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Biden: We won't fight Omicron with lockdowns

54 Best Christmas Albums Guaranteed to Put You in the Holiday Mood

Omicron variant: What's next for the U.S.?

Yes, you can have a normal (vaccinated) Thanksgiving

Remote schooling led to catastrophic learning loss, new study finds

With COVID cases spiking, no end in sight

What to do if you test positive for COVID-19

More than 2 million children may be fully vaccinated by Christmas

The FDA reportedly plans to approve COVID boosters for all this week. Why experts say that's the right call.

Fauci encourages vaccinated Americans to 'feel good' about spending holidays with family and friends

40 Food Gifts Your Fave Foodies Would Love to Get for the Holidays

Why COVID cases are surging in states with high vaccination rates - and what it means for the winter ahead

An encouraging start to childhood vaccinations in U.S.

'We need off-ramps': When will kids take off their masks in schools?

New poll shows Americans who trust conservative media outlets more likely to believe COVID-19 misinformation

Infrastructure vote, good jobs numbers and COVID pill make for 'Fabulous Friday' for Biden

Your questions on coronavirus vaccines for children, answered

'Egregiously incorrect': Fauci rebuts Paul in another tense exchange on pandemic origins

What parents need to know about the COVID vaccine for children ages 5-11

Kids ages 5 to 11 can finally get the COVID vaccine. How that could end the U.S. pandemic

50 Thanksgiving Appetizers to Tide You Over 'Til Dinner

'Operations and logistics': Biden administration prepares to vaccinate children

Vaccine confers better protection than natural immunity, CDC finds

Report: Intelligence community divided on whether COVID originated naturally or from lab leak

Delta's surprise U.K. comeback is a warning sign for the U.S.

Florida school board member accuses anti-maskers of 'calculated and contrived' intimidation campaign

CDC recommends masks stay on in schools

Colin Powell's death doesn't contradict efficacy of coronavirus vaccines, experts say

Challenges mount to president's vaccine mandate

Key FDA panel recommends 2nd J&J shot - and opens door to mixing and matching vaccines

FDA panel backs Moderna COVID booster shot for high-risk Americans, clearing the way for a 3rd jab

White House says 'politics' is behind Texas governor's executive order banning vaccine mandates

Poll: Americans aren't as divided on COVID as the media makes it seem

Biden defends use of vaccination requirements to end pandemic: 'We have to beat this thing'

Poll: Nearly a quarter of U.S. parents say COVID has forced their kids to quarantine this school year

60 Easy Halloween Desserts That Are So Good You'll Be Scared

The Secret to Throwing the Most Epic Halloween Party of All Time

Biden administration to buy more rapid tests, but experts say more are needed

45 Kids Halloween Movies That Won't Bore Adults to Tears

Idaho's governor, lieutenant governor have power struggle over COVID policies

45 Epic Group Halloween Costume Ideas That'll Crush Your Office Costume Contest

'The last major wave of infection': Do falling COVID cases signal the end of the U.S. pandemic?

These Mouth-Watering Bites are Perfect for Your Halloween Bash

Get the flu shot and COVID vaccine if eligible: Health officials

Fauci says new pill 'impressive' at keeping COVID patients alive and out of hospitals

Why Puerto Rico is doing so much better against COVID-19 than the rest of the U.S.

What is Biden's vaccination target?

4 reasons ineligible Americans shouldn't sneak a COVID booster - yet

White House touts success in vaccinating African Americans, Latinos

Biden gets Pfizer booster shot

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