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UAE allows defendant and victim to amicably resolve criminal matters

This significant change in the new law is the acceptance of an agreement in criminal cases between the victim and the accused, regardless of whether this agreement has been signed in court, Prosecutor’s Office or even before a Notary Public. Such an agreement could be signed by a victim, their attorney, or even the heirs. This new amendment introduces a very important role of settlement in the handling of criminal matters by the prosecution. We believe, in our professional and practical experience, that the approach to seeking settlement in specific criminal offenses will have a positive impact on both victims and criminals. Agreement can be reached in specific cases even after judgment has been passed.

Settlement in criminal cases

In its article 349, the new law gives the Prosecutor’s Office the right to offer both parties in a criminal case a settlement and gives them 15 days for said reconciliation. However, it is important that this right has been granted to a prosecutor to execute at his or her sole discretion and is not required to be executed. If no agreement was reached, the prosecutor has the right to extend the grace period one time. However, if the time limit expires and the victim or their heirs refuse to settle, the prosecutor can refer the case to the criminal court for further criminal charges.

The important question we have to consider here is: “Can the agreement be signed in a criminal case on condition or suspended by a certain date?” or, in other words, “Can the conciliation of a criminal case be subject to the possible conditions for its invalidation or remain inactive for an uncertain period or until a certain date for its recognition?”.

The answer is no. In accordance with article 352 of the amended Law, the resolution of criminal cases will be concluded with immediate effect. It cannot be left pending of subject or date. The law took a very practical and humane approach, allowing the victim to settle a criminal case, reserving the right to present their own civil case later. The law indicates that as long as the resolution of a criminal case does not include a clause “waiving the right to claim civil compensation,” the victim will continue to have this right. From our point of view, this very humane approach simultaneously allows the victim to be compensated and does not give him any possibility of affecting the accused through criminal charges.

If there is more than one victim in the case and some of them accept the settlement while others refuse, Article 353 of the amended law advises that the criminal reconciliation of the settlement will not be partially accepted by multiple victims. Everyone has to agree. The law indicated that in the case of more than one defendant, if the victim decides to withdraw the complaints against (or reconcile with) one of them, said conciliation should be extended to other defendants. A settlement could be reached on the types of cases listed even after the judgment is deemed final. However, if the reconciliation was made at this stage, its impact will only be to suspend the execution of the sentence, but it does not eliminate said sentence from the criminal record of the accused.

Reconciliation process in criminal cases

The reconciliation process was considered in depth in the new amendments to the law. The law specifies what types of cases will be concluded by settlement between the parties. Such cases include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Criminal cases brought against a family member based on the final judgment of the Family Court for non-payment of alimony ordered by the Family Court, as stipulated in Article 330 of the UAE Federal Law No. 3 of 1987 (Penal Code);

2. Physical violence in the event that it results in damage or injury that requires

less than 20 days to heal, as stipulated in article 339 of the Penal Code;

3. The crime occurs when someone recklessly injures the victim and results in permanent injury, as stipulated in article 343 of the Penal Code;

4. Legal threats, provided for in articles 352 to 353 of the Penal Code;

5. Defamation by any means of publicity, in accordance with the provisions of articles 372 to 373 of the Penal Code;

6. Defamation over the telephone or in private according to article 374 of the Penal Code;

7. The violation of privacy through the illegal recording (without consent) of private conversations or listening to those related to the private and family life of people, as well as the crime arises through the publication of such information (even if the information published was true), as stipulated in article 378 of the Penal Code;

8. Violation of confidentiality, and if this crime occurs mainly in practical cases in which one of the employees of a company misused the confidential information entrusted, in order to obtain a personal benefit or obtain a personal benefit , as stipulated in article 379/1 of the Penal Code. . According to the amendments, this offense could be eliminated at any stage by means of a penal arrangement;

9. The crime is derived from the unauthorized access to messages or telephone calls without the consent of an interested person, as stipulated in article 380 of the Penal Code;

10. The crime originates from the use of automobiles, motorcycles or any similar vehicle without the consent of the owner, as stipulated in article 394 of the Penal Code;

