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Dr. Leana Wen answers eight common questions about the CDC's latest mask guidance for vaccinated people

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that people fully vaccinated against Covid-19 do not need to wear masks or practice physical distancing in virtually all indoor and outdoor settings.

Hear why this governor is keeping state's mask mandate

Gov. David Ige (D-HI) says he's keeping his state's mask mandate despite CDC guidance that it's safe for vaccinated individuals to go maskless in most indoor and outdoor situations.

Ongoing mask mandate for travelers: 'It will be enforced, period'

Travel is a big exception for new mask guidance in the United States, and the transportation industry says it will continue to strictly enforce mask use.

Walmart, Trader Joe's and Costco say vaccinated customers don't have to wear masks in stores

Trader Joe's customers don't have to wear a mask while shopping, the grocery chain said Friday.

New mask guidelines complicate plans to reopen offices

The CDC's announcement that fully-vaccinated individuals don't need to wear a mask in most situations was a big step toward a return to normalcy, but it might have complicated employers' return-to-work plans.

Most states require parental consent for Covid-19 shots for ages 12 to 15, but not all. Here's the list

Nearly all states require some form of parental or guardian consent for vaccine providers to administer Covid-19 shots to people ages 12 to 15, a CNN analysis finds. But there are a few exceptions.

Cheney says some GOP members voted against impeachment out of fear for their lives

• Liz Cheney blasts Fox News for the Big Lie

AOC speaks about Marjorie Taylor Greene confrontation

• KFile: Since-deleted 2019 video shows Greene yelling into mail slot at AOC's office • Analysis: AOC just made Marjorie Taylor Greene's antics suddenly serious

2020 ballots relocated in semi trucks as Arizona election audit pauses

Former Gaetz associate strikes deal to plead guilty and cooperate with prosecutors

Honig: This is the worst possible news for Gaetz

Joel Greenberg, the ex-Florida tax collector with close ties to Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), is planning to plead guilty on Monday in a federal court in Florida, according to a new filing Thursday. CNN CNN legal analyst Elie Honig evaluates what this means for the federal sex trafficking case against Gaetz.

Opinion: What has come out against Matt Gaetz paints a bleak picture

This needs to be said right up front about the pending Justice Department investigation of Rep. Matt Gaetz: there's still a lot that we don't know. He has steadfastly, even furiously, denied any wrongdoing. But the facts that have emerged -- including new CNN reporting that federal prosecutors are attempting to obtain cooperation from Gaetz's ex-girlfriend -- seem likely to paint a bleak picture for Gaetz moving forward.

Biden revokes Trump-era executive actions on immigration, monuments, censorship

President Joe Biden issued executive orders on Friday revoking several executive actions taken by former President Donald Trump, including a proclamation that required that visa applicants have health insurance or the means to pay for medical care, an action related to online censorship and an order to build "the Garden of American Heroes."

HUD Secretary violated the Hatch Act, Office of Special Counsel concludes

The US Office of Special Counsel has concluded that Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Marcia Fudge violated the Hatch Act, the law that limits the political activities of all federal civilian executive branch employees, when she commented on Ohio politics from the White House podium earlier this year.

NYU business professor Scott Galloway talks with Anderson Cooper about what's next in the pandemic

One of Kenya's top scientists has a warning for the world

Covid-19 vaccine supplies are nearly depleted in Kenya, prompting fears among health experts. CNN's Jomana Karadsheh reports.

Opinion: Trumpian political insanity has entered GOP's bloodstream

For the last four years, it has felt as if the world has been careening toward madness. Then, it got worse. The global pandemic seemed like a fitting, dystopian final act. But on January 6, in a grotesquely cinematic climax, violent insurrectionists attacked the US Capitol. The assault followed the strangest political campaign in memory and a large-scale disinformation operation by the loser and his minions, falsely claiming the election was stolen.

Israel launches more strikes on Gaza as fears of a ground invasion grow

The Israeli military directed heavy artillery fire and dozens of airstrikes into Gaza overnight into Friday, as fears grew that a ground invasion of the territory could be launched to quell rocket fire from Palestinian militants.

CNN crew hit with rocks during live TV segment

CNN's Ben Wedeman reports in the midst of violent clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian protesters in the West Bank, describing the tense scene as the "curse of the Holy Land."

David Axelrod: I'm sharing my father's story to help end a stigma

This is always a tough time of the year for me.

'Hollywood forgot me': Matthew McConaughey opens up about his career

Actor Matthew McConaughey reflects his Hollywood career, including how he transitioned from romantic comedies and how an iconic unscripted moment from "The Wolf of Wall Street" came to be.

Ransomware group's extortion website offline after pipeline cyberattack

The ransomware extortion website used by the group responsible for the cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline has gone offline, according to cybersecurity experts and a screenshot viewed by CNN.

Philadelphia health commissioner resigns after mayor learns he cremated and disposed of 1985 MOVE bombing victims' remains

Philadelphia's city health commissioner is resigning after news he cremated and disposed of some of the remains of the 1985 MOVE bombing victims, the mayor announced Thursday.

'The Daily Show' pokes fun at Trump loyalists with parody drug ad

Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" joked about Republicans who sound very different five months after the Capitol insurrection.

