NCAA Weekly Plate – 01/28/06

With the college basketball season in full swing, Matt Fargo takes a look at three great games you can’t miss this Saturday.

Wisconsin Badgers at Michigan Wolverines 2:30 pm ET

Wisconsin is the lowest of the Big Ten’s five ranked teams, but the Badgers are alone in first place. With a win, they can knock down one of the five teams following them one game lower in the rankings. Michigan is one of those teams and the Wolverines have been quietly dealing this season with a 14-3 record, including a 4-2 record in conference. Surprisingly, they are not classified.

Wisconsin bounced back in excellent fashion after a loss last Saturday at home to North Dakota St., taking out its frustrations at Penn St. on Wednesday with a 29-point victory. The Badgers improved to 5-1 in the Big Ten, but four of those wins came at home and Wisconsin is just 1-3 on the road this season. The only victory came in a nail bite in Minnesota that the Badgers won with a field goal.

Michigan is coming off a win over rival Michigan St. on Wednesday and has now won three straight games. Both conference losses came on the road in Iowa and Illinois, who are 23-0 combined at home, for a total of 12 points. The Wolverines are 10-1 at home this season with the only loss to UCLA in 17th place. After finishing last season with 12 losses in their last 13 games, Michigan is looking to avoid a similar ending.

Wisconsin has dominated this series by winning four of the last five meetings, including an 11-point victory at Ann Arbor last season. However, the home team has won seven of the last eight meetings and Michigan is poised to continue that trend on Saturday. However, Wisconsin will focus once again, as last Saturday’s loss woke it up and the Badgers want to maintain the lead of the Big Ten.

Old Dominion Monarchs at George Mason Patriots 2:00 pm ET

First place will be up for grabs at Fairfax on Saturday as the two preseason favorites live up to their expectations. Both teams have just one loss in the month of January and both sit atop the Colonial with conference records of 8-2. A game and a half separates the top six teams in the league, so every game at this stage of the season is important and teams that can win on the road will benefit when it comes time for the conference tournament.

Old Dominion overcame a halftime deficit at home against Drexel on Thursday and now must hit the road where the Monarchs are 4-3 on the season. They have won three straight from home, all in a dominant fashion, but this will be CAA’s toughest road test hands down. The road games against Georgia, Wisconsin and UAB have helped in the preparation, but those first two were on a neutral floor.

The Patriots are hot, having won seven of eight games and their last three losses have been by a total of nine points. George Mason lost his second league game of the season last Saturday at NC-Wilmington, but recovered Thursday with a 23-point victory over William & Mary. The Patriots are 7-1 at home this season, losing only to Creighton in November in their first home game.

The first meeting was won by the Monarchs in dramatic fashion when they hit a triple from 25 feet to claim the victory by one point. George Mason kept the Monarchs to just 32.2 percent shooting, but the difference was at the free throw line, as the Patriots only had eight attempts on the night. These teams have traded wins in the last eight meetings, which means the Patriots are next, but it certainly won’t be easy.

Texas Longhorns at Oklahoma Sooners 9:00 pm ET

Surprisingly, these are the only two teams qualified in the Big XII, but Oklahoma is starting to make noise once again. These were the two preseason favorites and while Texas is not far behind yet, the Longhorns are doing everything they can to show they are the team to beat. His five victories in the Big XII have been by an average of 26.4 points per game. The parity is evident as a game and a half separate nine teams between second and 10th place.

Back-to-back blowout losses to Duke and Tennessee have recharged the Longhorns as they have won nine straight games and only one of them is decided by single digits. They are 4-0 perfect on the road, including big wins at Iowa St. and Memphis, and all four wins have been by at least 11 points. On Monday, Texas beat a very good Oklahoma St. team by 34 points and is peaking, but it could be coming too soon.

The Sooners have won three straight games and six of eight, those two three-point losses being combined against Nebraska and Missouri. Missouri’s loss was their only home loss this year, where they are 8-1 on the season and have won 25 of their last 27 home games and 73 of their last 79. The Sooners held at least a seven-point lead. points in all four. losses further proving that they have had bad luck on the road.

