discussions.

A crumbling infrastructure puts these Biden Cabinet positions in the spotlight

Joe Biden's plan to remake America's crumbling infrastructure as President is expected to increase the pressure on three key Cabinet picks to work together for results that Americans can see clearly and quickly in the early months of his presidency, sources told CNN.

Opinion: Expect big things from Kamala Harris

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris is going to be a major voice in the White House during the next four years. There is every reason to believe that President-elect Joe Biden's team is planning to give Harris a major key role as the administration confronts the devastating period of crisis now facing the nation.

GOP donor: As a candidate, I wouldn't want Trump at my rally

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Greg Bluestein and Republican donor Dan Eberhart discuss the effect President Donald Trump's lies about the election have had on Georgia conservatives ahead of the state's two runoff races that will determine control of the US Senate.

Biden weighs ambassador picks amid pressure to diversify

President-elect Joe Biden's team is in the early stages of considering who to appoint as ambassadors around the world, with a handful of selections for high profile posts expected to come sometime in January, according to three sources familiar with the discussions.

She could be Trump's biggest threat out of office

CNN's Erin Burnett speaks to New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) who says the investigation into the Trump Organization will continue after he leaves the White House.

Analysis: Biden's Cabinet conundrum deepens amid criticism over diversity

Joe Biden renewed his promise this week to build an administration that will "look like the country." But that task is proving to be a major challenge for the President-elect as he tries to achieve the right ideological balance and avoid alienating key allies -- while some Black and Latino leaders voice disappointment about the diversity of his choices so far.

Giuliani's witness draws audible laughter during testimony

Matthew Travis, a former US election security official, evaluates the unfounded testimony of Melissa Carone, an IT contractor for Dominion Voting Systems, who spoke with Rudy Giuliani at a hearing in Michigan.

Weekend nor'easter could turn into a 'bomb cyclone'

A rapidly intensifying nor'easter will bring heavy rain and snow from the Mid-Atlantic through New England this weekend, triggering winter weather alerts in several Northeastern states.

Fact checking Trump's month of shifting, consistently baseless claims for why he lost the election

In the month since the election, President Donald Trump has grasped for seemingly any theory to explain why he lost to Joe Biden, no matter how outlandish -- dead people voted, poll watchers were illegally removed, foreign countries influenced the tabulation of the votes! Yet as his explanations have changed, they remain consistently untrue.

All eyes are on Georgia ahead of Trump's rally and Senate debate

The eyes of the political universe will turn to Georgia this weekend, as the voter registration deadline for January's Senate runoffs approaches.

Pence's political future clouded by Trump

Days after the election, Mike Pence called a close friend for a 30-minute conversation to analyze what had just happened and what it all might mean for the future of the Republican Party. According to this person, the vice president was upbeat about the success of GOP candidates lower down the ballot, but Pence also sounded skeptical about the various lawsuits and legal challenges that the President's campaign was preparing.

Trump admin just made the citizenship test harder. Can you answer these questions?

The Trump administration just rolled out its new, more difficult exam for immigrants to become citizens. CNN's Michael Smerconish raises the question: How many US-born citizens could pass it?

Analysis: How Selena's glorious legacy shows off the vast complexity of Latinos

More than 25 years after her murder at the age of 23, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, or just Selena, endures as a music icon. Her fan base spans oceans and generations. Her records have sold millions of copies. Her sartorial taste -- the bedazzled bustiers -- is best described as one of a kind.

Washington, DC attorney general: Tale Ivanka Trump is telling is misleading

CNN's Erin Burnett speaks to Washington, DC, Attorney General Karl Racine about Ivanka Trump's deposition for a lawsuit against the Trump Organization and the Presidential Inaugural Committee alleging the misuse of inaugural funds.

Trump administration must accept new DACA applications, judge rules

The Trump administration must post a public notice that it will accept new applications for the Obama-era program shielding undocumented immigrants who came to the US as children from deportation, a federal judge ordered Friday.

Pelosi scolds CNN reporter after question

House speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed back at CNN's Manu Raju after he asked about her handling of the Covid-19 relief package.

Analysis: America is going from an outsider president to the ultimate insider

Joe Biden breaks the mold of recent US presidents in a very important way: He's a Washington survivor.

Warner Bros. has changed the game on movie windows, but consumers will have the last word

The Warner Bros. decision to make its 2021 movies available on streaming service HBO Max the same day they hit theaters comes after a long stretch that offered clarity on what studios want in terms of shrinking release windows, and what theaters want (or don't) to protect their business.

It's a record year for LGBTQ representation in holiday movies

Holiday movies are a time-honored tradition, and this season could signal that queer couples are finally getting a seat at the table.

Woman leaves $7.5 million to her neighbors

Residents of a community in central Germany have unexpectedly inherited property and a stock portfolio worth €6.2 million ($7.5 million), following the death of an elderly neighbor.

Football player tackles ref after being ejected from game

A South Texas high school football player was charged with assault after rushing from the sideline and knocking a referee to the ground during a game.

'Black Panther' actress faces backlash for posting video criticizing coronavirus vaccines

Ryan Reynolds' ad featuring Satan goes viral

Internet falls for Satan meeting his match on dating website. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.

Scientists think they now know why salmon have been dying mysteriously on the West Coast

For decades, scientists say something alarming has been happening in the streams and rivers where coho salmon return from the Pacific Ocean to spawn along the West Coast.

