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Indictment takeaways: Trump's alleged schemes and lies to keep secret papers 2023-06-09T22:09:04Z Associated Press trump-indictment-takeaways-prosecutors-detail-220904646.html

Top US congressional Democrats urge to let Trump indictment case 'proceed peacefully' 2023-06-09T21:21:20Z Reuters top-us-congressional-democrats-urge-212120364.html

How Trump's Classified Documents Case Differs From Those Of Clinton, Biden And Pence 2023-06-09T22:19:50Z HuffPost trump-classified-documents-case-differs-221950473.html

Partisan mistrust still festers in Washington after Sen. Dianne Feinstein's absence 2023-06-09T20:28:30Z LA Times partisan-mistrust-still-festers-washington-202830064.html

Texas court dismisses GOP donor's defamation lawsuit against Beto O'Rourke 2023-06-09T21:20:00Z Associated Press texas-court-dismisses-gop-donors-212000504.html

Key takeaways from the Justice Department indictment of Donald Trump 2023-06-09T21:02:14Z Yahoo News key-takeaways-from-the-justice-department-indictment-of-donald-trump-210214912.html

Why critics are upset that Judge Aileen Cannon will preside over Trump's new criminal trial 2023-06-09T20:07:38Z Yahoo News why-critics-are-upset-that-judge-aileen-cannon-will-preside-over-trumps-new-criminal-trial-200738360.html

Family members co-signed bond for George Santos, court filing says 2023-06-09T16:41:13Z CNN family-members-co-signed-bond-164113952.html

Who is Jack Smith, the special counsel who secured an indictment against Trump? 2023-06-09T17:30:07Z Yahoo News who-is-jack-smith-the-special-counsel-who-secured-an-indictment-against-trump-172942853.html

Who is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.? 2023-06-09T09:00:35Z Yahoo News who-is-robert-f-kennedy-jr-090035819.html

How Trump's GOP rivals reacted to his indictment in classified documents case 2023-06-09T14:59:21Z Yahoo News trump-indictment-how-2024-gop-rivals-reacted-charges-doj-classified-documents-case-145921485.html

Trump Recorded Admitting He Didn't Declassify 'Secret Information': CNN 2023-06-09T12:30:17Z The Daily Beast trump-recorded-admitting-didn-t-123017167.html

Inside Trump's Club When the Call Came: You're Indicted 2023-06-09T11:30:39Z The New York Times inside-trump-club-call-came-113039417.html

Could Trump go to prison? Federal charges over classified docs show momentum is building 2023-06-09T18:32:00Z The Guardian could-trump-jail-federal-charges-035449304.html

Indictment Brings Trump Story Full Circle 2023-06-09T11:32:47Z The New York Times indictment-brings-trump-story-full-113247210.html

What's Next in the Trump Documents Case? A Previous Indictment Offers Clues. 2023-06-10T14:16:01Z The New York Times next-trump-documents-case-previous-141601451.html

4 takeaways from Donald Trump's indictment: charges, lawyers, alleged conspirator and judge 2023-06-10T11:16:20Z USA TODAY 4-takeaways-donald-trumps-indictment-111620616.html

Analysis-Trump faces difficult odds in classified documents case 2023-06-10T10:14:41Z Reuters analysis-trump-faces-difficult-odds-101441679.html

This week in politics: Trump indicted again; SCOTUS ruling on Alabama voting rights case. 2023-06-10T09:06:58Z USA TODAY week-politics-trump-indicted-again-090658130.html

Why the SCOTUS decision on Alabama voting rights is a 'game changer' for Dems in 2024, according to an expert 2023-06-10T09:00:56Z Yahoo News why-the-scotus-decision-on-alabama-voting-rights-is-a-game-changer-for-dems-in-2024-according-to-an-expert-090056448.html

DeSantis Opts Not To Take On Trump Over Secret Documents Indictment 2023-06-10T01:20:20Z HuffPost desantis-opts-not-trump-over-012020704.html

Quotes- Reactions to charges against Donald Trump in classified documents case 2023-06-10T00:51:44Z Reuters quotes-reactions-charges-against-donald-005144267.html

Without naming Trump, his Republican rival DeSantis condemns his indictment 2023-06-10T00:37:42Z Reuters without-naming-trump-republican-rival-003742813.html

Reality Winner says she's "blown away" by details in indictment against Trump 2023-06-10T00:25:54Z NBC News reality-winner-says-shes-blown-002554642.html