11. The crime arises from consuming food and beverages in the restaurant, staying in hotels or renting cars without paying the due bills, as stipulated in article 395 of the Penal Code;

12. The crime is caused by fraud or fraud, as stipulated in article 399 of the Penal Code;

13. Cases of bad checks, as stipulated in article 401-403 of the Penal Code;

14. Cases of breach of trust, as stipulated in article 404 of the Penal Code;

15. The crime arises from taking possession of someone’s lost property, as stipulated in article 405 of the Penal Code;

16. The crime is derived from the theft of mortgaged money, as stipulated in article 406 of the Penal Code;

17. The crime is derived from the fraud of a contractor, as stipulated in article 423 of the Penal Code;

18. The crime is derived from damage to the property of others, as stipulated in article 424 / 1-2 of the Penal Code;

19. The crime originates from damaging or destroying trees, plants or agricultural equipment owned by another person, as stipulated in article 425/1 of the Penal Code;

20. The crime originates from damaging, relocating or removing the measurement walls intended to divide private property, as stipulated in article 428 of the Penal Code;

21. The crime is derived from the slaughter of animals, as stipulated in articles 431 and 433 of the Penal Code;

22. The crime arises from illegal access to a private residential area or by staying in a private residential area without the consent of the owner, or hiding in said area, as stipulated in article 434 of the Penal Code.

Listen to the new moms! 5 amazing tips for your baby’s skin to be healthy and fair

The arrival of the baby is the happiest and most joyous moment in a woman’s life. Suddenly, your entire life revolves around your baby and his well-being. Like many other moms out there, if you, too, are looking for some good tips that can help your baby’s skin look radiant and healthy, then follow the tips below.

5 excellent tips to make your baby’s skin look radiant

Give them a proper oil massage every day.

This is inevitable! Buy a top quality baby oil product and use it to massage your baby’s skin every day. You may have heard the importance of hot oil baby massage from your mother, grandmother, or friends. Massaging your skin with baby oil will not only help strengthen your muscles, it will also provide the necessary hydration and protection to your extremely delicate skin. With daily massage, your baby’s skin will eventually become more radiant and healthy.

Know how to bathe them the right way.

Like us adults, it is important to avoid hot showers for your baby. Your skin is even more sensitive than ours. Higher temperature or colder water can cause your baby’s skin to dry out and darken. Always make sure the water is lukewarm before you start bathing them.

Use a homemade scrub

Well, it is quite easy to make a natural scrub for your baby at home. All you need is raw milk, chickpea flour (also known as ‘Besan’), rose water, baby oil, and turmeric (optional). Make a uniform and thick paste of all these ingredients. Apply the paste all over your body 10-15 minutes before shower time. Let it dry for 5-10 minutes and then gently wipe it off with a damp cloth. This homemade baby scrub will help you reduce unwanted hair on your baby’s skin. And it will also improve the complexion of your skin over time.

Prepare a natural body pack for your bundle of joy

Experts recommend that new moms use a homemade soft body pack for their baby once a week. Use milk, turmeric, sandalwood powder, and saffron to make a paste. Apply the paste on your baby’s skin and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then gently wipe it off with a damp cloth. Applying this body pack every week will nourish your child’s super smooth skin and bring out the light tone.

Never skip the moisturizer

No baby skin routine is complete without applying a moisturizer. Invest in the best quality baby moisturizing product to prevent any kind of adverse effect on your baby’s super soft and sensitive skin. Repeat moisturizer every 4 hours to keep dryness at bay. Well-hydrated skin will also help retain your baby’s skin tone.

Besides these, avoid using soap on your baby’s skin; instead, you can use one of those gentle baby bath lotions. If you put your baby out in the sun for a good amount of time, use a good baby sunscreen product to prevent her skin from being damaged and darkened by the sun. Finally, never forget the importance of the elixir of life: water; make sure your little one never gets dehydrated.

Pokemon go

Pokemon Go is not new news. It has become one of the highest rated and most popular games in the world. What is really this madness and longing for Pokémon Go?

