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The Elderly vs. Essential Workers: Who Should Get the Coronavirus Vaccine First?

The C.D.C. will soon decide which group to recommend next, and the debate over the trade-offs is growing heated. Ultimately, states will determine whom to include.

One of the First Virus Hot Spots in the U.S. Is Under Siege Again

New Rochelle, N.Y., was a model for how to contain and control the coronavirus's spread. But the city's success may be fleeting.

Virus Updates: Cases Are Declining, for Now, Across Stricken Midwest

The virus is leaving an uneven toll of devastation across the United States. Here's the latest.

Judge Orders Government to Fully Reinstate DACA Program

Up to 300,000 additional undocumented immigrants could be allowed to apply for protection from deportation under a new court ruling. President Trump had sought to cancel the program.

A Trump Immigration Policy Is Leaving Families Hungry

The "public charge" rule was supposed to ensure that green cards go only to self-sufficient immigrants, but in the pandemic, it is driving up hunger and leaving Joe Biden with a quandary.

Nevada, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin deliver more defeats to Trump legal effort.

The Trump campaign and its Republican allies lost four legal challenges to the election in four states in a little more than an hour on Friday evening.

Republicans Pushed to Restrict Voting. Millions of Americans Pushed Back.

Almost 160 million people voted this year, as new options made necessary by the pandemic removed many of the traditional barriers to casting ballots. Will it change the way America conducts elections?

A Gathering Political Storm Hits Georgia, With Trump on the Way

With two crucial Senate seats up for grabs, Mike Pence and Barack Obama joined the fray in support of their party's candidates, and President Trump is headed there on Saturday.

Cynthia Lummis, a Bull-Coaxing Conservative, Heads to the Senate

A right-wing rancher with a libertarian streak, Ms. Lummis, who served four terms in the House, is the first woman to represent Wyoming in the Senate.

A Race Against Time to Rescue a Reef From Climate Change

In an unusual experiment, a coral reef in Mexico is now insured against hurricanes. A team of locals known as "the Brigade" rushed to repair the devastated corals, piece by piece.

The Rise and Fall of Carl Lentz, the Celebrity Pastor of Hillsong Church

A charismatic pastor helped build a megachurch favored by star athletes and entertainers - until some temptations became too much to resist.

The President and Pre-Emptive Pardons

President Trump has discussed insulating his children and personal lawyer from criminal charges that have not yet been filed. Here's a look at what he could do in his final days.

Modern Love Podcast: Becoming Widowed on the Eve of a Pandemic

"Weren't casseroles invented for giving to widows to heat as their solitary dinners?"

They Made the 'Pfizer Vaccine'

While you're waiting for a coronavirus vaccine, get to know the German power couple and co-founders of BioNTech who are behind the vaccine that Britain has just approved.

With HBO Streaming, Warner Bros. Looks Beyond the Movie Theater

Warner Bros. has embraced a digital future. The rest of the industry would do well to pay mind.

Trump's Lesson for the Media

Journalists should never again allow someone to create an alternative reality in order to seize the presidency.

I'm Autistic. I Didn't Know Until I Was 27.

Autism spectrum disorder is inseparable from who I am. I wish only that it hadn't taken so long to find out.

The MAGA Revolution Devours Its Own

Republicans encouraged Trumpist havoc. Now it's coming for them.

Barack and Michelle: Scenes From a Marriage

Their two blockbuster memoirs offer a primer on a famous union.

A King Above and Beyond Politics

Why are the people of Thailand rising up against royal power now?

The Children of Pornhub

Why does Canada allow this company to profit off videos of exploitation and assault?

A Lesson From the Strange and Lovely World of 'Leaf Town'

The story of the rise and fall of a society built by schoolchildren.

Responding to Terrorism in France

President Emmanuel Macron and others there have been angered by outside criticism.

Do We Need Help Brokering a Trump-Biden Unity Government?

An absurd political moment calls for an absurd political solution.

Why Did Racial Progress Stall in America?

The answer may show us the path out of our fractured and polarized present.

The 'Mexican Beverly Hills'

How a former white enclave became an aspirational suburb for Latinos in Los Angeles.

Mystery Couple Found in a Roll of Film From Nearly 70 Years Ago

Internet sleuths have been captivated by the photos, which were recently developed and document a couple's trip to the Swiss-Italian border with a dachshund.