Comedian chronicles battle with Covid-19, dies days later

Comedian Joe Luna, whose stage name is "Joe El Cholo," documented his battle with Covid-19 on social media. He died days later.

Tiny company is disrupting $200B auto industry

Hawaii is offering free round trips to remote workers who want to live there temporarily

What better way to survive a pandemic than to do it on a beach in Hawaii?

Wealthy New Yorkers are flocking to this town for refuge, and real estate is on fire

With its large, stately million-dollar homes and manicured lawns, Greenwich, Connecticut, has long been a serene enclave that veteran hedge fund managers and financial services executives call home. But after the pandemic hit, a new wave of wealthy New York City residents have flocked to the town seeking added space and a sense of suburban security.

How holiday spirit is surging despite the Covid-19 pandemic

Holiday sales are surging during the pandemic, and as CNN's Tom Foreman reports, most started the season weeks early.

Opinion: The small, significant thing I miss so much in this pandemic

Among the many life-altering effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are some that clearly weigh heaviest of all.

Covid can't stop the holiday cookie swap

There is no crowding into a small kitchen this year, waiting for your turn with the stand mixer or the oven, and grabbing handfuls of warm treats off a buffet platter.

Fantasy football is a billion-dollar pastime. Covid-19 is wreaking havoc with it

This NFL season has been a chaotic mix of coronavirus precautions, postponed games and infected players, all unfolding under a looming concern for the health of players, staff and spectators.

NFL charging ahead with Super Bowl dreams as Covid-19 threatens to derail path to Tampa

Super Bowl LV is scheduled to take place in Tampa, Florida on February 7, but right now the NFL's path to the Sunshine State threatens to be derailed by a global pandemic running wild in the US.

US anti-doping bill signed into law

US President Donald Trump announced on Friday he had signed into law the Rodchenkov Anti-Doping Act, allowing the United States to impose criminal sanctions on individuals involved in doping activities at international events.

2020: The year in pictures

Young Saudis are having fun. Now they want tourists to join them

I've been visiting Saudi Arabia for close to two decades and in that time I've experienced some incredible things.

Must-watch videos of the week

Famous telescope collapses. Satan finds love. Another monolith pops up. Here are the must-see videos of the week.

Probe will land the first subsurface asteroid samples on Earth

The first sample collected from material beneath the surface of an asteroid is about to land on Earth.

Meet the woman tasked with turning around scandal-plagued Bon Appétit

When a friend reached out to Dawn Davis about the editor in chief opening at Bon Appétit, she was quick to recommend someone else - a writer she had just signed at her Simon & Schuster imprint, 37 Ink.

The number of Black female founders in the million dollar club just doubled

What's next for America's favorite news podcast

The New York Times' podcast "The Daily" typically airs every day of the week except for Saturdays. But on November 7, a major news event took place that warranted a special Saturday episode. That event also proved to be a turning point in the podcast's history.

23 little things you can buy on Amazon that make a big difference

The best weekend sales: Adidas, Dyson, Sephora and more

51 of the best holiday gifts you'll wish you thought of sooner

The best flannel sheets to bundle up in all winter

32 of the best gifts our editors ever gave or received

Got a PS4 or Xbox One collecting dust? Here's what to do with it

The best office chairs to gift yourself this Christmas

26 gifts kids will want from the 2020 Amazon Toy List

Dyson's fancy $400 hair dryer is worth every penny

23 Christmas lights worth investing in this year

3 reasons you shouldn't wait to refinance your mortgage

The best coupons at JCPenney

Biden should consider these four people for Attorney General

Joe Biden's pick for Attorney General needs to be a person of color. We live in a time of racial division and strife not seen since the 1960s struggle for civil rights -- and we've watched as the Republican Party enabled a race-baiting president for the last four years -- so we need an Attorney General who can speak to the moment at hand.

It's time to end the nation's failed war on marijuana

This year has brought the tangible impacts of deep-rooted systemic racism in our country to the forefront. From our criminal justice system to public health disparities, the last several months have revealed what we already knew to be true: Communities of color bear the brunt of our nation's most egregious and unjust policies. Now, we have an opportunity to close this year by dismantling a form of systemic racism -- the nation's failed war on drugs.  

Donald Trump is not a political genius

There remains a widespread view that, regardless of whether you agree with President Donald Trump's policies, we must all admit that he is a shrewd politician. Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Stephen Miller, one of Trump's senior advisers, have called him a "political genius" while Dilbert creator Scott Adams has made a new career of presenting Trump as someone he calls a "Master Persuader": that is, someone with "weapons-grade persuasion skills."

The day I woke up to find my industry gone

What if you woke up one day and discovered that your industry had just disappeared? The industry you had spent years learning, loving, building and becoming respected within just ... gone?

What 'Queen's Gambit' is whispering to us

In this season's final episode of "The Crown," Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth have one last meeting, perhaps the most touching of their 11 years sparring over the direction of the United Kingdom.

This can help decide who gets vaccinated first

It appears that the seemingly too good to be true data on the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine actually is as good as advertised. Meanwhile, it was announced Wednesday that its rival vaccine from BioNTech and Pfizer has been approved for use in the UK, with a plan to begin vaccinating the public next week.

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