The popular Pokémon created by Nintendo that rose to fame in the late 90s, has revived the game world with its latest version of GO and is taking the world by storm.

The Pokémon Go is apparently one of the series’ biggest entries in mobile games. It can be obtained for free download on Android and iOS. The game’s fame at the moment is comparable to that of daily active Twitter users on Android.

Pokémon Go is a game that uses a person’s GPS and phone clock to detect where the player is in the game, and then conjures a Pokémon to “appear” around you on your phone screen. It is your mission to proceed to catch them. The Pokémon series and games take place in a world inhabited by surprisingly powerful monsters. These game monsters can appear as rats, dragons, snakes, birds, eggs, trees, dinosaurs, and even swords.

As you move through the game, various random Pokémon shapes and numbers will appear near your location and your phone’s time tracking. The main objective of the game is to inspire you to travel through the real world to catch a Pokémon while you are inside the game scene. By using your phone’s ability to track time and your location, Pokemon Go reflects what it would be like if monsters were actually wandering around. Monsters must be captured and collected.

The main entrance to the Pokémon games started with 151 creatures. However, the catalog has since evolved to over 720. With Pokémon Go, only the original 151 creatures are accessible.

Pokémon Go is now fulfilling the fantasies that Pokémon fans around the world have had since the game’s first release. It’s a popular game for adventurous game players, and it’s one of the free trending games currently available. Fans should play now if they haven’t already.

Beyond reaching childhood dreams, Pokémon Go is everyone’s introduction to a new kind of game that connects the real world with a virtual one, also known as Augmented Reality.

Why play this game? Since everyday activities can get boring, you can improve it by spicing them up with the newest trend, Pokémon Go!

Are you ready for the risks of becoming a professional sports photographer?

When NBA player LeBron James cut his head off falling on a photographer during Game 4 of the NBA Finals, it was simply an accident and part of the game. However, no one seemed concerned about the photographer. Even my first thought was “I hope the photographer has a rubber lens cover over his lens.”

You see, it’s an NBA rule that all still photographers must have rubber hoods on their lenses to work on the sidelines. Rubber hoods are a safety measure to prevent players from cutting themselves if they collide with a photographer’s lens.

In James’s case, I don’t think it would have made a difference because it seemed to me that he hit the body of the camera, not the lens.

After James fell on the NBA cameraman, many fans and some professional athletes tweeted that the cameraman should have moved. That’s crazy. Where was he going to go? There were seats behind him costing thousands of dollars with fans, a fixed photographer on his left side and the goal on his right side.

During NBA games, photographers have to sit cross-legged on the floor in a very small space. Network and sand photographers have to sit on a small stool with small wheels. Sitting on the floor in that position for an entire match causes severe leg cramps and paresthesia, the nerves in the foot stop working properly and cause an abnormal sensation.

In the 1990s, the seats of basketball fans weren’t as close to photographers as they are now. On many occasions I was able to roll away to avoid being hit or stepped on. That is not the case today when photographing some NBA, ACC or SEC basketball games.

During a game of the SEC Tournament in Nashville, TN, LSU’s Glenn “Big Baby” Davis fell on me and four other photographers. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. However, that was not the case with my last ACC basketball game in 2013. During the game, a Georgia Tech player’s knee and foot hit me on the head as he tried to jump on me. His other foot caught the side of the camera which somehow led my thin camera strap under the nail of my trigger finger on my right hand. That resulted in pain, a severe sprain, and an infection.

As a photojournalist who has photographed hundreds of professional and college events both nationally and internationally, it is a known risk among sports photographers that, at some point, you could be hit by an athlete, fan, animal, baseball, baseball bat, soccer, etc. softball, mascot, race car, bowling ball, hockey puck, glass, bull feces, bird droppings, boxer’s blood and saliva, beer from a drunk fan, bitten by a huge snake or insect and my All-time favorite vomit of a drunken NASCAR fan.

