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Biden and Putin Express Desire for Better Relations at Summit Shaped by Disputes

After their first summit meeting, the two leaders described each other with respect but resolved none of the disagreements that have sent U.S.-Russian ties to their lowest level since the Cold War.

In Pictures: President Biden's Trip to Europe

The president is in Cornwall, England, to meet with other leaders of wealthy democracies.

N.Y.C. Mayor Debate: Candidates Split On Gun Violence and Homelessness

With just six days to go before the Democratic primary, the race remains unpredictable. Follow along with us for live analysis.

How to watch New York's final Democratic mayoral debate.

All eight leading candidates will participate in the debate, which takes place Thursday night from 7 to 8 p.m.

How Emergent BioSolutions Earned Profits But Delivered Disappointing Vaccine Returns

Emergent BioSolutions was awarded a $628 million federal contract with no competitive bidding. Top executives received big bonuses while factories mostly sat idle and tens of millions of Covid-19 doses were thrown away.

N.Y.C. to Move 8,000 Homeless People From Hotels

With restrictions being lifted and an economic recovery on the line, the city is raring to fill hotels with tourists. Here's the latest on Covid-19.

CureVac's Covid-19 Vaccine Disappoints in Clinical Trial

A preliminary analysis showed that CureVac's mRNA vaccine had an efficacy of just 47 percent. "This is pretty devastating for them," one expert said.

Justice Dept. Ends Policy Limiting Asylum for Gang Violence and Domestic Abuse Survivors

The move is one of the Justice Department's most significant reversals of a Trump-era policy.

Manchin Presents Wish List for Voting Rights Bill

Senator Joe Manchin put forth provisions he'd support, including measures that would undo recent voting restrictions. Here's the latest from Washington.

Federal Reserve Expects to Raise Interest Rates in 2023

The Federal Reserve left rates near zero, but it said it would tiptoe closer to reducing its mass bond purchases, among other optimistic tweaks.

Title IX Protections Extend to Transgender Students, Education Dept. Says

The department said that discrimination against transgender students was prohibited under the law, a reversal of its Trump-era position.

Justice Dept. Ends Criminal Inquiry and Lawsuit on John Bolton's Book

President Donald J. Trump had pressured the department to use its legal powers to stop his former national security adviser from publishing embarrassing details about him.

F.E.C. Dismisses Case Against Democrats Over Outreach to Ukraine

The Federal Election Commission voted 4 to 2 not to pursue accusations that Democrats in 2016 sought help from Ukraine to damage Donald J. Trump's campaign.

Biden's Approval Takes a Hit, Driven by Sagging Hopes Among Democrats

The standstill in Washington has left many Democrats feeling impatient, a new poll suggests.

U.S.-Russia, Interest Rates, Kevin Durant: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing

Here's what you need to know at the end of the day.

The Freeing of the American Mind

Louis Menand discusses how art, culture and ideas from the Cold War period have shaped America.

Day X

How a military officer and a faked refugee identity were part of an alleged far-right plot to bring down the German government.



The Biden-Putin Meeting: 'This Is Not About Trust'

Bret Stephens, Emma Ashford and Stephen Sestanovich discuss and debate the first meeting of Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.

Why Remote Learning Is a Failure

Remote learning needs to end with the pandemic.

Corporate America Forgives the Sedition Caucus

Donations flow to lawmakers who tried to overturn the election.

The N.Y.C. Mayoral Race Is a One-Party Affair

The Republican Party isn't a factor in politics here. That's a problem.

Vladimir Putin Has Nothing to Fear From Joe Biden

Russia's president has nothing to fear from Joe Biden.

Trumpism Without Borders

The forces that brought the former president to power are exerting pressure all over the world. 

Why Life Without Parole Isn't Making Us Any Safer

Excessive prison sentences waste taxpayers' money and harm families.

Should It Be This Hard to Sue the Police and Win?

Qualified immunity can protect officers from liability; it can also mean they don't pay for heinous crimes.

