Security Think Tank: Time for a devolution of responsibility

Security Think Tank: Time for a devolution of responsibility

Two Russians indicted over Dridex and Zeus malware

London mayor Sadiq Khan opens Salesforce's Ohana floor

UK financial services regulators tell banks to own their IT disasters

NetApp's Keystone hybrid cloud storage 'try-before-you-buy' for on-prem

Cyber Girls First volunteers encourage girls to think high-tech

Black Hat Europe: Mental health websites are leaking user data

Aviatrix VPN vulnerability left user endpoints wide open

AWS CEO Andy Jassy blames 'significant political interference' for Amazon losing $10bn JEDI deal

Poor tech provision causes dissatisfaction in SMEs

Percentage of women in tech remains low at 16%, with little growth in 10 years

Black Hat Europe: Red teams and blue teams must evolve in the 2020s

Australia's broadband network is a cautionary tale for UK broadband policy

Why are software development houses switching to no-code?

AWS fleshes out edge computing strategy with hyper-local datacentre hubs planned in major cities

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Security Think Tank: Optimise data-centric strategies with AI

General Election 2019: Which manifesto is best for the UK's tech sector?

Cyber security: How to avoid a disastrous PICNIC

Liberal Democrats: We want to lead the world in ethical, inclusive technology

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