That doesn’t include getting trampled on by an NBA and NCAA official, avoiding getting beaten up by Philadelphia Eagle fans, being cursed by a losing coach, cursed by players, cursed by a groupie because you won’t give an athlete their number. , cursed by a preacher’s wife because you didn’t photograph her cheerleader daughter, receiving a two-page letter explaining why your photo of a quarterback should have been credited to his son and chasing a Yankees fan who grabbed a of your cameras after the World Cup. Serie.

In case you were wondering, all of those things happen to me except chasing the Yankees fan. That happened to a Sports Illustrated photographer after the 1996 World Series at Yankee Stadium.

As for my stolen gear, I never caught the photographer who stole my Nikon camera and lens during the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway.

In 2006, I was knocked out by a baseball line while photographing the Atlanta Braves vs. the Philadelphia Phillies. It would have killed me if it had been a few inches taller on my neck. Within seconds of being hit, Atlanta Braves coach Jeff Porter was next to me on ice, asking the usual questions he asks players who get hit on the head by a baseball.

So if your goal is to become a major league sports photographer, make sure you not only have excellent knowledge of the photographic arts, but are also in excellent health and with excellent insurance.

So when a 6’8 ” LeBron James lands on you, or a hockey puck comes buzzing at your head, don’t wear your heart on your sleeve. It’s all part of the territory of a sports photographer.

Orange County, California, a true vegetarian delight!

Do you want a good vegetarian meal? Are you having trouble getting someone from your family or friends to join you for a meal? In Orange County, California, you can “have your cake and eat it too”! While I may not be a total vegan (a girl sometimes has to eat a good barbecue rib), I prefer to eat a vegetarian meal most of the time. The problem is that my family and friends think that this type of cuisine is not something they want to share with me! They think of soy-based foods as something meant for me and me alone.

Fortunately, I have found great restaurants in our wonderful Southern California home that go out of their way to cater to all concerned. So carnivores take a seat, you will even find something tasty in these fun places!

Mother’s Market and Cafe-Mother’s have a wonderful vegan menu, but since they are also a full market for organic and healthy foods, the cafeteria also serves fish and chicken dishes. At least it was on the menu that I went to at Laguna Hills, which is one of the smaller units. Mother’s has multiple locations throughout the county.

Rutabegorz-This restaurant has a warm place in my heart. Before it grew to the 3 locations it has today, it only had Fullerton’s. Okay, this was in the 70’s and I was just a young college student, but I liked healthy eating even then! The reason I love Rutabegorz is that the atmosphere is laid back, the baked goods are made on the premises (low fat, low / no sugar and tasty too!), The menu is eclectic and my husband doesn’t mind the tuna dishes and salads. When I went there “a long time ago,” my college dance partners and I could feel good eating the whole wheat bagel with avocado, tomatoes, and tofu. Wish they still had it on the menu! Besides Fullerton, they also have one in Orange and Tustin.

Zinc’s Cafe and Market-Laguna Beach. Great breakfasts. Fabulous baked goods. Salads are wonderful. Some very interesting lunch options. The menu always changes, but the coffee is gourmet and smells wonderful.

Native Foods, the new kid in town, so to speak. Located in Costa Mesa, this is fast becoming a wonderful destination for vegans. Exclusive and semi casual menu, they have some fake meat dishes that from what a couple of diners said, if someone had ordered their meals without telling them what kind of restaurant this is, they would never have guessed they weren’t eating. “the real thing”.

Veggie and Tea House – This is just what it says, mainly a tea house that serves vegetarian dishes. While this place is charming and the food pretty good, in all honesty this is probably the least likely of all the recommended places that could fit in with the meat-eating crowd.

Other suggestions? Most Asian restaurants are pretty vegan / vegetarian! Jade Palace in Aliso Viejo will substitute tofu for any meat in any of their dishes.

So fellow veggie lovers cheer up, we can go out to eat with our fellow carnivores and we can all enjoy ourselves!