How to Have a Roaring 2020s (Without Wild Inflation)

Manage the boom, don't fight it.

Child Marriage in North Carolina Must End

Pregnancy and parenting do not justify making a child a bride. 

The Best Anyone Can Hope For With Iran Is Pretty Bad

Perfect isn't on the menu, and Iran's Islamic regime is not going to change.

Israelis Wonder When or Whether Netanyahu Will Exit Official Residence

Even after the new government took over on Sunday, the outgoing prime minister vowed to be back in office soon and hosted at least one former dignitary as if he were still running the show.

China to Launch Astronauts to Space Station: Live Updates and Stream

Three Chinese astronauts, the first since 2016, are set to launch into space. They will begin what is expected to be a continuous Chinese presence in Earth's orbit for the next decade.

Lina Khan Was One of Big Tech's Biggest Critics. Now She's Its Regulator.

Lina Khan is the most progressive chair of the Federal Trade Commission in at least a generation.

Two Team Photos, One Difference: The Cheerleader With Down Syndrome

A junior high cheerleading team took nearly identical photos with and without Morgyn Arnold. The school called the publication of the photo without her a mistake that is under investigation.

Driver Who Plowed Into Protesters in Minneapolis Is Charged With Murder

Nicholas Kraus of St. Paul, Minn., was drunk at the time of the crash, the authorities said. Deona Marie Erickson, 31, a social justice advocate, was killed in the episode.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Sparks Controversy in Online Essay

The novelist's remarks went viral after she criticized former students as well as "social-media-savvy people who are choking on sanctimony and lacking in compassion."

Congress Backs National Memorial Designation for Former Pulse Nightclub Site

Congress has adopted legislation to formally designate the site of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Fla., as a memorial to the 49 people who were killed there on June 12, 2016.

Man, 20, Is Found Guilty in Colorado School Shooting

Devon Erickson was one of two students who planned and carried out an attack at the STEM School Highlands Ranch in which one student was killed and eight others were injured on May 7, 2019.

In Leaked Messages, Boris Johnson Called His Health Secretary 'Hopeless'

A trove of material released by the British prime minister's former chief aide, Dominic Cummings, shows a government in chaos as the pandemic exploded last year.

New Yorker Union Reaches Deal With Condé Nast After Threatening to Strike

Condé Nast, the venerable magazine's parent company, agreed to a minimum salary of $60,000 by April 2023, the union said. The deal also covers workers at Ars Technica and Pitchfork.

U.S. Ends Trump Policy Limiting Asylum for Gang and Domestic Violence Survivors

The decision will affect tens of thousands of cases moving through backlogged immigration courts.

What Is Your Favorite TV Comedy?

This week the television critics of The New York Times shared their picks for the best American comedies of the 21st century. Did your favorites make the list?

House Passes Bill to Make Juneteenth a Federal Holiday

The measure would designate June 19 as a federal holiday to commemorate the end of slavery. More than a dozen Republicans voted against it.

Scientists Report Earliest Known Coronavirus Cases in Five US States

Blood drawn from nine people in the earliest days of the pandemic tested positive for the infection. But some experts questioned the results.

Study Finds Many Post-Covid Patients Are Experiencing New Medical Problems

An analysis of health insurance records of almost two million coronavirus patients found new issues in nearly a quarter - including those whose Covid infection was mild or asymptomatic.

Victoria's Secret Swaps Angels for 'What Women Want.' Will They Buy It?

The embattled lingerie giant is attempting the most extreme brand turnaround in recent memory: an effort to redefine not just itself but also the very idea of what "sexy" is.

Why More American Women are Delaying Motherhood in their 20s

The birthrate is falling for American women in their 20s, especially in places where the local economy is booming.

Trump Pressed Rosen to Wield Justice Dept. to Back 2020 Election Claims

The former president began pressuring his incoming acting attorney general even before announcing that his predecessor was stepping down, emails show.

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