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New coronavirus variant circulating in U.S. has health experts on edge

How Biden's new COVID-19 vaccination plan could turn the tide of the pandemic

Coronavirus death toll tops 2 million worldwide

Biden unveils $1.9 trillion plan to 'rescue' America from the pandemic

5th member of Congress contracts COVID in post-riot surge

Two more House Democrats test positive for COVID-19, blame maskless colleagues for creating a 'superspreader event' amid Capitol siege

House Democrat tests positive for COVID-19 after Capitol riots

Biden gets 2nd dose of coronavirus vaccine

Holiday COVID surge pushes hospitals and ambulance crews to their breaking point

New Georgia Sen. Warnock says riot shows 'words have power' - and he will use his for 'bringing people together'

How can the sluggish coronavirus vaccine rollout be sped up?

Atlanta voters share their thoughts on the election: 'It's time for a change'

A second new strain of COVID spreads fear in Britain as Boris Johnson dithers

Trump supporters in Georgia explain why they believe the president's claims of voter fraud

Exclusive: Pandemic relief aid went to media that promoted COVID misinformation

Amid COVID surge, experts look for ways to stretch vaccine supplies: The case for postponing the second shot

Michelle Obama rallies Georgia residents to 'take charge of your power'

Sen. Perdue in quarantine after exposure to person who tested positive for COVID

Vaccine rollout is more like a dribble so far. What went wrong?

What we still don't know about COVID-19

Trump finally signs COVID relief package - but aid to millions will be delayed

'A tremendous honor': Raphael Warnock looks to make history as Georgia's first Black senator

Is the Supreme Court primed to rewrite religious freedom laws?

Trump's latest pardons and veto of defense bill cap chaotic pre-Christmas flurry

California becomes ground zero for holiday COVID-19 surge

Are travel bans effective against the coronavirus variant?

With deadlines looming, Trump throws wrench into COVID-19 relief agreement

NBA champion Anthony Davis talks sneakers and need for youth-led social justice movements

Texas attorney general asked Trump administration to revoke COVID relief funds for Harris County

Fauci joins the coronavirus vaccine parade, as Trump sits it out

Did Congress get it right with the new coronavirus stimulus?

Distrust of the medical system among Black Americans poses added vaccination challenge for COVID-19

Kamala Harris campaigns in Georgia: '2020 ain't over until Jan. 5'

Second coronavirus vaccine begins distribution as new strain emerges

Joe Biden receives 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Congress expected to vote on COVID relief compromise bill. Here's what we know.

More than 1.3 million votes already cast in key Georgia races

How much credit should Trump get for the coronavirus vaccines?

Most Americans won't get a COVID-19 vaccine until later next year. Biden's team wants to move faster.

AOC accuses Republicans of holding people 'hostage' by blocking stimulus payments

One man is on a mission to identify the masks that offer the best protection from COVID-19. Here's what he found.

The coronavirus closed schools. Our diseased politics is keeping them closed.

Should companies require workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

One of the most isolated spots on earth faces a massive COVID wave

Biden says he is 'working on' getting the coronavirus vaccine

When a 2nd COVID-19 vaccine arrives, will it matter which one you get?

Progressive organizers helped deliver Georgia to Biden - but can they get two Democrats elected to the Senate as well?

Millions of Americans are still saying they won't get the new COVID-19 vaccines. Four reasons that may not be a problem.

Senators unveil compromise bills on COVID-19 relief

Can employers require workers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine before full approval?

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