Texas had won five straight games until the Sooners swept the season series last year, including a 16-point win at Austin. The Longhorns remember that loss, as it was one of only two losses on their home floor. ESPN College GameDay will be in Norman for this game and is billed as the “WhiteOUt the Lloyd Noble Center” game, so this contest is obviously taking on special meaning for the home team.

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Top 10 Party Rentals List

Party Rental Top 10 – What to rent for your event …

When it comes to deciding which rental items are the perfect solution for your event, take a few minutes to consider what’s popular at other people’s parties. This list is based on actual experience in supplying party rentals to events over a period of nearly 30 years. Check out this list to help you know what you need for your next meeting!

  1. Tables
  2. Chairs
  3. Bounce houses
  4. Carnival games
  5. Sound system
  6. Tents – Canopies
  7. Concession machines
  8. Inflatable slide
  9. Mechanical bulls
  10. Decoration articles

Those are the popular party rental items, but here are some more comprehensive lists of the things we see for rent:

Rental assistance for events and parties

– Tents
– Tables
– Chairs
– Linens
– Temporary heaters
– Temporary lighting
– Temporary floors
– Fencing
– Generators, Energy Services
– Sound systems
– Digital Jukeboxes
– Balloons
– Decor
– Promotional items
– Promotional inflatables
– Inflatable arches
– Dance floors
– Practices

Party entertainment rental

– Game rental
– Inflatable rental
– Video game rental
– Carnival games
– Picnic games
– Arcade games
– Table games
– Interactive games
– Carnival rides
– Water slides
– Dip tanks
– Jump houses
– Inflatable slides
– Hello Strikers
– Mechanical bulls
– Wheels of fortune
– Rotating rides
– Mobile DJs and emcees
– clowns
– Facial painters
– Kids’ games
– Artistic and craft activities
– And more!

Planning a party? Top 10 things to consider:

  1. Do you have a theme?
  2. How many people come?
  3. What will happen at the party?
  4. Where will the party take place?
  5. What types of food options will be provided (by whom)?
  6. What kind of budget do you have?
  7. How long is the party or event?
  8. Is there enough parking?
  9. Are there enough bathrooms?
  10. And the entertainment?

Party rental companies come in all shapes and sizes; Here are some ways to ensure that you are choosing a quality provider:

  1. Call a supplier and talk to him about your event, a reputable supplier will be able to provide you with a quote over the phone or in many cases for larger rental requests by email, fax or in some type of typed format.
  2. Verify that your provider is licensed to do business. Ask if they are and check with your state’s corporate division to determine if the supplier is in fact a legitimate business. There are many people who simply offer party rentals part-time or as a second income; If your event is important to you, you’ll want to make sure you hire a professional, full-time, event, or party rental company.
  3. Ask to see a certificate of insurance from the company. Many of the smaller part-time businesses and some of the larger rental companies out there are uninsured. You should verify that you are doing business with a legitimate supplier, that they have insurance to protect you, them and your guests from any unplanned accidents or incidents.
  4. Get an invoice + service contract. Sign, date and return the contract to the company. Without a signed agreement, you likely won’t have a contract. Be sure to read your invoice and agreement carefully; If you don’t check to verify that all of the items you have in your party rental order are on the invoice, don’t be surprised when something doesn’t make it to your event …
  5. Check the event date, time, contact and location information on the agreement / invoice. Any information like this can cause big problems if it’s wrong. On the day of the event, you want to get the correct information on the invoice as that is what the party rental company will use to get to your location. A wrong address combined with a wrong phone number can create a nightmare …

No matter what you rent for your party, it is important to follow the list above.

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Play the bass by ear

I started playing music from a very young age. It just so happened that I grew up where steel pan music was played, or if you were taking a little walk from my house, you most likely walked into the steel band room or the steel band shed as they called it .

