Snapchat Privacy Blunder Piques Concerns About Insider Threats

After a report found that Snap employees were abusing their access to Snapchat data, experts are warning that insider threats will continue to be a top challenge for privacy.

Joomla and WordPress Found Harboring Malicious Redirect Code

New .htaccess injector threat on Joomla and WordPress websites redirects to malicious websites.

Microsoft Beefs Up Wi-Fi Protection

The Windows 10 update that's rolling out addresses insecure Wi-Fi hotspots with new user notifications.

News Wrap: Which Companies Are Doing Privacy Right and Which Aren’t?

The Threatpost team breaks down the top privacy-related data incidents of the week - including data leaks from HCL and a golfing app - and highlights some surprisingly good privacy news.

Goodbye Passwords: Hello Identity Management

As passwords are increasingly viewed as security liabilities, Identity Management solutions are picking up the slack.

Shade Ransomware Expands to U.S. Targets

Coming to America: The Shade ransomware, which has historically targeted Russian victims, was recently spotted expanding its sights.

Calibration Attack Drills Down on iPhone, Pixel Users

A new way of tracking mobile users creates a globally unique device fingerprint that browsers and other protections can't stop.

SandboxEscaper Drops Three More Windows Exploits, IE Zero-Day

As promised, developer SandboxEscaper has dropped exploit code for four more bugs, on the heels of releasing a Windows zero-day yesterday.

Soaring Cryptocurrency Prices Draw Malicious New Onslaught of Apps, Malware

As Bitcoin prices surge, so too are malicious apps, malware-ridden scams and cryptojacking attacks looking to profit from the cryptocurrency industry.

WannaCry-Infested Laptop Starts at $1.13M in Art Auction

The "bestiary" houses six historical threats that combined resulted in at least $95B in damages worldwide.

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