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Gary, Indiana hit with ransomware attack on city's government computers

The city of Gary, Indiana is reeling from a recent ransomware attack on several of its servers, according to multiple reports Thursday.

Chinese TV maker spies on consumers: reports

Skyworth also sells TV models in the U.S. market and was a major presence at CES 2020.

Use Amazon? Make these 5 changes now to protect your privacy

For Big Tech companies, collecting your data is a vital part of their profits. You can take your privacy back as long as you know the proper settings to change.

Tech tip: Speed up your Windows or Mac's startup the easy way

Remember back when you bought your computer? It was blazing fast, started up as soon as you hit the power button, and everything was clean and tidy.

CBP's Big Bend Sector harnesses tech to fight illegal border activity

The Big Bend sector is seeing a sudden uptick in illegal border activity. They only have around 600 agents to cover the entire area, so to help combat the issue they're using new technologies to give them the upper hand.

Army's new night vision goggles compared to something 'stolen from aliens'

The U.S. Army's Lancer Brigade took to Twitter last month to post a brief video of its new "enhanced night vision goggle-binoculars" that looks like something out of a sci-fi thriller.

Dead celebrities have large followings on Twitter, Instagram - and even endorse products, politics

Dead celebrities aren't dead on social media and often command large followings - but things can get complicated when the dead are represented by the living.

5 ways to keep your online searches private

Google processes over 40,000 searches every single second, according to

The best way to clean all the dirt and grime off your tech

Maybe you've set aside your stash of pandemic disinfectant wipes, but that doesn't mean you should ignore your tech.

Roku accuses Google of anti-competitive tactics in YouTube TV negotiations

Roku has cried foul in negotiations with Google over YouTube TV, accusing the tech giant of anti-competition practices, according to reports.

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