What I remembered is that I used to take the galvanized lid from our trash tray, hold it between my legs like it was a steel pan, and play with a stick, bang on the trash lid and whatever I heard coming out. From there at that time there were some interesting melodies, I felt some kind of connection with the music at that time although I could not interpret the experience. I don’t think others could have heard what I was hearing, but what I heard sounded so good that it made me aware that something bigger than myself was happening inside of me. Looking back now makes me believe that it was my inspiration and a foretaste of what I would be doing in life.

Sometimes the band members would call me into the band room to play a song with them, they thought I had a good ear for music and picked up music very quickly, and I loved it. I also remember playing with a friend who played acoustic guitar, and I with another acoustic guitar, but with only four strings. I think I was training then and didn’t know it.

Even in elementary school I had the privilege of playing in the school’s steel pan orchestra.

My hearing improved at that point. All this time I lived in Trinidad. Then we moved to live in Tobago, which is Trinidad’s sister island. There my cousin and my uncle took me to a combo, a band that had just started, and my uncle and my cousin told the captain of the band that I was interested in playing bass, which I never remembered telling them, however. , the captain was willing to give me a try.

There were other bassists in that band at the time, although we were all learning, but with a bass that had all the notes written and glued to the fretboard, like they knew it was coming, so I did it myself. duty to seize this opportunity. Well, that interested me a lot.

What happened next was an experience I will never forget. After classes at school, I would rush to the band room to practice by myself just to learn about that bass, and after about three weeks or so I removed the paper that had the name of the notes attached to it. to the fretboard. I think my desire and dedication it made me become the most used bassist in that band, more used than the other two bassists.

When I really started playing; My initiation, or rather to learn songs with the band, the leader of the band who was the organist, asked me to hang the bass around my neck, and while they played the songs he shouted the notes that he saw stuck. the tuning fork, and played them, and although I didn’t have the correct fingering like all bassists should, (this should be corrected when starting to practice playing bass by ear – you can find help on some social media sites), I was able to see, hear and play the notes.

I got better with time and experience, and with the opportunity to play with other bands that I think liked my style of playing. Being on the island of Tobago, musicians from Trinidad came, they would have found out about my way of playing, and they asked me to play with them, which I did. I learned a lot from them. During all this time, playing with these groups, I had never read a note from a sheet music or a bass tablature; I really didn’t know about that at the time. I played many styles of music just by listening and transferred what I heard to bass.

I remember a popular nightclub where I was a member of the resident band. There were situations where I had to play songs that I only listened to for about a minute and then I had to accompany the singers and I had to play the full songs only a few minutes later. In fact, they only came to us to give us a taste of what to expect. I also loved that experience, I think it helped train my hearing.

The bottom line is that playing music by ear has its challenges, but it’s not impossible to be a good bassist who plays by ear. My only advice is that, although you like to play by ear, learning to read sheet music notes and bass tablatures, it will help you to know the values ​​of the notes, learn scales, arpeggios, etc. play all kinds of music so you can be a complete gamer; not just restricted to one style of music.

I just thought it should encourage beginners who want to play bass by ear.

Have fun!

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How to troubleshoot the Wii Remote

Do you have a problem with your Wii remote? Below is a guide on how to troubleshoot the most common Wii remote control problems.

Tilt issues:

1. Verify the functionality of the motion sensors by holding the remote control with the button side down. Now tap the side of the remote control button against the palm of your opposite hand, but remember to try not to use too much force when doing this. You can damage your remote control if you do this too hard. Doing this doesn’t require a lot of force, so you don’t need to tap hard to see results.

2. If the above solution does not work, during the game, you can try to place the remote control in a neutral position on a flat surface.

The remote control batteries drain quickly:

1. A new set of alkaline batteries should last up to 30 hours. Duration can depend on many factors, such as battery quality, battery age, type of game being played, remote speaker volume, and even noise.

2. If you are using rechargeable batteries instead, it is important to know that nickel metal hydride batteries are the only recommended batteries to use with your remote control. You must follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safety and proper use. Failure to do so may void your warranty.