3 Major Press Release Distribution Pricing Options

3 Major Press Release

Press Release Distribution Pricing is an essential element to any sales campaign. A Press Release is written to tell the public about your latest achievement in the business world. It is meant to help new customers or existing ones to take a positive view of your company and products. If your company’s positive outlook is out of step with the times, your customers will view you unfavorably. With proper timing and distribution, your Press Release can not only attract new customers but also remind your old customers that you are still there and available for their business.

There are many online services available today to help you publish your Press Releases. Many of these companies charge a flat-rate fee for all press releases they produce or they can provide a custom service to fit your needs and budget. The easiest way to discover which press release distribution pricing service will be best for you is to find a few companies offering the service you are interested in and compare their service plans to find the one that will provide you with the most value for your money. Most business owners have heard of Globenewswire, an online company that provides unique professional services to businesses of all sizes. Here are some of the things that they can do for you:

Start a white label press release distribution business

Globenewswire offers same-day and next-day press releases for any type of industry, including media, technology, real estate, finance, education, personal growth and marketing, healthcare and more. They provide expert content in every field including finance, technology, real estate, education, health care, media, government and personal growth. At just one affordable price, Globenewswire gives you the power to make your news and information known by hundreds of thousands of people.

3 Major Press Release Distribution Pricing Options

Another company that can provide your business with outstanding results at a very affordable price is Newswire. Newswire offers all types of press release distribution services including same-day and next-day distribution. Their mission is to bring you top-quality newswire stories and breaking news stories as fast as possible. They want you to succeed because they have put in a lot of research and development to make sure that what you are reading on their newswire is authentic and true to life. If you want fast, authentic news, you should definitely check out newswire. Newswire prides itself in providing first-rate sources of news.

Media Marketers is a professional web development and management company that prides itself in providing affordable press releases and other services that help you generate traffic to your website at an affordable price. The benefits of working with Media Marketers include: being a one-stop-shop for all media needs; unlimited distribution; unlimited distribution choices; and the ability to manage your own time, rather than having to conform to certain times or schedules. Media Marketers prides itself in making you succeed with their wide variety of services and affordable prices start at just $8.50 per order. They want to make sure that you are satisfied with everything that they provide you with, and if you are not, they will refund your money.

When it comes down to it, the choice is yours. You can choose to get involved in pr distribution or not. The decision is up to you and if you do decide to get involved in the process by distributing press releases, make sure that you do your research first and make sure that you’re going to get your money’s worth and provide you with a quality product that will be an excellent resource for your business. So, if you’re going to distribute press releases, make sure that they are as effective as they can be.

Wedding Anniversary: ​​These Fun Facts Are Not To Be Missed

May those wedding bells never stop! Let love never fade May the closeness never wane. It doesn’t matter if your wedding bells rang years ago or just a year ago, make sure you don’t miss out on being together on your wedding anniversary.

Are they sitting far from each other?

Even if you are sitting in different corners of the world, be sure to make your presence felt in the lives of others through meaningful gifts such as anniversary cake, or flowers or personalized coffee mugs. However, another very interesting step in this regard would be to discover some fun facts about wedding anniversaries. A summary is documented below.

Ready for some fun facts?

Let’s start where we left off. Gifts! Yes. While gifts have become an integral part of modern celebrations, anniversary gifts have a substantial history to draw on. Do you know that the men above used to give silver crowns to their respective wives on their 25th anniversary? It was replaced by a gold crown on its 50th anniversary. One can imagine how the 25th and 50th anniversaries got their alternate names!

In Denmark, the concept of celebrating the 12 1/2 year anniversary is very important. It is alternatively known as a copper wedding. The couple receives half a bow made of fir. They receive the other half once they turn 25. The importance of the bow is not only limited to being a gift. The family usually decorates the arch with light and flowers and keeps them right at the entrance of their home.

The practice of giving strange gifts on wedding anniversaries actually originated in Central Europe. The practice of giving flower wreaths that we’ve already talked about here actually originated in Germany. Those of you who are not really aware of the same, let us tell you that silver symbolizes harmony and was considered an integral part in making other years of married happiness possible.

