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8 new features to support game backend development

We've gathered various updates made to Game Backend over the past few months to provide you with a high-level overview.

Metaverse Minute: How to make your metaverse debut

New to the Unity Editor or the metaverse? Bookmark this Metaverse Minute blog for tips on how to get started.

Unity 2022.2 Tech Stream is now available

Explore the latest Tech Stream for early access to the latest features in the next Unity LTS.

VR for everyone: Accessible game design tips from Owlchemy Labs

Learn how Owlchemy Labs uses accessible game design principles to reach more players and create better VR experiences for everyone.

Games Focus: 2022 in review

For the final installment of Unity's Games Focus series, Ralph Hauwert looks back at his top picks from the product roadmap so far, thoughts on Unite 2022, and more.

Create spellbinding visual effects with our advanced VFX guide

Our new 120-page e-book, The definitive guide to creating advanced visual effects in Unity , guides artists, designers, and programmers using the Unity 2021 LTS version of VFX Graph.

The Umbrella Academy, Cinecode, and the (super)powers of previsualization

Uncover the importance of previsualization (previs) and go behind the scenes of The Umbrella Academy with VFX Producer Andrea Aniceto-Chavez.

10 mobile marketing terms every app developer should know

This blog offers a guide to the most common terminology mobile developers need to know when getting apps published and advertised.

The making of Enemies: The evolution of digital humans continues with Ziva

We're breathing new life into the Enemies cinematic. Get the details on Ziva's powerful facial animation software and two new Digital Human technology packages.

Made with Unity Monthly: November 2022 roundup

Keep up with everything that the Unity community is creating (and achieving) with this roundup of highlights from November 2022. 

Growing a digital bonsai garden with Thomas Proux

Thomas Proux, the LookDev artist and digital landscaper behind  Bonsai Garden , shares insights on working in 3D and tips for growing into a seasoned artist.

Lights, camera, update: The latest on Cinematic Studio and Live Capture

Discover the latest Unity Art Tools bug fixes, updates, and features for Recorder, Sequences, Python, Live Capture, and more.

Making VR education accessible to the next generation of creators

Find out how Unity and Meta are breaking down barriers and championing equity by partnering to help educators and institutions overcome barriers to VR.

Changemakers Showcase: Interviewing Cat Ross, co-founder of Love Death Design

Hear from Cat Ross, creative technologist and co-founder of creative studio Love Death Design, on their upcoming immersive VR documentary and how they use art as a pathway to social change.

How to immerse your players through effective UI and game design

In an excerpt from the upcoming e-book, User interface design and implementation, veteran game designer Christo Nobbs examines the interplay between UI and game design.

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