3. To save battery life, you can put your Wii in burn reduction mode. In burn reduction mode, the remote will go into sleep mode if the wii is turned off or after 5 minutes of inactivity. In most cases, this is the best solution to conserve battery life.

The remote control does not rumble

1. Verify that the remote controls power is not low by going to the HOME menu

2. Verify that the vibrate feature is ON in the Wii remote’s settings.

3. The remote control should vibrate slightly if you go to the Wii menu and point to the Wii button located in the lower left corner of the screen. You can do this to verify that the vibration function is working. If not, your remote may need repair.

Buttons are not responding:

You may want to check the game manual to see if the non-responsive buttons are actually used in the game, as some games do not use all of the Wii buttons or features.

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Should you buy a new or used exercise rebounder?

As a bouncing enthusiastic, I continually search the current market for great deals on exercise rebounders also known as mini-trampolines, as well as updates on the latest enhancements to these products as the technology used in them improves.

In my research, I find some questionable previous property exercise rebounders being offered for sale online. Some of the information that is presented to unsuspecting potential customers is not correct.

One thing everyone should know is the duration and conditions of the warranty. Warranties are only valid for new exercise rebounders, regardless of the brand you purchase. The manufacturer will not honor your warranty (lifetime or a 5-year warranty, for example) on your unit if you are not the original owner. Consequently, if you see someone who indicates that there is a warranty that covers their purchase of a used product, then the seller is unaware of the terms of the warranty or is trusting that you are unaware of that fact and is using it to sell. point.

If you are not the original owner, you will be responsible for the full cost of any future repairs to the unit. This is important. Sadly, that $ 100 you originally saved by buying used instead of new will be completely gone when you need to replace the springs on your exercise rebounder the first time. In case you haven’t noticed, this will be an annual expense if you purchased a spring-loaded or soft-rebound unit such as the Bellicon gold Needak and you bounce on it often, if not every day.

Recently, I came across an eBay listing for a used Cellercise Half-Foldr® with balance beam for a price well below the cost of a new one. The image of the article looked good; in fact, it looked too good. I realized this was an image found on the manufacturer’s website of a new Tri-Fold Cellerciser® with its balance beam already in place for display purposes. It was not a picture of the used item being sold on eBay at all. I thoroughly contacted eBay customer service by phone with the auction three days away and explained this situation to the representative on the call. He indicated that he saw the photograph of the new Tri-Fold on the Cellerciser® website and told me that he would file a report with eBay’s Trust & Safety Department to have the image removed. Did eBay ever delete the photo? No, they didn’t and an unsuspecting eBay member bought a used rebounder with the image of a new one that wasn’t even the model of what was being sold. By the way, the list didn’t even state the year the product was made, so this used Cellerciser® could possibly have been 10 years old.

With this in mind, here are some tips to help avoid problems with used exercise bouncers:

1. Consider buying only when you can first try the product in person.

2. Find out the year (and month if possible) when you first purchased the unit.

3. Determine from the original owner how often the product was used (daily, weekly, rarely, or rarely). If the unit was used frequently, the springs may need to be replaced in the not too distant future, depending on the brand you are thinking of buying.

4. Ask the seller when he took the photograph of the merchandise being sold.

5. If you are considering buying a used exercise rebounder online from a site like eBay or Amazon, find out in advance how much it will cost to return the unit to the seller if the product is not everything you thought it would be. be. Even if the seller misrepresented the item, you will only be covered by the buyer protection policies of these sites for the original price and shipping cost that you incurred upon receiving the product. You, the buyer, will be responsible for the cost of shipping the product back to the seller and that can cost you between $ 40 and $ 100 using UPS Ground or USPS Select Parcel.

6. When shopping online, buy a new unit instead of a used one whenever possible. If your finances are tight, consider using programs like PayPal’s financing program called Bill Me Later® to spread payments for a new exercise rebounder over a six-month period.