Meryl Streep Isn't on Our List of Greatest Actors. Here's Why.

The Times's co-chief film critics explain their rationale for some surprising inclusions, and exclusions, on their list of the greatest actors of the 21st century (so far).

Report Points to Microwave 'Attack' as Likely Source of Mystery Illnesses That Hit Diplomats and Spies

A government-commissioned report provides the most definitive explanation yet for "Havana syndrome," which struck scores of American employees, first in Cuba and then in China, Russia and other countries.

East Village Fire Badly Damages Church

The fire tore through a vacant building early Saturday morning and then spread to Middle Collegiate Church on Second Avenue. Four firefighters had minor injuries.

California Monolith Is Removed and Replaced With a Cross

A group of young men chanting "Christ is king!" drove five hours to dismantle the third shiny metal structure to mysteriously appear in the last few weeks, leaving a wooden cross in its place.

'Too Tall Bandit,' Wanted in 15 Robberies, Has Struck Again, F.B.I. Says

The authorities believe the same man responsible for a string of bank robberies across three states is behind a robbery on Friday in North Carolina.

Irina Antonova, Grande Dame of Russian Museum World, Dies at 98

During her decades-long reign at Moscow's main fine arts museum, she provided a window on the outside world for the Soviet people. She died of complications of the coronavirus.

After Perilous Atlantic Journey, Migrants Await Their Fate in Canary Island Hotels

The Spanish government has put migrants up in hotels as the islands struggle to cope with a rise in arrivals from Africa, but tensions are fraying with locals who fear they'll scare off tourists.

Watch Japan's Hayabusa2 Asteroid Mission End in Australia's Outback

The Hayabusa2 mission cements Japan's role in exploring the solar system, but finding its asteroid cargo presents one last challenge.

Trump Orders All American Troops Out of Somalia

While the number of forces - about 700 - is small, it is a continuation of President Trump's efforts to withdraw the United States from what he has described as endless wars.

Police Drones Are Starting to Think for Themselves

In one Southern California city, flying drones with artificial intelligence are aiding investigations while presenting new civil rights questions.

Defining Art Moments in 2020

This was a year of protests and pivots. Monuments fell, museums looked inward. On the bright side, galleries persisted despite the pandemic's grip and curators rolled out magisterial retrospectives.

4 Festive Dishes to Make You Happy to Be Home

This is the holiday season for staying in with lazy-day recipes that feel like cooking self-care and taste like celebration.

Keeping the Holiday Season Bright

The pandemic may force you to cancel some holiday traditions, but creating new ones can help make up for what you lose.

Candice Bergen, from 'Murphy Brown' to Instagram

The wryest of Hollywood royals recalls life with Daddy's dummy, marriage to Louis Malle and a comedic career for the ages.

Lights, Camera, Construction!

New and expanded soundstages across the city will help reshape neighborhoods and turn New York into a Hollywood of the east.

Our House Is a Very, Very, Very Fine House

These books will help us feel a little bit better about being stuck inside.

They Were Worried About Finances. This Is How They Got Help.

"I have never seen this much anxiety and fear about money," one financial counselor said.

Remembering Miguel Algarín, a Founder of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe

A fellow writer recalls Algarín, who once wrote that the poet was "the philosopher of the sugar cane that grows between the cracks of concrete sidewalks."

The Swiss Cheese Model of Pandemic Defense

It's not edible, but it can save lives. The virologist Ian Mackay explains how.

Baricitinib: Doctors Are Skeptical of This Covid-19 Drug From Eli Lilly

Baricitinib, an arthritis drug made by Eli Lilly, may reduce recovery time by a day, but costs about $1,500 and comes with side effects.

'Nobody Sees Us': Testing-Lab Workers Strain Under Demand

Laboratory technologists have been working nonstop to help the nation diagnose an ever-growing number of coronavirus cases.

A 'Front-Row Seat' to the Birth of a Comet

Astronomers are watching an object transform into a hyperactive comet that will head toward the inner solar system in the coming decades.

J.K. Rowling's New Non-Potter Children's Book

If "The Ickabog" - about a land of plenty that due to a monstrous lie becomes a land of fear - sounds familiar, it's pure coincidence. Really.

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