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Masks could save 70,000 Americans by December, model predicts, as infections among younger people soar

The Covid-19 pandemic is moving into younger populations, health experts said Thursday, with cases skyrocketing among children, teens and young adults.

Tracking Covid-19 cases in the US

What you need to know about coronavirus today

More than 19 million people around the world have now been infected with the coronavirus, and 715,024 have died. The number of new daily cases has topped 200,000 -- a level not seen before July -- for 23 days in row.

Fact Check: Will there be a coronavirus vaccine by November?

In a radio interview Thursday morning with Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera, President Donald Trump suggested that a vaccine for the coronavirus could be ready before Election Day.

Covid-19 patients not showing symptoms may carry just as much virus as those who do, new study finds

Covid-19 patients not showing symptoms may have similar amounts of the novel coronavirus in their bodies as those who do show symptoms, according to a new study from South Korea. This would suggest that they could still spread the virus to others.

Coronavirus shutdown causes new risk at CDC: Legionnaire's disease

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it has closed several buildings it leases in Atlanta because Legionella bacteria have been found in their water systems -- bacteria that likely grew because of the prolonged pandemic shutdown.

Chronic fatigue syndrome a possible long-term effect of Covid-19, experts say

Terri Wilder became dreadfully ill in 2014, falling asleep immediately each day after she got home from work and laying in bed all weekend, recovering just enough to drag herself to work the next week.

Only 37% of US churches holding in-person services are following this key CDC guideline

Since the coronavirus pandemic began in March, religion in the US has seemed a helter-skelter mix of legal disputes and defiant pastors, altered rites and sanctuaries as sites of contagion.

Exercise, eat right, get good sleep: The top 3 ways to prevent so many diseases

In these times of uncertainty, the one thing we can do is take charge of our health.

Class in a Church Graveyard

Coronavirus stresses Americans more than others, study finds

The coronavirus pandemic has turned life upside down around the world, with many workers losing their jobs, economies plummeting and parents worried about reopening schools.

Mississippi's governor mandates masks in public gatherings and school

Mississippi for weeks has been punching above its weight in the wrong coronavirus statistics.

Toxic chemicals may be in fast food wrappers and take-out containers, report says

What's the first thing you should worry about when you look at the packaging on your fast food or takeout?

Almost 100 people in Ohio were infected with coronavirus after man attended church service

A man with Covid-19 went to church in mid-June, then 91 other people got sick, including 53 who were at the service, according to Ohio's governor.

Quit my job, or risk serious illness? Parents and teachers face grueling decisions as schools reopen

First-grade teacher Amy Forehand was stunned to learn young students in her Georgia school district will return to classrooms by the end of this month.

People are dying after drinking hand sanitizer, CDC says

People are getting sick and even dying after swallowing hand sanitizer, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday. Four died and others have suffered impaired vision or seizures, the CDC says.

Covid-19 patients may develop skin rashes and discoloration, studies find

As Covid-19 started to spread across the United States earlier this year, dermatology offices began to see suspicious signs on some patients' skin: Red or purple toes, itchy hives, mottled bumps on fingers, a lacy red rash that spread across legs and arms.

A woman in Texas is praying every night below her husband's hospital window as he fights the coronavirus

If you ask Michelle Gutierrez, there's nothing more powerful than love and prayer -- that's why when her husband, David, who's battling coronavirus, was put on a ventilator, she knew exactly what to do.

'May karma find you all': A woman's obituary for her late husband condemns Trump and people who don't wear masks

Stacey Nagy's husband, David, died two weeks ago from coronavirus complications. She grieved the loss of her longtime love. And then she fumed.

These 3 Covid-19 vaccines have been in the news. Here's what you need to know about them

The US government is pouring billions into Covid-19 vaccines, and candidates from three companies are moving along quickly: Moderna, Pfizer and Novavax.

Birx warns 9 cities, California's central valley about increasing coronavirus cases

The White House coronavirus task force is warning states about an uptick in coronavirus test positivity rates in a number of new cities this week.

Girl in famous surrogacy case dies at age 8

Seraphina Harrell, a little girl who received national attention because the surrogate who gave birth to her had refused to have an abortion, has died.

The eerie similarities between the anti-mask and the anti-vax

In the confusion and chaos of a global pandemic, a small but significant group of people who refuse to wear masks has emerged despite the now established evidence of their efficacy.

You asked, we're answering: Your top coronavirus questions

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