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Obama rallies for Ga. Democratic Senate candidates, says January election will 'determine ... the course of the Biden presidency'

Vaccine conspiracy theories could undermine efforts to control the pandemic

New Mexico hospitals at 102% ICU capacity, and other states are not far behind

CDC pushes for universal masking to stop coronavirus

Omar renews push to 'cancel rent and mortgage payments' during pandemic

Republicans need to move beyond Trump ahead of Georgia Senate runoff, say GOP strategists

Add These Expert-Approved Multivitamins to Your Diet ASAP

Six ways Washington's never-ending gridlock on COVID-19 stimulus is hurting ordinary Americans

Should the coronavirus vaccine be mandatory?

Scott Atlas, the perfect Trump official, steps down

Post-holiday COVID-19 data spells a grim forecast for the rest of the year

Nearly the entire U.S. has become a COVID hot spot, government map shows

Who should be first in line to receive the coronavirus vaccine?

Democratic Senate candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock bet big on 'record-shattering turnout' in Georgia

College students preparing for Thanksgiving navigate complex rules and high risks

Rapid testing could 'drive the epidemic toward extinction'

Intelligence employees vent frustrations over being forced to return to the office

Republican official: Trump efforts to undermine Georgia results could 'suppress the vote' in U.S. Senate runoff elections

Fauci warns of 'stunning number of deaths' from coronavirus

'Close the bars' and open schools, Fauci says

Coronavirus vaccine dilemma: Who gets it first?

Coronavirus vaccine news: Reasons for hope and hesitation

Republicans bring out the big guns in Georgia runoff election, but Trump's refusal to concede sparks concern

Remdesivir, hailed - and taken - by Trump, doesn't work for coronavirus, World Health Organization declares

Stacey Abrams drops into historic Verzuz rap battle to encourage Georgians to vote in critical Senate runoff races: 'Let's get it done'

Crushed by COVID-19, rural red states finally start to mandate masks. It may be too little, too late.

Pence gives hopeful outlook on pandemic, but takes no questions

Internal government maps show the dramatic acceleration of a COVID 'red wave' 

Biden on suing the GSA: 'We haven't ruled it out'

Carson took oleander extract, promoted by My Pillow CEO, to treat COVID infection

35+ Thanksgiving Appetizers to Tide Your Over Till Dinner

Biden says the Trump White House won't give him COVID stockpile information. Here it is.

Biden aides cite 9/11 report on the danger of Trump stalling transition

Georgia secretary of state, 'a Republican through and through,' defends the integrity of his state's election - and his own

Should the U.S. lock down again to stop the coronavirus?

In Senate campaigns in Ga., supporters are voting with their masks

20 million Americans will get a COVID vaccine this year, administration says

Pfizer vaccine could be key to conquering COVID-19 - but don't throw away your mask yet

What we can learn from the Amish about coronavirus

'Democracy is at stake in this election': With control of the Senate up for grabs in Georgia, organizers hit the ground to mobilize voters

100+ Nature Photos From Around the World

How Trump fumbled the coronavirus crisis and sabotaged his own reelection

So is Pfizer part of Operation Warp Speed or not? Yes and no.

'We're still facing a very dark winter': Biden urges masks and bipartisan support in COVID speech

'It's a slaughter,' doctors say of new coronavirus wave

Fauci's balancing act: Navigating Trump and the pandemic

White House blasts Fauci over 'politics' behind dire coronavirus warning

'You change police culture, you change American culture': Police officers choose sides on killing of Walter Wallace Jr.

The long shadow of racism in medicine leaves Black Americans wary of a COVID-19 vaccine

Religious school retreat led to coronavirus outbreak in Wisconsin

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