Federal indictment accuses Trump of lying and scheming to keep documents he knew were classified 2023-06-10T00:12:55Z NBC News federal-indictment-accuses-trump-lying-001255072.html

Homeland Security names Border Patrol veteran Jason Owens to lead the agency 2023-06-10T00:12:16Z Associated Press homeland-security-names-border-patrol-001216856.html

GOP Congressmen All But Declare War After Trump Indictment 2023-06-09T21:13:50Z HuffPost gop-congressmen-declare-war-trump-211350320.html

Elise Stefanik Is Already Raising Money (For Herself) Off Of Trump's Indictment 2023-06-09T21:08:17Z HuffPost elise-stefanik-already-raising-money-210817329.html

2024 GOP candidates so far avoids attacking Trump over indictment 2023-06-09T21:04:06Z CBS News 2024-gop-candidates-far-avoids-210406509.html

Trump aide Walt Nauta also indicted in classified documents case 2023-06-09T20:58:09Z NBC News trump-aide-walt-nauta-indicted-205809766.html

Five takeaways from the Trump indictment over classified documents 2023-06-09T20:05:00Z Reuters five-takeaways-trump-indictment-over-200500711.html

Trump waved classified military documents in front of a writer and a member of his PAC, and said 'it is like, highly confidential', feds allege 2023-06-09T20:02:50Z Business Insider trump-waved-classified-military-documents-200250475.html

Compromise may mean continued reprieve for 'Obamacare' preventive care mandates 2023-06-09T19:34:10Z Associated Press compromise-may-mean-continued-reprieve-193410453.html

Video shows Nancy Pelosi talking about Republican Party's 'smear' tactic | Fact check 2023-06-09T19:30:22Z USA TODAY video-shows-nancy-pelosi-talking-193022816.html

'This is secret': Donald Trump indictment details charges against former president 2023-06-09T19:06:45Z USA TODAY donald-trump-indictment-unsealed-detailing-190645331.html

Special counsel says he'll seek "speedy trial" for Trump 2023-06-09T18:42:00Z CBS News special-counsel-says-hell-seek-184200172.html

Biden staying mum on Trump indictment over classified documents 2023-06-09T18:28:49Z USA TODAY biden-staying-mum-trump-indictment-182849940.html

Trump classified documents charges: Read the full indictment 2023-06-09T18:20:48Z Yahoo News trump-full-indictment-classified-documents-case-jack-smith-mar-a-lago-espionage-182048830.html

Aileen Cannon, Trump-appointed judge, assigned to oversee documents case 2023-06-09T18:03:16Z CBS News aileen-cannon-trump-appointed-judge-180316164.html

Factbox-Trump indictment puts Justice Department center stage in 2024 Republican race 2023-06-09T18:01:53Z Reuters factbox-trump-indictment-puts-justice-180153695.html

On heels of debt fight, House GOP rolls out tax-cut package 2023-06-09T18:00:00Z Politico heels-debt-fight-house-gop-180000888.html

US House Republicans unveil broad package of tax cuts 2023-06-09T17:55:44Z Reuters us-house-republicans-unveil-broad-175544881.html

Justice Department unseals Donald Trump indictment 2023-06-09T17:52:00Z CBS News indictment-against-trump-documents-case-175217049.html

Top GOP recruit decides not to challenge Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin in 2024 2023-06-09T17:49:47Z NBC News top-gop-recruit-decides-not-174947412.html

Trump Was Recorded Saying He Knew He Had a Classified Document 2023-06-09T17:35:15Z The New York Times trump-recorded-saying-knew-had-173515859.html

Special Counsel Avoided One Risk but Took on Another by Bringing Trump Case in Miami 2023-06-09T17:34:53Z The New York Times special-counsel-avoided-one-risk-173453322.html

Trump case assigned to judge who faced criticism over her ruling in his favor in Mar-a-Lago search 2023-06-09T17:30:24Z Associated Press trump-case-assigned-judge-faced-173024080.html

Aileen Cannon, a Trump-appointed judge, initially assigned to his classified documents case 2023-06-09T17:28:20Z USA TODAY aileen-cannon-trump-appointed-judge-172820669.html

Iran helping Moscow to build drone factory in Russia, U.S. says 2023-06-09T16:14:27Z NBC News iran-helping-moscow-build-drone-161427898.html

Trump tries to make his own criminal indictment about Joe Biden 2023-06-09T15:53:40Z NBC News trump-tries-own-criminal-indictment-155340836.html

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