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Shards of 'sea-ice' wash up along Sefton beach

Tips for staying warm and coping with the cold weather

Biodiversity: 'Magical marine species' pushed toward extinction

UK weather: How long will the cold snap last?

Manatee relative, 700 new species now facing extinction

New abnormal: Climate disaster damage 'down' to $268 billion

Water scooter startle device used to deter seals from salmon

Chester Zoo celebrates birth of endangered Malayan tapir

SpaceX launches 40 OneWeb internet relay satellites

How Seychelles ocean plants could help tackle climate change

How "Boy in the Box" mystery will help solve other cases

Rare Apollo mission moon rock back in Cyprus after 50 years

Going, going, extinct: Rare 76 million-year-old T. rex skull is up for auction

Manx stamps mark 50th anniversary of the last manned Moon mission

Remarkable space blast identified as black hole collision

Isle of Wight solar farm plans criticised for spoiling views

Ancient Egyptian mummies were found with gold tongues meant to help them talk with the god of the underworld

Officials talk biodiversity as drought stunts Kenya wildlife

Reverse nature's decline or there is no future - UN

Neolithic axe grinding site uncovered

How to stay safe in an extreme solar flare, where the sun bombards Earth with radiation and magnetic havoc

Antibiotics for strep A in good supply, says health secretary Steve Barclay

London cold weather shelters to open for rough sleepers

Birds: One in four species in Wales 'in serious trouble'

UK weather: People urged to heat main rooms as cold snap begins

How to watch tonight's rare and "magical" celestial events

Oldest DNA reveals life in Greenland 2 million years ago

The Great Salt Lake is drying up and turning into toxic dust

What is biodiversity and how are we protecting it?

Second Future Generations Commissioner appointed

Wales weather: Met Office issues warning for ice

Telescopes Team Up to Forecast an Alien Storm on Titan

Medieval necklace found near Northampton 'internationally important'

Dig at UK housing site yields major 7th century treasures

Ethereum change cut cryptocurrency power demand

California airports face disruption due to flooding, study finds

Elon Musk reportedly told workers at his brain-chip startup to imagine they had bombs strapped to their heads to make them work faster

U.S. aluminum plants are releasing tons of a highly potent greenhouse gas, unlike their counterparts abroad

Plea after three guinea pigs found in bag in Shetland

A headache pill inspired my dissolving poo bags

NASA's Orion spacecraft zooms around the moon and sets a course for splashdown

Nasa's Orion spacecraft is homeward-bound

Construction begins on the world's largest radio telescope

Myocarditis after Covid vaccine low among teens and young adults, large study finds

Artemis moonship heads back to Earth on last leg of test flight

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