Silver wedding: something more than “silver”

In particular, although it is silver, which is largely associated with the 25th wedding anniversary, there are two other gemstones that also have such connections. What we must not forget is that the green garnet and the favorite are the lesser known connections that we are talking about here. Also, the rose and the iris are two flowers that are widely associated with the silver wedding anniversary.

Before 1937, only the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 50th, and 75th anniversary had a metal associated with it. It was the American National Retail Jewelry Association that produced the most informative list in 1937. According to the list, every year up to the year 20 was associated with a metal. Then the metals were associated every five years until the year 75. However, the year 65 was excluded.


A Taiwanese couple who celebrated their 86th wedding anniversary together in 2003 are reported to hold the record for being the longest married couple.

10 of the funniest games available online for free that will blow your mind!

If you are ever bored and you love games, then I have some amazing and fun online games to share in this list of 10 of the funniest games you will find online to blow your mind. You will discover some new and exciting online games that you probably had no Idea and that were available online for free. You will also find fantastic games similar to the arcade classics that we all know and love. Many of these great games have gone viral and created a cult of online fans addicted to free games. Before you start, you will need to have the latest version of flash installed on your computer to enjoy these fun online games. If you don’t have flash yet, you can download it for free from adobe.

1. Super Smash Flash Bros: Super smash flash bros is basically a fighting game that allows you to match characters from great games originally released by Nintendo, including Mario, Zelda, and Pokémon. The game does not have the details of the original game released for Nintendo64, but it is still one of the most fun games that you can play for free online.

2. Kamaz delivery: I am sure that if you like to play fun online racing games, you will enjoy participating in this competition known as Russian Bear Driver in the delivery game Kamaz. Your objective in this is to deliver as many loaded boxes as possible to the finish line.

3. Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 3: The latest release in this series of great games inspired by Guitar Hero, another of the great games that appear related to being a rock star. Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 3 will allow you to play a large collection of songs (some of which will need to be unlocked first). This is one of the funniest games that involves both keyboard arrows and numbers. You just need to hit them at the right time, although you don’t need to strum the guitar.

4. Ultimate Sonic: You can’t have a list of the funniest games without including the fastest hedgehog of all time. This is truly the ultimate sonic flash game and it will have you on the edge of your seat. This is a must-have game if you are a fan of hedgehogs!

5. Crash Bandicoot: crash bandicoot is back in the fun and exciting flash remake of the crash bandicoot game originally released by Sega. Crash is one of those great retro games that you don’t get tired of once you get into it.

6. Pac Man: When you talk about some of the funniest and most addictive games, you can’t put aside this fun ghost monster chewing hero named pac man. Run through the maze clearing the board of ghost monsters and pellets.

7 Ray: Ray is one of the funniest games you can find in the adventure category. In this great game you go on a wild adventure and try to rescue a girl for some cash! You make all the decisions in Ray and there are several different endings so it’s like several great games in this game.

8. 3d logic: Certainly among the best easy to play but challenging and fun online games is 3D logic. You just need to connect the colored squares in a 3D cube, without overlapping the connections. There are 30 levels in what has to be one of the funnest logic games of all time.

9. Urban shredder: Okay, most fun games aren’t that destructive, but if you’re in destroy mode, monster truck games are great games to satisfy your appetite for destruction. Get on your monster truck and destroy everything in your way using your giant truck known as Urban Crusher!

10. Sift Heads Act 1: The new Sift Heads game lets you play as Vinnie, Kiro, or Shorty in one of the latest installments in this great game series. Sift heads is one of the most popular shooting game series of all time. In this fun online game you can use more than 14 weapons, explore 2 huge cities, complete 10 main missions, 10 side missions, customize your character and much more!

So there you have it some of the funniest games available to play online for free. This was my personal top 10 and I think it’s the ultimate guide to the funniest games available online.

Executive coaching: teams and "Common information effect"

So, you are in a team meeting and you have a lot on your plate. What should you do? Many people set an agenda so that people can share information and present their point of view. Unfortunately, this is a very troublesome assumption.