Bouncing is a great exercise with a huge number of health and fitness benefits available for you to experience. Making a sensible purchase and avoiding the pitfalls when considering a new or used exercise rebounder will allow you to enjoy rebounding even more.

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Decorate your kitchen with a retro 1940s theme

Today’s kitchen décor comes in all colors, sizes, and eras. A fun way to decorate your kitchen is with a little ’40s nostalgia. Painted cabinets, glass knobs and vintage bedding combined with new appliances that have a retro look can give you a unique and functional kitchen.

You can get a great ’40s look without spending a bundle and still be able to fill your kitchen with some nice collectibles. Here are some ideas on how to get a 1940s look in your kitchen.


Some popular colors from this era include jadeite and a red and white theme. You can find many vintage accents to fill your kitchen with any of these color schemes. Why not start a jadeite collection that you can display in open cabinets and use for tableware. You can liven up the place with vintage wooden handle contraptions that are painted in jadite and cream. If you go for the red and white theme, there are plenty of red vintage kitchen utensils and vintage bedding can really liven up the place. Another advantage of the red and white theme is that you can also add a fruit theme on top, like apples or strawberries.

I would leave the walls a neutral color: white or off-white so that it does not detract from all of them.

your great accessories. A linoleum floor in a checkerboard pattern would be perfect.

Some color coordinated rugs can add a little color to the floor and tie it all together.

Turning on

Simple lighting is the best. You can buy antique ceiling lamps and wall sconces if you want a

really authentic look. Of course, you want to make sure you have enough tasks.

lighting, so some modern lights will have to be worked on. I suggest you make them as subtle as possible so they don’t look out of place.

Window treatments

Use vintage curtains for your windows. You can buy them with complementary colors and cool patterns.

If you can’t find curtains, make some from old kitchen towels or tablecloths, you can buy tablecloths that have stains in 1 area at a fairly cheap price and then use the good area for curtains. If you go for a 1940s red and white kitchen décor theme, you may want to choose cherries or apples as a sub-theme and look for curtains with those fruits in the motif.


The glass knobs will really liven up your furniture and cabinets and add an authentic vintage look. If you’ve painted cabinets white or cream, try the green glass knobs. Your table and chairs should be a chrome vintage style dining room (you can buy these new and you can still get old ones too), or a vintage style wooden table with an enamel top. If you can’t find any of these, you can buy any type of table and hide it with a vintage tablecloth.


1940s-style kitchen accessories can be found in antique malls, and you can also buy new ones.

Soften the room by hanging antique tablecloths and tea towels. Chrome appliances go well with this look, as do the retro-style appliances you can buy new these days. And don’t forget the vintage

bread box and jars – all kitchens had them on the counter and you can choose from chrome

or nail polish in cream and green, or red and white to complete your look.

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How much are my autographs worth?

How much is my autograph worth? Do you buy autographs?

How much are my autographs worth? This is a question that we are asked on a daily basis, and it is not easy to answer, as it can depend so much on many different things.

• Whose signature is it?

• How rare is that signature?

• How good is the signature?

• What is the demand for that firm?

• What is it signed on?

• Are you dedicated?

• In what condition is it?

Let’s take a look at each of these separately starting with who’s signature.

Some people are well known and may have been great signers in their day, they may well have been household names, but what did they achieve and were known throughout the world? Many of the names we see in the old autograph books were certainly well known in their day, and they may well have been household names, but were they known all over the world? Max Bygraves and Tommy Trinder were undoubtedly household names here in the UK, but virtually unknown elsewhere, appearing mostly on television and radio, greatly diminishing their value, the current value being only a few pounds sterling.

Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne, on the other hand, were also household names, but they were known all over the world and made movies that are still shown today and are worth so much more as a consequence.

On the other hand, names like Jonas Salk and Nikola Tesla are not well known at all, but because they contributed to the world in a different way, they can be worth hundreds of pounds. If you don’t know either of these two names, then maybe you should check out Larry Page and Sergey Brin, as they surely do!

