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Faces of Unity - Archana Rao

In this Faces of Unity post, we're welcoming Unity's new Chief Information Officer, Archana Rao. Read on to learn more about Archana's aspirations for the IT team, curiosity quotient, and more.

Getting to grips with Tentacular, Firepunchd's chaotic kaiju "constructathon"

Indie developers Simon Cubasch and Luca Scaramuzzino joined Unity at GDC to discuss the iterative design process behind their slippery VR sandbox game.

What could the metaverse look like?

What do we hope the metaverse will look like? This is a question that inspires and propels our Community team forward.  

Mobile performance optimization with Adaptive Performance 4.0

Download Unity 2022.1 Tech Stream and discover Adaptive Performance 4.0. Push Android performance even further on Samsung devices with four more scalers that cover physics, decals, customization, and layer culling - plus support for visual scripting to optimize app performance.

Build your live game in a single modular platform with Unity Gaming Services

Unity Gaming Services (UGS) has graduated out of beta with tools that help developers tackle the challenges of building a live game.

Detecting performance bottlenecks with Unity Frame Timing Manager

Creating a standout experience that runs smoothly on a variety of devices and platforms can be extremely challenging. That's why we continue to refine our tools for optimization across the board, such as our improved Frame Timing Manager . Read on to discover how the Unity 2022.1 update provides enhanced platform support for this feature, enabling you to collect more data than previously possible.

Behind the scenes of Subway Surfers: A Q&A with SYBO

How do two students' dreams become a three-billion-download reality? Ten years ago, SYBO released what grew to be the defining game of the endless runner genre: Subway Surfers . With a million downloads in its first three days and 100 million downloads in the eight months that followed, SYBO jumped onto a bullet train - and created one of the most popular mobile games ever. We sat down with CEO Mathias Gredal Nørvig and Technical Director Murari Vasudevan to get a behind-the-scenes look at SYBO Games and Subway Surfers . In this short Q&A, they delve into the game's origins and themes and provide insight on scaling, self-publishing, and rebuilding the game. 

How to A/B test game difficulty with UGS Use Cases

Perfecting your game's design can be difficult when you can't see how your players interact with it. By doing A/B testing , you can make design decisions based on how your players really play the game.

Creating the future of version control: A call for beta users

Last month, we shared our vision for the future of Unity's DevOps solutions . At its core is Plastic SCM - the foundation of our plans and investments to scale with DevOps services and improve collaboration among teams of any size. Get the details on our latest developments as part of the Plastic web experience.

Faces of Unity - Brent Caverly

In this Faces of Unity post, we're spotlighting Unity's HR Program Manager in Montreal, Brent Caverly. Read on to learn more about Brent's career journey, his role with the LGBTQ+ ERG, and the celebrities he's met along the way.

Creating games for everyone: Introducing Unity Learn's new accessibility course

Practical Game Accessibility is a new, free online course for intermediate creators. It's an introduction to creating games that more players can enjoy. As you work through the course, you'll learn about prioritizing accessibility while building a game guided by an inclusive design approach.

Updated for 2021 LTS: The definitive guide to lighting in the High Definition Render Pipeline

The definitive guide to lighting in the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) is now updated with tips for taking on the latest capabilities in Unity 2021 LTS. Learn how to create high-end lighting with production-ready HDRP features - from Light Anchors to Lens Flares, and beyond.

World Oceans Day: RT3D projects make waves and encourage conservation

Not just a source of natural beauty, oceans are critical to all life on earth - and they're at risk. Riddled with plastic and facing oil spills, overfishing, and increasing global temperatures, these ecosystems are in real danger. Read on to learn about World Oceans Day and why protecting our oceans is essential.

Digital Twin Twitter takeovers: May recap

In May, we gave six developers the keys to our Digital Twins Twitter account so they could share their favorite tips and tricks they have learned while working in Unity. In case you missed it, here is a recap of what each of these talented individuals covered.

Growth and Monetization Report: Five insights to help you achieve scale for your mobile game

Data backed insights to help grow your user base and effectively monetize your game.

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