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      What are the best winter day trips in Iceland?

      Did you find an irresistible airfare offer to travel to Tierra del Fuego y el Hielo in winter? Perhaps a vacation to Iceland had been in your plans for a long time. However, never in your wildest imagination did it occur to you to visit this spectacular landscape in winter. Do not transport. You will be pleasantly surprised that visiting […]

      Flower pickup lines that work (or don’t)

      Have you ever wondered why you still spend night after night with pizza and whatever is on TV? You think life can’t be better than that. True enough. But have you ever thought what the night could have been like if you are with someone special, who cooks a sumptuous dinner and watches these movies with you? And now you […]

      The basics of the franchise

      The franchise is a method of disseminating products or services. The franchise consists of a franchisor who provides the use of a trademark or trade name and a business system and a franchisee who pays a franchise fee to become part of the franchise business, as well as a royalty on a regular basis. For any franchisor to be successful, […]

      Classic Car History – 1963-67 Corvette Sting Ray

      1963-67 Corvette Sting Ray Specifications Engine: OHV 90 degree V-8, 327 cid, 396 cid, 427 cid Construction: Cast iron block and heads, single cam, pushrods Compression ratio: 11: 1 Induction: Rochester fuel injection or one or two four-barrel Carter carbs Maximum power: 250-375 bhp (327 cid) 390-435 (427 cid) Top speed: 152 mph 0-60 mph: 5.4 seconds, 427 cid Transmission: […]

      Why content marketing and SEO go hand in hand

      Content marketing and SEO are two frequently used terms and widely discussed topics in digital marketing. What escapes the most is how they work together and the importance of it. First, let’s take a look at both separately. SEO: stands for search engine optimization. It involves a number of approaches taken to improve search visibility, ranking, and also the traffic […]

      Best Self Defense Weapons for Unarmed Security Guards

      Unarmed security guards often find themselves in potentially dangerous or violent situations with someone who is armed and / or dangerous. Because their resources are limited in terms of weaponry, they may have to turn to regular and unpretentious items that are part of everyday life to help gain some influence and protect themselves. Here are some of the best […]