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Video: See Flooding in Some of the Hardest-Hit Areas of New York

Heavy rainfall pounded New York City and the surrounding region Friday morning, flooding subway stations and major roadways.

Why New York City Keeps Flooding

When the city's drainage network is overwhelmed, "it backs up," experts said.

Sea Lion Escapes From Central Park Zoo Enclosure During NYC Flooding

Sally, the marine mammal, got a chance to briefly explore the world outside her pool when the zoo grounds were flooded by the heavy rains.

McCarthy's Stopgap Bill Fails in House, Pushing Government Toward Shutdown

More than 20 hard-right Republicans defied Speaker Kevin McCarthy and defeated their own party's bill, making a lapse in funding at midnight on Saturday all but certain.

Where Would a Government Shutdown Immediately Be Felt Most?

As federal agencies prepare to enact their contingency plans for a shutdown, this is where the public could notice changes in the coming days.

Dianne Feinstein, 90, Dies; Oldest Sitting Senator and Fixture of California Politics

She achieved remarkable political breakthroughs as a woman, becoming San Francisco's first female mayor and the first woman elected to the Senate from California.

As Mayor, Feinstein Made San Francisco 'Vibrant,' City Leaders Say

"She was relentless," said one longtime leader of the city's business community.

Duane Keith Davis Is Charged With Murder in Tupac Shakur Case

The man, a former gang leader named Duane Keith Davis, has said the four shots that killed the rapper in 1996 came from the vehicle he was riding in.

How Tupac Shakur Remained a Defining Rap Figure After His Death

A star during his lifetime, he became an almost mythical figure in the decades since his 1996 killing.

Trump Co-Defendant in Georgia Election Case Pleads Guilty

Scott Hall, a Trump supporter who is among the 19 people charged in a racketeering case involving the former president, is the first defendant to plead guilty.

The Lawyer Trying to Hold Gunmakers Responsible for Mass Shootings

Josh Koskoff's legal victory against Remington has raised the possibility of a new form of gun control: lawsuits against the companies that make assault rifles.

A Backyard Gardener Grows Pawpaws in Brooklyn

The exotic-tasting fruit, though native to North America, is hard to come by. But in one man's backyard near the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, dozens fall each year.

I.R.S. Contractor Charged With Leaking Tax Returns

The federal charges are said to involve disclosure of tax information from Donald Trump and other wealthy taxpayers.

Baltimore Archdiocese Files for Bankruptcy

The nation's oldest Catholic archdiocese made the move days before the start of a new law removing the statute of limitations on lawsuits from abuse victims.

Prosecutors Reassert Need for Gag Order on Trump in Elections Case

Federal prosecutors argued that the former president has continued to make threatening statements after their initial request to limit his public discussion of the case.

U.S. Navy Will Start Testing SEALs for Illicit Drug Use

For the first time, everyone in Naval Special Warfare, not just trainees, will face random screening for performance-enhancing drugs, believed to be widely abused in the ranks.

Yuki Tsunoda: The Potty-Mouthed Japanese F1 Racer Who Became a Cult Star

The impish persona and insouciant attitude of the Formula 1 driver Yuki Tsunoda have overturned stereotypes. The next step? Showing he can keep up with rivals.

What Kind of Person Has a Closet Full of Nazi Memorabilia?

An SS dagger. Auschwitz cups. Hitler's globe. If an object played a material role in the Third Reich, then it's probably for sale. Why do we allow it?

We Need to Talk About Joe Biden

Biden signaled he would be a 'transition' president. How's that going?

What if the Framers Got Something Critical Wrong?

The history of thwarted majorities is very instructive.

The Flaw in the Case Against Amazon

Is the retailer a monopoly? It depends on how you define its competition.

Dianne Feinstein, a Trailblazing Senator, Dies at 90

Also, heavy rains flood the streets of New York City. Here's the latest at the end of Friday.

Tribal Judge Rules in Favor of Citizenship for Descendants of Creek Slaves

The judge for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation in Oklahoma ruled that the tribe had violated an 1866 treaty by barring descendants of slaves from being tribal citizens.

Most Authors of Major Superconductor Claim Seek Retraction

Eight of the 11 authors are asking to retract a paper on a room-temperature superconductor, but Ranga Dias, the physicist who led the research, continued to defend the findings.

A Sri Lankan Baker's Baguette Conquers France

After 17 years in France, Tharshan Selvarajah has yet to apply for citizenship. But he has made bread for President Emmanuel Macron.

5 Hotels Where Fall Takes Center Stage

Setting is everything when it comes to autumn getaways, and these hotels will put you in the right place at the right time.

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