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Biden now nearly free of COVID symptoms, doctor says

Biden was likely sickened with BA.5 subvariant of Omicron, White House says

Should President Biden be 'working through' COVID-19?

Biden tests positive for COVID-19

The Best Family Halloween Movies on Netflix for Kid-Friendly Scares

CDC panel endorses new Novavax COVID vaccine

Why hasn't the U.S. been able to contain monkeypox?

How fair are criticisms of Biden's response to Roe's repeal?

'Immune-evading' BA.5 subvariant now accounts for 65% of U.S. COVID cases

Honor Independence Day With These Inspirational 4th of July Quotes

'The worst version' of COVID is spreading. Can we update our vaccines in time?

Will targeting nicotine reduce smoking deaths?

70 Cool Pumpkin Painting Ideas That Are So Cute (and Just a Little Bit Scary)

'The emergency phase of COVID-19 is over': Doctors' group urges Biden administration to revise guidelines for children

COVID reinfections set to spike in U.S. as new variants evade immunity

Wish Dad a 'Happy Father's Day' With These Funny (and Emotional) Sayings

'Historic milestone': Vaccines for kids under 5 may come this month

Monkeypox is 'out of the box' and has Europe on edge

How to Plan a Festive 4th of July Menu For Every Kind of Crowd

COVID vaccines for young children could be coming soon

These 4th of July Activities Are a Game Changer for Your Celebration

CDC urges people to mask where COVID is spiking

Future COVID variants will likely reinfect us multiple times a year, experts say - unless we invest in new vaccines

30 Summer Beach Reads You Won't Be Able to Put Down

As COVID cases rise, White House urges boosters and new congressional funding

35 Vegetarian BBQ Recipes Perfect for Summer

Fauci says 'herd immunity' is out of reach, pandemic 'by no means' over

We Found Dozens of Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts for $25 or Less

Fauci drops out of D.C. gala amid America's strange pandemic moment

A new COVID wave - or nothing to worry about? The best- and worst-case scenarios for what comes next

Report: Vaccinations could have prevented quarter-million COVID deaths in U.S.

What to consider before taking off your mask on public transit or planes

U.S. mask mandates are making a comeback. But should they?

White House upset by media focus on administration's COVID-19 cases, rather than on relief bill

Experts say BA.2 could be more of a 'bump' than a surge. Is this the future of COVID?

COVID-19 'long-haulers' don't want to be forgotten as the U.S. goes 'back to normal'

Make It Mom's Best Mother's Day Ever by Baking Her One of These Yummy Cakes

Biden pleads for funds to fight next COVID surge before it's 'too late'

Three new signs BA.2 might not hit America as hard as Europe

Harassment of public health workers widespread during pandemic, study finds

Biden administration admits COVID is 'not gone' as virus returns to White House

How China's soaring COVID numbers put the rest of the world at risk

Is Europe's new COVID surge coming to America next?

Poll: Americans sour on government - and each other - 2 years into pandemic

White House pleads for new coronavirus funds: 'We need this money'

Here's Why You Get Those Little Floaty Things in Your Vision

Why L.A. could be the last school district in America to lift its mask mandate

Florida contradicts CDC, says healthy children should not get COVID vaccine

Biden urges return to office

'Please take them off': DeSantis scolds students for wearing face masks

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