Which brings us to the value of rarity.. Max and Tommy were great signers, as they often appeared in theater across the country, so their signatures are common. Marilyn and John Wayne were just the opposite, appearing mostly in movies with far fewer public appearances. This makes their signatures much rarer, and due to their worldwide success and their films still shown today, their values ​​are much higher.

How good is the signature? Some people have more than one signature, others have a signature that never varies at all. Many stars today will often scribble anything just to satisfy the demand, while others will take a little time to create something memorable by adding their autograph to their book or photo. The better the signature, the more it will be worth, and this is worth remembering when collecting in person and sometimes it may be worth asking the signer to add something, their world record time or the title of their favorite movie etc.

What is the signed autograph? For obvious reasons, a quality large format photograph taken by a famous photographer and signed by the star will cost much more than a quick signature scrawled on the back of a pack of cigarettes. But at the same time, the fact that a signature is on something unusual can make it rarer, but not always more valuable, which reminds me of a Tommy Cooper * sketch that says something like this … “I went up to the attic the other day and I found a Stradivarius and a Rembrandt. Unfortunately, Stradivarius was a terrible painter and Rembrandt made lousy violins “So do you really want a Rembrandt signed violin or a Stradivarius signed painting? The fact that he’s on something unusual can make it weird, but that doesn’t always make him more valuable, but swap those signatures and suddenly you’re a very rich man!

What is the demand? The signature may be rare, undivided, and in a pristine photo of the person who signed it, but unless you can find someone who collects autographs from monumental 19th century Freemasons, you won’t get much benefit from it!

Dedication? A dedication is when the item is signed for someone ‘To John, all my love Marilyn’ and in almost all cases this will be worth less than one that is not dedicated. Unless, of course, it’s in a Marilyn Monroe photo!

Condition? Well obviously the better the condition of the item, the more value it has. It is not uncommon to see signatures that have been faded due to the effects of the sun (ultraviolet light, and you can find more on this in my ‘storage guides’) or photographs that have been cropped to fit in a frame (never crop any! Article!).

Also, a man’s definition of perfect is that another man is not worth adding to the collection! However, many sellers will also use the word “rare” to describe the most common autographs and “valuable” to create the illusion that the item is worth much more than it actually is.

* For those of you outside the UKTommy Cooper was a well-known theater and television comedy magician. He was the kind of performer who just had to go on stage to laugh, and you really have to see his comedy to understand it, since just reading that line about the Stradivarius and the Rembrandt isn’t that much fun on its own, but put it in the hands of a natural and funny talent like Tommy and his comedy gold. You can find a lot about Tommy on the web, or just ask any Englishman over 45 to make a Tommy impression and it will instantly bring a smile to your face as Tommy was exceptional and could do just about anyone. laugh without even telling a joke.

Sadly, Tommy died onstage live on primetime television in 1984.

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Top 7 Photography Apps for Your Smartphones and Tablets

Advanced mobile technology has allowed us to get the most out of our smartphones and tablets. In addition to sending SMS, making calls and browsing, smartphones can now be used as substitutes for digital cameras. Many people who own tablets also use their devices to take photos. Although these devices cannot really compare to high-end DSLRs and DSLRs in terms of photographic quality, there are applications that allow users to create more images than normal ones.

Here are seven apps that smartphone and tablet users can use to enhance their photography experience. The applications are divided according to their main function or characteristic.

Editing and filtering applications

The most popular photo applications are those used to edit and / or filter images. These apps give anyone the opportunity to create a photo that they can be proud of.

1. Instagram (Android, iOS)

Probably the most popular photo editing app on the market, Instagram is the favorite of many smartphone and tablet users because it is multi-functional. Besides allowing you to take photos and filter or add effects to them, this app also acts as a social network. You can easily post and share your photos with friends and followers. You can connect your Instagram account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Instagram has filters (both custom and standard) that are the easiest to use. Filters allow you to add special effects to your photos so that they have more depth. You will also find its “selective focus eyedropper” quite useful.

