Confronting Disinformation Spreaders on Twitter Only Makes It Worse, MIT Scientists Say

'Black Fungus' Complication Adds To India's COVID Woes

Language Models Like GPT-3 Could Herald a New Type of Search Engine

Top Researchers Are Calling For a Real Investigation Into the Origin of Covid-19

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Gaming's Biggest Space Opera Returns

Darkside Ransomware Gang Says It Lost Control of Its Servers, Money a Day After Biden Threat

Facebook Loses Challenge To Irish Watchdog's Data Curbs

China is About To Try a High-Stakes Landing on Mars

US Senators Close To Announcing a $52 Billion Chips Funding Deal

Apple Confronts Critics in Letter To Congress

FBI Has Gained Access To Sci-Hub Founder's Apple Account, Email Claims

'Significant' Ransomware Attack Forces Ireland's Health Service To Shut Down IT Systems

Big Tech Enters Fray To Save Jobs for Spouses of Foreign Workers

Exxon Uses Big Tobacco's Playbook To Downplay the Climate Crisis, Says Study

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