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Effortlessly edit content, customize with sleek templates, and seamlessly showcase your brand using Instabio Theme Editor. Boost your online presence today!

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Integrate TikTok Shop, enhance payments, add contact info, boost leads with chat, and grow YouTube subscribers. Elevate your success now!

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Harness data-driven insights to captivate and retain your audience. With real-time tracking, you'll make informed updates and enjoy unrivaled engagement.

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    What is Instabio?

    Instabio is a linking tool that lets you show everything you're sharing in one place. You can add the Instabio link to your social media bios and your fans can visit your link page to learn everything about you. An all-in-one link marketing solution to get more fans, increase streams, and grow your sales.

    Why should I use Instabio?

    Instabio fits perfectly across all industries. Sellers can promote products, website to get more leads and sales; Musicians can share music, events, tickets to reach more listeners; Creators can share their latest work and set up a "Support me" feature to get your fans to support your work. It helps you get more viewers, subscribers, followers and engagement on all your social platforms.

    Can I add multiple links to my Instabio?

    2 link pages for free users and 10 link pages for Pro users. Premium users have unlimited link pages. There is no limit to the content of each link page and an unlimited number of links can be added.
    We recommend having 3-7 links on your link page at a time. This makes it easy for your followers to find all of your content, products, and services. Including too many options may slow them down.

    Where can I use my Instabio link to drive more traffic?

    Add the Instabio link to your profile or bio section on any social platform or at the top of your other social media pages to make it easy for all of your followers to see and engage with your most important content. If you send out an email list, you can include your Instabio link so your subscribers can find more of your content. You can even use QR codes to drive more traffic offline.

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