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Armed militants in Dagestan kill priest and police in attacks on churches, synagogue and police post 2024-06-23T18:47:56Z Associated Press armed-militants-dagestan-kill-priest-184756961.html

Thousands of Iran-backed fighters ready to join Hezbollah's battle with Israel as UN chief warns of catastrophe 'beyond imagination' 2024-06-23T17:53:34Z INSIDER thousands-iran-backed-fighters-ready-175334576.html

Argentina's Milei meets German officials in controversial lap around Europe 2024-06-23T17:46:14Z Associated Press argentinas-milei-meets-german-officials-174614147.html

A year after mutiny, Kremlin controls Wagner remnants 2024-06-23T17:01:11Z BBC mutiny-kremlin-controls-wagner-remnants-105705922.html

Belarus opposition leader warns Poland over borders 2024-06-23T16:50:49Z BBC belarus-opposition-leader-warns-poland-165049222.html

European Commission warns of Russia interfering in Bundestag election 2024-06-23T16:01:46Z dpa international european-commission-warns-russia-interfering-160146220.html

One dead and a dozen injured in attacks on Kharkiv in Ukraine 2024-06-23T15:50:00Z dpa international one-dead-dozen-injured-attacks-155000440.html

New Caledonia Indigenous independence leader transferred to mainland France for pre-trial detention 2024-06-23T15:48:08Z Associated Press caledonia-indigenous-independence-leader-transferred-154808567.html

Germany's Scholz Says He Hopes Le Pen Won't Win French Elections 2024-06-23T14:40:41Z Bloomberg germany-scholz-says-hopes-le-144041549.html

Pilots reject Aer Lingus claim for 'meaningful' talks ahead of strike 2024-06-23T13:53:07Z BBC aer-lingus-cuts-240-flights-124300542.html

Village on Ukraine's doorstep set to become NATO's biggest European airbase as Putin vows to go 'to the end' in the war 2024-06-23T13:08:08Z INSIDER village-ukraines-doorstep-set-become-130808293.html

Tchouameni 'hates extremism' and 'shares' Mbappe view 2024-06-23T12:49:04Z BBC tchouameni-hates-extremism-shares-mbappe-124904709.html

Real Madrid teammate joins Kylian Mbappe in rallying cry for elections 2024-06-23T12:21:00Z Football Espana real-madrid-teammate-joins-kylian-122100556.html

German rail service benefits as beer goes down a treat with Euro fans 2024-06-23T11:46:43Z dpa international german-rail-benefits-beer-goes-114643891.html

Video shows wounded Palestinian man strapped to Israeli military jeep as IDF says soldiers violated protocol 2024-06-23T11:42:39Z INSIDER video-shows-wounded-palestinian-man-114239231.html

France Leftists' Plans Include 90% Top Marginal Income Tax Rate 2024-06-23T10:38:31Z Bloomberg france-leftists-plans-90-top-103831017.html

France's far right National Rally still leading ahead of election, poll shows 2024-06-23T10:27:21Z Reuters frances-far-national-rally-still-102721070.html

Cathedral dean withdraws from Gaza rally 2024-06-23T10:14:26Z BBC cathedral-dean-withdraws-gaza-rally-101426541.html

South China Sea: Beijing urges UN not to consider Philippine request to extend continental shelf 2024-06-23T09:30:00Z South China Morning Post south-china-sea-beijing-urges-093000366.html

Chinese e-commerce sales up 14% during 618 shopping festival, report says 2024-06-23T09:30:00Z South China Morning Post chinese-e-commerce-sales-14-093000533.html

UK's Next PM Faces Rise in Economic Misery Right After Election 2024-06-23T09:23:37Z Bloomberg uk-next-pm-faces-rise-092337558.html

Germany's Habeck: EU must prepare better for competition with China 2024-06-23T08:46:09Z dpa international germanys-habeck-eu-must-prepare-084609493.html

Teenager stuns China after beating A.I. in math contest 2024-06-23T05:14:30Z TODAY teenager-stuns-china-beating-math-051430119.html

Earthquake rocks parts of Northern Venezuela, Southeastern Caribbean 2024-06-23T05:12:58Z WDHN Dothan earthquake-rocks-parts-northern-venezuela-051258440.html