In addition to the smartphone and tablet, Instagram can also be accessed through a computer.

2. Hipstamatic (iOS)

IPhone users take square photos with the Hipstamatic digital photography app. Photos can be edited to look rustic, as if they were taken with an old-fashioned type of camera. This is possible thanks to the filters and effects of the software. The app has three types of flashes, four lenses, and three types of film that you can choose from. Additional effects can be purchased if you are not satisfied with the free ones.

People who like analog photos use Hipstamatic.

3. Snapseed (iOS and Android)

Released as Snapseed Mobile for iPad in 2011, this photo app allows users to edit part or all of the image. It’s easy to use – there’s an auto-correction feature that can work wonders on your photo’s brightness, contrast, color, texture, and other equally important elements of photography. There are also filters and effects that you can choose from.

Snapseed allows you to upload your photos to Google+. However, you will have to shell out a few bucks because it is not free like other photo editing apps.

Replacement or alternative camera apps

If you want an alternative to your standard smartphone camera, you will need to find a good replacement camera app. Here are two of them.

4. Camera + (iOS)

Designed for iPhone and iPad, Camera + is the ultimate replacement camera for iOS users. It offers a variety of functions that will make your photography experience a success. Its most exciting feature is touch exposure and focus, giving you full control over how your photo should turn out. Should it be as dark as night or as light as day? You are free to adjust focus and exposure separately.

Also, you can choose different shooting modes (like burst and point-and-shoot) and then enhance your photos with just a touch of your finger. Like Snapseed, it is not free.

5. Pudding Camera (Android)

The Android camera replacement phone app is Pudding Camera. With nine types of quality cameras and eight films to use, this application allows you to take photos with different effects. You can take motion shots with a retro film or a panoramic shot with an old film.

The Pudding Camera doesn’t have video features, but it’s free, so it’s definitely worth a try.

Other photo apps for your smartphone and tablet

There are a variety of apps that offer features like photo collages and panoramic cameras. Here’s one of each:

6. PhotoGrid (iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8)

PhotoGrid is an application that is used specifically for photos on Instagram. It allows users to create a variety of collages that they can share not only on Instagram, but also on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Picasa, among others.

You can choose from different modes, collage styles, and frames or grids. Rearranging photos in a grid is easy – just shake the phone! Other plugins include stickers, decorative backgrounds, and fonts that you can use to insert text on photos.

7. 360 Panorama (iOS and Android)

Take panoramic photos of your favorite landscapes with the 360 ​​Panorama app. What makes this program great is the fact that it processes photos in real time. This means that you will see how the panoramic shot unfolds as you take the photos. There is no need to wait for each frame to be processed.

Like most of the photo apps on this list, 360 Panorama allows sharing on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can also email your photos to other people.

These are just seven of the best photography apps for smartphones and tablets. They may not make your iOS or Android images look as impressive as SLR photos, but they will definitely make you a fan of photography. Try them now and you will have a more exciting photography experience!

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Tips for buying sports shoes

If you are preparing for your next run, you may want to follow the advice given in this article to shop for your favorite pair of athletic shoes. Whether you’re getting ready to get fit or be a part of a big run, make sure you know what to look for in your running shoes. As soon as you have found the right pair, you will be able to perform much better.

Bow type

First of all, you need to find out your bow type. Here are 3 steps to help you find your bow type:

  • Wet the soles of both feet

  • Place your feet on a sheet of paper.

  • Examine your footprint

By following these three steps, you can find your bow type. It can be flat, medium or tall, for example. Let’s discuss them.


If you have light feet, you will have low or no visible arches. These types of arches leave complete footprints. Typically, this type of arch offers more flexibility and can overpronate.


If you have normal feet, you will have a moderate arch type. This type of arch will show the forefoot and heel joined by a wide band. Most runners with normal feet have a semi-flexible arch.


If a very narrow band connects only the heel and foot, you have a high arch. In general, high arched feet may not absorb shock effectively. Therefore, you may need to opt for athletic shoes that offer additional cushioning.

