Self-Propagating Malware Targets Thousands of Docker Ports Per Day

A Bitcoin-mining campaign using the Kinsing malware is spreading quickly thanks to cloud-container misconfigurations.

Cloud Providers, CDNs Team Up to Battle Internet Routing Attacks

A group of CDNs and cloud providers are joining in on a fight against common internet routing attacks.

Spearphishing Campaign Exploits COVID-19 To Spread Lokibot Infostealer

The attack discovered uses World Health Organization trademark to lure users with info related to coronavirus.

Google Squashes High-Severity Flaws in Chrome Browser

Google is rolling out the newest Chrome browser version, 80.0.3987.162, in the coming days.

Zoom Removes Data-Mining LinkedIn Feature

The feature, criticized for "undisclosed data-mining," is only the latest privacy faux pas for Zoom this month.

In COVID-19 Scam Scramble, Cybercrooks Recycle Phishing Kits

Old phishing kits are being pressed into service to keep up with the unprecedented volume of new scams that exploit the pandemic.

44M Digital Wallet Items Exposed in Key Ring Cloud Misconfig

Millions of IDs, charge cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, medical marijuana ID cards and personal information was left exposed to the open internet.

Emerging MakeFrame Skimmer from Magecart Sets Sights on SMBs

Attacks using a brand-new card-harvesting code is targeting small- to medium-sized businesses, claiming 19 sites so far.

Wiper Malware Called “Coronavirus” Spreads Among Windows Victims

Like NotPetya, it overwrites the master boot record to render computers "trashed."

Coronavirus ‘Financial Relief’ Phishing Attacks Spike

A spate of phishing attacks have promised financial relief due to the coronavirus pandemic - but in reality swiped victims' credentials, payment card data and more.

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