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Welcome, SyncSketch!

Unity has acquired SyncSketch, the creator of synchronized real-time collaboration tools that allow users across the world to work together from anywhere.

Mixed reality surgical training with the VirtaMed LaparoS simulator

Recognized as cutting-edge medical technology, the VirtaMed LaparoS uses Unity's real-time 3D digital twin technology and integrated haptic feedback to provide hyperrealistic surgical training.

The Unity Gaming Services Dashboard: Powerful developer tools all in one spot

Learn about all of the latest features on our dashboard and how they can help you.

Empower great multiplayer experiences with Relay and Lobby

Introducing our brand new multiplayer connection services, Relay and Lobby, plus a fresh sample project to learn hands-on with these services.

Announcing the EdTech Creator Challenge winners

Real-time 3D powers a vast array of immersive learning platforms and tools designed to advance the technical skills of the next generation, and increase access to quality learning experiences around the world. We've spent the last few years contributing our products, technology, and expertise to support more than 400,000 students and educators learning Unity per year.

It begins with light: The definitive guide to the High Definition Render Pipeline

The High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) has gone through many iterations since its debut in the Unity 2018 release cycle. Now that it's become a key feature, we want to share a new expert guide for teams and technical artists to leverage its full potential.

Growing Weta Digital's presence in New Zealand

It's been a little over a week since we announced our intent to acquire Weta Digital's artist tools, core pipeline, intellectual property and of course the award-winning engineering talent. Everytime I have the opportunity to meet another of the exceptional 275 engineers that will form Weta Digital at Unity, I am even more eager to get started.

Why demand for cross-platform multiplayer games is growing - 2021

Multiplayer gaming is bigger than ever and with that growth has come a longing for greater cross-platform accessibility. Unity has partnered with The H arris Poll to bring you insight on the rising demand for games that are easier to play with friends.

Report: State of live gaming in 2021

In our latest report on the state of live gaming in 2021, we gathered data from experts at Unity and Akamai to determine the impact of new content on player engagement, important growth strategies for studios, and insights on how to develop successful post-launch content.

Find your next Asset Store favorite this Black Friday

It's the most wonderful time of the year to discover something new. Spark your creativity with stellar Lightning Deals up to 90% off, plus over 500 bestsellers at half price.

Myths vs reality: What you need to know about developing for the Mac

Our latest e-book explains how to take advantage of the Apple ecosystem while avoiding myths and misconceptions.

What's new in Shader Graph 2021.2

With the release of Unity 2021.2, we introduced some exciting new features in Shader Graph such as Surface Options support in the Universal Render Pipeline (URP), Custom Interpolators, and Blackboard Categories, which greatly improve artist workflows and shader performance.

Reimagining Paris with the help of an urban digital twin

Digital twins have changed the way architects, construction companies, and real estate developers plan urban sprawl, but what does this mean for communities and their residents? With the power of real-time 3D, Vectuel is supporting a more efficient and collaborative future through its digital twin of Paris - aiming to empower citizens to help envision and develop the future of the communities they live in.

Feature preview: What's new for multiplayer networking in Unity

Multiplayer gaming is becoming ever more popular and vital for success in our industry, so that is why we are working to create a robust and extensible network solution to help your projects reach their potential.

Welcome Weta Digital!

Today, Unity announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Weta Digital, specifically its artist tools, core pipeline, intellectual property, and award-winning engineering talent

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