Research has shown that there are a number of problems with pre-polls (which is what you are doing by creating a meeting without a clear issue agenda). Whoever speaks first has the “advantage” and whoever speaks somewhere in the middle of the meeting will be at a significant disadvantage when it comes to memory principles. The primacy and topicality effect dictates that this information will be the most discussed simply because we remember it best.

In addition, the information that different people tend to have tends to be discussed more frequently. Contrary to popular belief, Teams tend to share information based on what they have in common.. The bias towards the communication of information that they already share is quite large. The irony is that a team is formed because of the diversity and breadth of the information it has, so as not to fall into the trap of discussing what it already knows. But common sense does not confirm the investigation. Teams that don’t have the right communication strategies will fall for something known as the common knowledge problem: You will discuss things that everyone tends to have in common, and you will tend to ignore or overlook important information that needs to be discussed that is unique to you. team member.

Generally, you can deal with this if you know the processes that help overcome such biases.

  • Registration information. You will need someone who is a good information tracker to keep the information discussed as topics that had been discussed.
  • Time information exchange. It will be important to keep track of the information that is shared and to label the amount of time
  • Use visual information. Research shows that information shared visually tends to help teams build their mental models of problems more effectively (Rentsch, Delise, Salas and Letsky, 2010).
  • Redirect to unique information as part of the whole. You don’t want to fall into the trap of discussing only unique information. You still want such information to get enough airtime and connect it with available knowledge.
  • Make sure your team is designed to separate creative brainstorming and achieving convergent results. For one thing, people work best when they brainstorm. On the other hand, teams perform much better than individuals when it comes to making decisions. Remember to keep these two functions separate in the overall workflow.

Ironically, just knowing this information doesn’t help teams. It requires an integrated approach to designing a team, working with the different people on the team, and at the same time creating opportunities for team learning amidst the unique team culture that exists within the organization. There is definitely no one-size-fits-all solution, but there is evidence to show that decent training can involve teams in their own design and setup so that they are performance-oriented.

Top 9 Test Kits for Home Security

You can recognize visible hazards in the home such as sharp edges, fire, and damaged cables without using any test kits. However, you will not be able to recognize invisible hazards such as carbon monoxide gas, radon gas, and lead without using the test kit.

You need test kits to detect the presence of invisible hazards.

In this article, I will show you the nine best home security test kits that you can use to detect invisible home security hazards.

Nine Test Kits for Home Safety

Radon gas

Radon gas is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas that can cause lung cancer. As estimated by the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), radon is responsible for 20,000 lung cancer deaths in the US each year. This gas can be found in common materials such as leather, paper, most paints, and building materials.


Mold grows through tiny spores. Tiny spores spread through the air and cannot be seen by naked eyes. Mold can produce irritants, allergens, and in some cases toxic substances.

Carbon monoxide gas

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless poisonous gas. When you breathe carbon monoxide gas, it will replace the oxygen in your blood and harm your safety. The Carbon Monoxide Test Kit will warn you when it detects carbon monoxide gas in the air.


Lead can be found in air, water, soil, and common products like paint, pipes, ceramics, and batteries. It is toxic and can cause health problems such as slow growth, hearing problems, hyperactivity, and premature labor.


Escherichia coli and salmonella are the two most common bacteria-causing diseases in humans. They grow on the kitchen sink, toothbrush, TV remote control, dirty laundry, bathroom, knobs, handles, garbage can, and pet food bowl.


The US EPA sets a standard for tap water quality. However, tap water contamination can still occur due to various reasons, such as the release of sewage and malfunction of septic systems. You can use the water test kit to measure the quality of your tap water.


Formaldehyde is classified as a human carcinogen. This dangerous chemical can be found in cigarette products, plywood products, glues, adhesives, and coatings on paper products.

Air quality

A poor ventilation system, the use of dangerous chemicals, an airtight building, or an air conditioning problem can all cause indoor air pollution. The Air Quality Test Kit helps you monitor the air quality in your home.


According to, the allergen is a substance that causes an allergic reaction. Some common examples of allergens are pollen, cat dander, and dust mites.