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California county closes In-N-Out over vaccine verification

Miranda Cosgrove says she woke up from a 2011 surgery with a mysterious hole in her leg and she still doesn't know how it got there

Students suspended for sex acts on bus

North Dakota man enters Alford plea in killing of girl, 14

Donald Trump Jr.'s 'Sick' Stunt Earns Him Scathing New Nickname From New York Daily News

Longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin describes sexual assault by US senator

Only 1 bidder to run Georgia's Confederate-themed park

This 6,000-Year-Old Leaf Is Found in Perfect Condition

Trans activist's anti-Asian tweets resurface after Netflix walkout against Dave Chapelle special

Georgia shipwreck's last giant chunk removed from water

I went grocery shopping at Walmart and Target for the first time, and there's only one I would shop at again

Oklahoma boy, 7, fatally mauled by family dog, authorities say

AP FACT CHECK: Biden tale of Amtrak conductor doesn't add up

'Tacky as Hell': Draya Michele's Barely- There Chain Link Skirt Flops with Fans

Florida federal judge says Trump's former status as a US President doesn't exempt him from Twitter's terms of service

In Louisiana, a father, a son and a culture of police abuse

U.S. Embassy Staffer Who Drugged, Molested Women on Video Was in CIA, Feds Say

Matt Buckler: Rumors surround CBS news anchor Norah O'Donnell

Disgruntled neighbor who killed 9 by arson gets life term

Massive storm brings Lake Tahoe's water levels back above natural rim

Angelina Jolie's unblended hair extensions are the talk of the internet

Senate confirms Cindy McCain, Jeff Flake to ambassador posts

Democratic Lawmaker Tells 'Cheap Mistress' Trump What Republicans Say Behind His Back

These cars are targets for catalytic converter theft, Fort Worth police say

Grenade detonated after routine traffic stop in Florida

'Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy' releases today-here's where to buy it

'Rust' film armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed faces eviction from Arizona landlady: 'I want her out'

American-Iranian man detained in Iran undergoes surgery

Conservative Pundit Points Out Where Real Blame For GOP's 'Descent Into Madness' Lies

Princess Unleashes on Japan's Media in Furious Statement Hours After Marrying Commoner Sweetheart

Judge says Oklahoma can proceed with 5 lethal injections

'Thirsty' snakes filled water well in Iowa - then unsuspecting maintenance man arrives

Top Chinese NBA prospect forgoes college, turns pro

Alligator crawls out of drain at Alabama apartment complex

Chinese authorities have told Evergrande's billionaire founder to use his own money to pay down the company's $300 billion debt, Bloomberg reports

Kat Von D is closing her famous tattoo shop after 14 years in business as part of her move to Indiana

In Haiti, the difficult relationship of gangs and business

'Poses Real Problems': Ex Minneapolis Cop Has Murder Conviction Reversed and Sentencing Reduced; New Precedence Draws Concern as Derek Chauvin Seeks to Appeal His Conviction

Buyer of Jeffrey Epstein's Gulfstream Jet Regrets His Purchase

Illinois police officer is shot and killed near St. Louis

Trump Jr. Gets A Reality Check After Comparing U.S. To Communist Czechoslovakia

A mom told Jeff Bezos that Amazon was underpaying her $90 a month, sparking an internal probe that found the company was shortchanging some workers, a report says

Lawsuit: Suburban St. Louis police officers beat Black man

Paul McCartney says he doesn't want to sign autographs or take selfies with fans anymore

Virginia 'criminal couponer' who robbed $31.8 million used funds for high-end vacations

EXPLAINER: What's a 'wealth tax' and how would it work?

Indigenous Ecuadorans vow more protests over economic policies

Julian Carter was Baker Acted 44 times. Without proper care, he died at 11.

Dutch court: Crimean treasures must be sent to Ukraine

How unheeded warnings about China are now hurting Chinese Canadians

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