Coup-hit Niger was betting on a China-backed oil pipeline as a lifeline. Then the troubles began 2024-06-23T05:02:40Z Associated Press coup-hit-niger-betting-china-050240403.html

A Mexico City neighborhood keeps the iconic Volkswagen Beetle alive 2024-06-23T04:03:34Z Associated Press mexico-city-neighborhood-keeps-iconic-040334535.html

Dutch app supermarket boss eyes tech boom in online delivery 2024-06-23T03:14:05Z AFP dutch-app-supermarket-boss-eyes-031405687.html

The Rich History Of Japan's Oldest Sushi Restaurant 2024-06-23T01:30:51Z Tasting Table rich-history-japans-oldest-sushi-013051930.html

At least 39 people killed in Israeli strikes across northern Gaza, officials say 2024-06-23T00:04:29Z Politico least-39-people-killed-israeli-000429482.html

A Romanian village is set to become Nato's biggest airbase in Europe 2024-06-22T23:30:02Z BBC romanian-village-set-become-natos-233002308.html

Unable to back down, Israel and Hezbollah move closer to all-out war 2024-06-22T23:18:36Z BBC unable-back-down-israel-hezbollah-231836970.html

Why a 12-year-old took action against period poverty 2024-06-22T23:02:11Z BBC why-12-old-took-action-230211215.html

Israeli strikes in northern Gaza leave at least 39 dead: Officials 2024-06-22T21:56:13Z The Hill israeli-strikes-northern-gaza-leave-215613911.html

Palestinians reel from repeated strikes on 'humanitarian zones' 2024-06-22T20:37:30Z NBC News palestinians-reel-repeated-strikes-humanitarian-203730493.html

Elvis Presley's Infamous Pantera Shooting 2024-06-22T18:30:00Z Backfire News elvis-presleys-infamous-pantera-shooting-210000720.html

France's National Rally Confirms Lead in Snap Election Polls 2024-06-22T17:20:53Z Bloomberg france-national-rally-confirms-lead-095315418.html

Argentina's President Milei receives award in Germany amid protests 2024-06-22T17:16:08Z dpa international argentinas-president-milei-receives-award-171608706.html

Tunisian president sacks religious official after Hajj heat deaths 2024-06-22T15:19:56Z dpa international tunisian-president-sacks-religious-official-151956474.html

North Korea appearing to build walls outside DMZ, satellite footage shows 2024-06-22T14:04:39Z The Hill north-korea-appearing-build-walls-140439497.html

Water emergency halts tourist arrivals at Italy's popular Capri island 2024-06-22T12:23:14Z Associated Press water-emergency-halts-tourist-arrivals-122314980.html

Front-line NATO allies are facing an unconventional Russian threat short of war but still quite dangerous 2024-06-22T12:15:01Z INSIDER front-line-nato-allies-facing-121501465.html

Israeli attack on tent camp in southern Gaza leaves at least 25 dead 2024-06-22T12:04:43Z The Hill israeli-attack-tent-camp-southern-120443977.html

German branch of writers' association PEN bans far-right AfD members 2024-06-22T10:33:09Z dpa international german-branch-writers-association-pen-103309080.html

Rivals attack Farage for saying West provoked Ukraine war 2024-06-22T10:08:50Z BBC west-provoked-ukraine-war-nigel-171832424.html

North Macedonia's parliament prepares to vote on a proposed center-right government 2024-06-22T10:01:35Z Associated Press north-macedonias-parliament-prepares-vote-100135012.html

Vladimir Putin gifted North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a 2nd luxury armored limo - check it out 2024-06-22T09:36:33Z INSIDER vladimir-putin-gifted-north-korean-093633212.html

Nigel Farage, leader of Reform UK, criticized for saying West provoked Putin to invade Ukraine 2024-06-22T09:30:49Z Associated Press nigel-farage-leader-reform-uk-093049870.html

Russia's talking about a 6th-generation fighter jet while its Su-57 sits out the Ukraine war 2024-06-22T09:07:01Z INSIDER russias-talking-6th-generation-fighter-090701439.html

3 dead in bombing of Kharkiv as Russia launches missiles on Ukrainian energy facilities 2024-06-22T08:31:38Z Associated Press russian-strikes-continue-target-ukrainian-083138286.html

Mum's thanks for support as son recovers after Germany crash 2024-06-22T08:22:59Z BBC mums-thanks-support-son-recovers-082259418.html

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