Types of gait

Your gait represents the way your feet leave or touch the ground while walking or running. If you find your gait type, you can find out the part of your feet that touches the ground. Let’s analyze three types of gait.


As you run, the outside of the heel of your foot hits the ground. At the same time, your feet move inward to absorb the impact.


In this type of gait, the outside of the heel of the foot hits the ground and undergoes excessive inward rotation. As a result, it hinders your foot and ankle’s ability to keep your body stable and absorb shock.


The outer side of your heel hits the ground first; however, it will not drift inward. As a result, your heel keeps rotating outward. The impact then affects a small area on the outside of your foot.

Types of footwear

Once you’ve figured out your gait and arch type, your next step is to figure out the type of shoes you can go for. Depending on the running styles, each type has its own qualities.

Neutral running shoes

You can go for neutral athletic shoes if you have arches and your feet roll out excessively. This type of footwear provides cushioning in the midsole to absorb impacts.

Motion control shoes

If you have a flat or low arch, motion control shoes may work very well for you. Additionally, these shoes feature flatter soles and built-in support. This combo can stabilize your feet by controlling excessive pronation.

Stability shoes

If you have a medium arch, stability shoes are ideal for you, as they have enough cushioning in the midsole and medial support.

So, here are some tips that can help you buy the right pair of athletic shoes.

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How to do aerobics for maximum benefit

How does your weight look these days? When you step on the talking scale in the bathroom, do you ask one of you to get off? Bathroom scales are ruthless in that sense, because they always tell it like it is whether you like it or not. Yes, your weight tends to fluctuate up and down, a few more pounds on this day and a few pounds less on that day, but you never reach that lower figure you want to maintain, do you? You can give your bathroom scale a dirty look all day long, even replace it or throw it out the window, but a better plan would be to start a rigorous health program and good exercise regimen using a new and improved diet plan and a good aerobics. training.

How often do you exercise now? Be honest, this is not a test. This is a very important question that we should all ask ourselves, especially as we age. Fitness is one of the main key components to staying healthy and living well. You don’t want to “live” in a hospital room, do you? Of course, there are some things that are out of our control when it comes to being in a hospital room, but eating healthy and getting enough exercise on a regular basis is one of the things that YOU have control over, and too many people take that control. . too lightly.

In recent years, my wife and I decided to improve our diet. Naturally, we are on the heavier side, but that is not the only aspect to consider. There is no guarantee that skinny or fat people are always healthy. Bad eating habits can affect your body and mind. In addition, we want our children to also adopt healthy eating habits.

Combined with a proper diet, we all began to exercise more. This is something that all human beings should be aware of. Your body can really go downhill in a relatively short period of time if you never use it through exercise. Sitting in a chair at your desk in a cubicle every day doesn’t help much. What we all need are some decent aerobic exercises. These are what make the heart pump and the muscles work. Not only do you burn calories, but your body gets stronger. With regular aerobic exercises, you also increase your overall energy levels. This is crucial for people like me who have an extremely hectic schedule every day. It almost goes without saying that we could all use a little extra energy. The sad truth is that many people do not realize that energy depends on diet and exercise. There is no way around it, these are crucial factors.

Do you need or are you looking for good aerobic exercises? You may want to do some searching on the internet, as the internet has a plethora of diet plans, training programs, and aerobics to choose from. It’s as easy as doing a quick Google search.

But however you do it, I encourage you to seriously consider doing something to be healthier. You can forgo dessert 2-3 times a week, or make it part of your daily routine to go for a walk with your spouse or partner after dinner. It is not a “leisurely” walk, but a brisk pace that will make your heart beat. Aerobic exercise does not necessarily mean wearing special clothing and dedicating 2 hours to rigorous exercise a day. While that would be good for you, most people today simply don’t have that time to spend on it. Which is fine, just make sure you do something and gradually build up that something to receive the maximum benefit from your efforts.

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