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The new Unity 2021.2 Tech Stream release is now available

We have spent the last six months building new key functionality that addresses the three key pillars of quality, productivity, and performance in the 2021.2 Tech Stream release, which is available for download as of today.

The Impact of DLSS on the Stunning World of Naraka: Bladepoint

Learn how 24 Entertainment used NVIDIA's Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) to achieve 4K graphics without losing performance in their hit, Naraka: Bladepoint .

Tales from the optimization trenches: Better managed code stripping with Unity 2020 LTS

Managed code stripping is a critical step in the build process that helps decrease the size of an application's binary files. This occurs through the removal of unused code.

New e-book: The mobile gaming trends you need to know for 2022 and beyond

Learn about the biggest changes in mobile game development - and how you can use them to help your game win.

Get acquainted with HDRP settings for enhanced performance

Learn how to leverage High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) settings to maximize performance and achieve powerful graphics all at once.

Building the metaverse with style

Leverage AI-assisted artistry with ArtEngine Style Transfer: A fun and approachable way to transform entire asset libraries into something new in minutes.

Create marketing assets faster with Forma Render

The latest release of Unity Forma includes Forma Render, the newest addition to the Unity marketing solutions suite. Combining the benefits of digital photography and a video production studio with an image-on-demand render engine, Forma Render enables anyone to create high-quality visual assets from 3D product data.

Introducing Unity Gaming Services

The fastest way to create and manage cross-platform multiplayer games for studios of all sizes. Our mission at Unity is to provide the tools you need to make your game successful, so that is why we are so excited to announce a suite of new tools and services that simplify any developer's ability to create cross-platform multiplayer games. Say hello to Unity Gaming Services

Entertainment innovation with Unity at Carnegie Mellon Thailand

Carnegie Mellon Thailand (CMKL) was established in 2017 as a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University and Unity Academic Alliance member institution King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. CMKL University provides cutting-edge education and brings world-class partnerships into a local context, making technology more accessible and driving innovation for the benefit of Thailand, the Southeast Asian region, and beyond. Through its various programs, CMKL tackles the challenges necessary to power future development.

Sycoforge's Return to Nangrim democratizes gamedev with Unity and Plastic SCM

Sycoforge CEO Michela Rimensberger shares the unique development process behind Return to Nangrim , how her indie studio improved collaboration with Unity, and what she's most excited for players to discover in the Arafinn Universe.

From design model to real-time 3D configurator: The canVERSE and Arksen workflow

Wide-ranging industries are deploying real-time 3D configurators, as more businesses strive to engage their customers with interactive and immersive presales and marketing activities. Unity Forma , part of the family of Unity marketing solutions, provides an efficient, cost-effective solution to meet that need.

In-app Player Support For The Win

Gaming is always a good time until an app crashes, a player forgets their password or hard-earned points are not awarded as expected. That's why there's a huge onus on gaming studios - more than in any other industry - to facilitate the process of contacting support so that it's quick, efficient, and friction-free.

How to scale a game server with Multiplay

How do you know the amount of players your multiplayer title will attract? Accurately predicting the number is an appealing prospect because it means you know how much server capacity you'll need to keep your audience happy and your game online. But prediction methods are unreliable at best and at worst waste your most precious resource - your time. 

How to optimize game performance with Camera usage: Part 2

Part 2: of the Accelerate Success series. This series, made up of technical eBooks and webinars, is our way of giving back to the greater gaming community that has helped build Unity. The Accelerate Success series will strive to showcase pragmatic and methodological tips and best practices gathered from our experiences working with top studios from around the world.

Accelerate Success Series: Unity UI Makeover Follow Up Q&A

On September 9, Unity's Accelerate Solutions team hosted their first Accelerate Success webinar: the Unity UI makeover. Hosted by two leads on our Accelerate Solutions Games team, Andrea and Sebastian, this webinar gave our attendees a live viewing on how our consulting team would optimize a poorly designed UI.

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