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Police: Ex-Texas deputy wanted in deaths of 3 is arrested

Marjorie Taylor Green distances herself from "Anglo-Saxon political traditions" document

Supreme Court rejects appeal over pickup seized at border

7 teens arrested in connection with carjackings, assaults in Delaware

Rep. Steve Stivers, former chair of top Republican committee, to leave Congress early

Suspect apprehended in fatal shooting at Wisconsin tavern

Trump says Biden's plan to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan is a 'wonderful and positive thing to do'

Black Lives Matter fence in Minnesota at center of row in city on edge

Couple: Man has tossed used cups in their yard for 3 years

Indianapolis FedEx shooting: Who were the eight victims?

Kimberly Guilfoyle named national chair of Eric Greitens' Senate campaign

Pig's head left at former home of Chauvin defense witness

Elephants 'trample' rhino poacher to death in S. African park

7-year-old girl fatally shot in McDonald's drive-thru, Illinois police say

Winners of $20M contest make concrete to trap carbon dioxide

Texas didn't see a COVID surge after opening and ending its mask mandate. Here's why

Florida nurse accused of threatening to kill VP Kamala Harris

Foxconn, Wisconsin reach new deal on scaled back facility

'Deadly as cyanide': OxyContin pills laced with fentanyl killing Kansas City teens

Ree Drummond's nephew Caleb arrested for DUI 1 month after crash on her ranch

Biden news: White House warns Russia of consequences if Navalny dies as John Kerry apologises for Trump

Supreme Court passes on Second Amendment cases challenging lifetime gun ownership ban

Search for 9 missing from capsized boat in Gulf on 6th day

Mike Lindell says his company MyPillow is suing Dominion for $1.6 billion

'I'm a Christian woman of God.' Texas school board candidate cited after refusing mask.

Last Castro steps down. Unfortunately, too many Cuban exiles didn't live to see it | Editorial

Father, daughter die in early morning fire in Oakland

Clock's running out on climate change. California says it's time for giant carbon vacuums

Byron Bay: Calls for Netflix boycott over reality show plans

Op-Ed: Ivy League schools are the Kardashians of higher ed. Don't fixate on their admission rates

US and China commit to tackling climate crisis 'with seriousness and urgency it demands'

U.S. pause on Johnson & Johnson vaccine could be felt the most in poor countries

Trump is desperate to get credit for the COVID-19 vaccines, but his political heartlands are reluctant to actually take them

Queen's birthday to pass without gun salute for second time

Rape victim's murder jury foreman was just 18: 'I've grown some humanity since then'

The head of the Chicago Police Union called the officer who shot 13-year-old Adam Toledo 'heroic'

Watch NASA attempt to fly the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars for the first time

Marjorie Taylor Greene says she'll introduce a resolution to expel Rep. Maxine Waters for her 'continual incitement of violence.'

Letters to the Editor: No, the Bible doesn't endorse meeting indoors during a pandemic

Vandals splattered blood and left a severed pig's head outside the former home of an expert who testified for Derek Chauvin's defense

Police searching for 2 women who grabbed necklace off 84-year-old in Brooklyn

See the photo from the first helicopter flight on Mars, showing the planet's surface and the Ingenuity drone's shadow

Royal summit to decide future of monarchy to be led by Prince Charles and Prince William

Boehner said the Capitol riot was 'one of the saddest days' of his life and he would rather set himself 'on fire than run for office again'

Florida nurse charged for death threats against Vice President Kamala Harris

Chris Cuomo says police reform won't happen until white kids start getting killed

'No personal liberties were taken away': Joe Scarborough blasts Jim Jordan for spreading 'lies' about Fauci

A leading conspiracy theorist who thought COVID-19 was a hoax died from the virus after hosting illegal house parties

Russia's unlucky aircraft carrier is getting ready for its return to action

Luck played role in rescue of abused children in Minersville

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