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Supreme Court finds no bias against Black voters in a South Carolina congressional district 2024-05-23T14:12:01Z Associated Press supreme-court-finds-no-bias-141201187.html

'Ron, I love that you're back': Trump and DeSantis put an often personal primary fight behind them 2024-05-23T19:29:07Z Associated Press ron-love-youre-back-trump-192907576.html

Ohio governor calls special session to pass legislation ensuring President Biden is on 2024 ballot 2024-05-23T21:31:50Z Associated Press ohio-governor-calls-special-session-213150081.html

Elise Stefanik Has Gained Widespread Attention in Antisemitism Hearings 2024-05-23T18:01:48Z The New York Times elise-stefanik-gained-widespread-attention-180148641.html

The Increasing Trumpification of TikTok 2024-05-23T11:54:15Z The New York Times increasing-trumpification-tiktok-115415624.html

Democratic leader shifts Senate into campaign mode 2024-05-23T10:00:00Z The Hill schumer-shifts-senate-campaign-mode-100000915.html

Biden outpaces Trump with 200 confirmed judges, cementing impact on courts 2024-05-23T08:00:40Z Fox News biden-outpaces-trump-200-confirmed-080040047.html

As Trump campaigns, he's spreading QAnon posts anew. Some call that 'playing with fire' 2024-05-23T09:30:32Z USA TODAY trump-campaigns-hes-spreading-qanon-093032745.html

Nikki Haley says she will vote for Donald Trump following their disputes during Republican primary 2024-05-22T20:55:50Z Associated Press former-republican-presidential-candidate-nikki-205550691.html

Florida Sen. Rick Scott, a close Trump ally, joins race to succeed Mitch McConnell as GOP leader 2024-05-22T23:40:35Z Associated Press florida-sen-rick-scott-close-234035522.html

Biden is forgiving $7.7 billion in student debt. Here's who qualifies. 2024-05-22T13:11:00Z CBS News biden-forgiving-7-7-billion-131150752.html

Ohio governor calls special session to fix 'unacceptable' holdup getting Biden on the ballot 2024-05-24T01:09:12Z NBC News ohio-governor-calls-special-session-010912033.html

Manhattan DA's office won't be punished for document dump that delayed start of Trump criminal trial 2024-05-24T00:52:16Z Associated Press manhattan-das-office-wont-punished-005216340.html

Israel's Netanyahu to address U.S. Congress soon, Johnson says 2024-05-24T00:17:51Z Reuters netanyahu-soon-address-joint-session-001751123.html

Republicans demand Secret Service chief personally take action to move protests farther from the convention 2024-05-24T00:13:40Z NBC News republicans-demand-secret-chief-personally-213000687.html

Merrick Garland calls Trump's claims about Mar-a-Lago search 'false' and 'extremely dangerous' 2024-05-23T23:51:42Z NBC News merrick-garland-calls-trumps-claims-235142281.html

How Arizona Latinos rate Biden and Trump on the border: From the Politics Desk 2024-05-23T23:30:40Z NBC News arizona-latinos-rate-biden-trump-233000738.html

House Republicans assail university head for negotiated end to Gaza protest 2024-05-23T22:43:36Z The Guardian house-republicans-assail-university-head-205818147.html

Prosecutors appeal dismissal of some charges against Trump in Georgia election interference case 2024-05-23T22:15:30Z Associated Press prosecutors-appeal-dismissal-charges-against-221530920.html

Ohio governor calls special session to pass legislation ensuring Biden is on 2024 ballot 2024-05-23T22:14:17Z Politico ohio-governor-calls-special-session-221417534.html

Arizona Latinos weigh disappointment with Trump and Biden, especially on the border 2024-05-23T22:00:41Z NBC News arizona-latinos-weigh-disappointment-trump-220041867.html

Senate Republicans block border security bill as they campaign on border chaos 2024-05-23T21:16:42Z NBC News senate-republicans-block-border-security-211642234.html

Georgia prosecutor to appeal dismissal of some Trump election case charges 2024-05-23T20:41:47Z Reuters georgia-prosecutor-appeal-dismissal-trump-204147582.html

Trump claims Putin would release jailed reporter Evan Gershkovich 'for me' if he's elected 2024-05-23T20:12:20Z NBC News trump-claims-elected-putin-release-201220527.html

Voters, worried about inflation, are favoring Trump in swing states, poll shows 2024-05-23T20:10:06Z LA Times voters-worried-inflation-favoring-trump-201006403.html

