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Web runtime updates are here: Take your browser to the next level

The latest Unity platform support for mobile web game development, including Instant Games and the latest WebGPU and WebGL integration for advanced rendering, is now available.

Create next-gen features with AI models using Unity Sentis

Get started with AI models and Unity Sentis and build next-gen features into your latest game or other project in 5 easy steps.

UI Toolkit: New and updated demos for programmers and artists

Two new and updated samples are now available to support programmers and artists/designers in creating professional in-game UI with Unity's UI Toolkit.

Top selling assets to supercharge your next project (hint: they're on sale for Black Friday)

We highlight the latest best-selling assets for game developers available in the Unity Asset Store, including tools for scripting, shading, and more.

Podcast: Marketplace Morning Report's 'Skin in the Game'

Unity's Jessica Lindl shares background on a recent podcast roundtable she participated in for American Public Media's Marketplace Morning Report on representation in gaming.

Unite 2023: 15th Unity Awards, new dev resources, and the latest Tech Stream release

We rounded up highlights from Unite 2023, including the winners of the 15th Unity Awards, new resources for devs, and Tech Stream enhancements.

Unite 2023: New Unity Industry updates unveiled

Unity Industry is getting even better with the addition of Unity Cloud, Pixyz Plugin 2.0, AI tools, and support for visionOS and PolySpatial.

Unity 2023.2 Tech Stream is now available

Unveiled at Unite, discover the latest Tech Stream (2023.2) for early access to explore the latest and newest Unity engine features.

Responsible AI and enhanced model training at Unity

In this blog post, we share how Muse generates results, unpack our model training methodologies, and introduce our two new foundation models.

Unite 2023: Deepening our commitment to game development

The Unite 2023 Keynote features developers sharing stories and games, new product demos, and updates about support for developers.

New Shader Graph Node Reference Samples

Announcing the new Shader Graph Node Reference Samples - a set of samples, examples, and reference assets that help new Shader Graph users learn faster and enable advanced users to gain a deeper understanding of the tool.

Unity for Humanity 2024 Grant now open, with wellness-focused Grant Judge, Jewel

For 2024, Unity will award a total of $500,000 USD across multiple projects, including one grant in collaboration with Jewel.

Unity fundamentals: 6 resources to help you master the basics

We've put together six fundamental resources that will aid the creative process for AR, VR, and other gamedev basics in the Unity engine.

How to cultivate trust and safety: A primer for online communities

Evil Mojo Games and Hi-Rez Studios's Tony Jones shares tips for cultivating trust and safety within online communities.  

Our first-ever e-book for level designers is here

Our introduction to game level design e-book is filled with tips on how to use the Unity tools that are most relevant to worldbuilding.

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