Democratic consultant who masterminded AI-generated fake Biden robocall scheme indicted on 26 charges 2024-05-23T19:54:54Z Business Insider democratic-consultant-masterminded-ai-generated-195454315.html

Supreme court rules South Carolina doesn't need to redraw congressional map to consider Black voters 2024-05-23T19:31:07Z The Guardian supreme-court-rules-south-carolina-145022297.html

Louisiana is set to make possessing abortion pills without a prescription punishable by up to 10 years in prison 2024-05-23T19:30:31Z Politico louisiana-lawmakers-pass-criminal-penalties-193031289.html

Elon Musk says he didn't ask for Biden's tariff on electric vehicles from China 2024-05-23T19:14:56Z Business Insider elon-musk-says-didnt-ask-191456933.html

Former South African president Jacob Zuma criticizes top court over election disqualification 2024-05-23T18:56:36Z Associated Press former-south-african-president-jacob-185636629.html

Republicans Unite To Block Border Bill Again As Election Year Fight Heats Up 2024-05-23T18:51:05Z HuffPost republicans-unite-block-border-bill-185105143.html

US attorney general calls Trump's claim FBI was ready to shoot him 'dangerous' 2024-05-23T18:37:51Z The Guardian ex-trump-white-house-lawyer-145546757.html

Pennsylvania Rep. Dwight Evans says he's recovering from a minor stroke 2024-05-23T18:14:41Z Associated Press pennsylvania-rep-dwight-evans-says-181441586.html

The Case For Breaking Up Ticketmaster, 'The Monopoly Of Our Time That Everybody Hates' 2024-05-23T18:05:33Z HuffPost case-breaking-ticketmaster-monopoly-time-180533889.html

Political consultant who admitted deepfaking Biden's voice is indicted, fined $6 million 2024-05-23T17:48:36Z NBC News political-consultant-admitted-deepfaking-bidens-013341148.html

Native American tribes give unanimous approval to proposal securing Colorado River water 2024-05-23T17:47:03Z Associated Press navajo-nation-approves-proposed-settlement-174703574.html

Top Biden campaign official held Zoom call with Haley supporters hours after she endorsed Trump 2024-05-23T17:08:36Z Politico top-biden-campaign-held-zoom-170836218.html

US Senate panels launch probe into Trump 'quid pro quo' with energy execs 2024-05-23T17:07:15Z Reuters u-senate-panels-launch-probe-170715065.html

Trump claims of FBI threat 'extremely dangerous,' US attorney general says 2024-05-23T17:04:25Z Reuters trump-claims-fbi-threat-extremely-170425274.html

Consultant behind deepfaked Biden robocall fined $6m as new charges filed 2024-05-23T16:48:25Z The Guardian consultant-behind-deepfaked-biden-robocall-132402080.html

Border bill fails Senate test vote as Democrats seek to underscore Republican resistance 2024-05-23T16:02:28Z Associated Press senate-holds-test-vote-border-160228046.html

Political consultant behind fake Biden robocalls faces $6 million fine and criminal charges 2024-05-23T15:50:35Z Associated Press political-consultant-behind-fake-biden-155035976.html

Trump team moves behind the scenes to shift the GOP platform on abortion and marriage 2024-05-23T14:47:29Z NBC News trump-team-moves-behind-scenes-110000662.html

Prosecutors look to call Hunter Biden's ex-wife and the late Beau Biden's wife to testify in gun case 2024-05-23T14:34:39Z NBC News prosecutors-look-call-hunter-bidens-143439833.html

Democrats renew calls for US Supreme Court's Alito to recuse amid flag flap 2024-05-23T14:05:02Z Reuters democrats-renew-calls-us-supreme-140502828.html

US will announce $275 million more in artillery and ammunition for Ukraine, officials say 2024-05-23T13:44:16Z Associated Press us-announce-275-million-more-134416339.html

Mystery at center of Graceland sale and Kouri Richins speaks from jail: Morning Rundown 2024-05-23T13:11:22Z NBC News mystery-center-graceland-sale-kouri-131122410.html

The Biden administration has a plan to shut down the border. But it needs Mexico's help. 2024-05-23T12:30:00Z NBC News biden-administration-plan-shut-down-123000299.html

Biden is poised to pick up more delegates in Idaho's Democratic caucuses 2024-05-23T11:01:51Z Associated Press biden-poised-pick-more-delegates-110151144.html

GOP officials frustrated by the Secret Service's refusal to move protesters away from the RNC convention hall 2024-05-23T11:00:00Z NBC News gop-officials-frustrated-secret-services-110000193.html

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