NY Yankees: 8 vaccinated members test positive for Covid-19

Seven members of the New York Yankees' coaching and support staff have tested positive for Covid-19 despite being inoculated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the baseball team's manager said.

Anderson Cooper shares bizarre encounter with Hollywood actor

Anderson Cooper shares stories about the two unique things he shares in common with actress Julianna Margulies: experience waiting tables and bizarre encounters with Steven Seagal. Anderson Cooper Full Circle airs Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 6p E.T.

How two brothers went from nearly jobless to multi-millionaires with a bizarre crypto bet

On the morning of April 17, two brothers in Westchester, New York, woke up to learn that they had become millionaires overnight, thanks to an unlikely wager on a cryptocurrency that was originally created as a joke.

Winning ticket for $26M lottery jackpot may have been washed with laundry

It looks like a $26 million dollar lottery jackpot will go unclaimed in California because no one came forward with the winning ticket.

Bitcoin's crash is very bad news for other cryptos

Elon Musk's surprise reversal on accepting bitcoin payments for Tesla cars has triggered a sharp plunge in the cryptocurrency - spelling trouble for other coins that have notched shocking returns in recent months.

Ratajkowski's 'reclaimed' self-portrait sells for $175K

In April, model and actress Emily Ratajkowski announced on Twitter that she was "reclaiming" her image by selling a photograph of herself through a major auction house, Christie's. The "conceptual artwork," titled "Buying Myself Back: A Model for Redistribution" sold Friday in New York for $175,000 after fees.

Cryptocurrencies plunge after Elon Musk's bitcoin u-turn

The price of bitcoin has nosedived after Tesla CEO Elon Musk said his company was suspending plans to accept the cryptocurrency as payment for electric vehicles. CNN's Christine Romans reports.

Bill Maher thanks fans following Covid-19 diagnosis

Bill Maher sounds more concerned with missing his show than testing positive for Covid-19.

Alex Rodriguez part of ownership group set to buy NBA's Timberwolves and WNBA's Lynx

Former Major League Baseball star Alex Rodriguez and billionaire Marc Lore have agreed to a deal to purchase the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves and the WNBA's Minnesota Lynx from owner Glen Taylor.

Prince Harry says growing up as a royal was like being in a zoo

Prince Harry has spoken about the extent to which he and Meghan tried to keep their burgeoning relationship under wraps, how it felt to grow up in the media spotlight and his new life in the US.

As the US sees Covid numbers drop, other countries are being devastated

New York gets dizzying new glass elevator ride

Ever wondered what it would be like to take a glass elevator ride up the side of one of New York's tallest skyscrapers?

Reporter's live TV hit goes hilariously wrong

Meteorologist Jennifer McDermed got caught in an on-air graphics error that "multiplied" her across the screen. She and her coworkers thought it was hilarious.

'Friends' apartment is on

"Friends" fans are being given the chance to crash for a night at Monica and Rachel's apartment.

Tesla may be much worse off in China than we thought

Tesla's Chinese sales last month were much weaker than they originally appeared.

What Disney, Airbnb and DoorDash results reveal about the post-pandemic economy

Companies are gearing up for an era in which Covid-19 isn't the primary driver of how people spend their money.

How to protect yourself from rising prices

Inflation is all that the market seems to care about these days. Wages are rising, consumer prices are surging - and investors are worried the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates faster than expected to keep inflation in check.

Tax Day is Monday. Here's what you need to know

Okay, last call.

We chopped and diced and sliced with 11 kitchen knives to find the best set

This $119 gaming chair has become my ultimate WFH accessory

It's 2021, you should own a dry shampoo. Here are the best ones

Why Apple's new AirTag is a no-brainer purchase if you own an iPhone

What you'll want to buy when going camping, according to expert campers

Say goodbye to cluttered pantries with these 20 kitchen organizers under $20

All the hiking gear you should be using, according to hikers

The Galaxy Book Pro 360 is a great WFH laptop - especially if you love Samsung

Black+Decker, Chewy and more: The best sales to shop this weekend

TripAdvisor's top 25 all-inclusive resorts for your post-Covid trip

Here's how to pay your taxes with a credit card and the best cards to use

Get $25 off orders of $200 at Wayfair using this coupon code

As the US leaves Afghanistan, it must fulfill its obligation to interpreters

In the wake of President Joe Biden's decision to withdraw all US military forces from Afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, many consequences will accrue - some intended and anticipated, others perhaps unintended and unforeseen.

My great-grandmother survived the 1921 Tulsa massacre. We're not heeding her history

A century ago, my Black brothers and sisters were decimated by one of the worst occurrences of racial violence in our nation's history. On May 31 and June 1, 1921, White gangs flooded into the thriving Greenwood neighborhood and murdered up to 300 Black men, women and children. According to the Tulsa Historical Society, 1,500 Black homes were burned, along with over 600 businesses, and places of worship, healing, learning and gathering.

NYC mayoral candidates dented Andrew Yang

The eight Democrats running for mayor of New York City duked it out on television Thursday night in their first debate. Eager to hold a job that many Americans would be desperate to avoid, city residents had the opportunity to hear about each of their visions for the coming years.

Republicans face a defining question on infrastructure

"Our country's outstanding highway system was built on the user fee principle - that those who benefit from a use should share in its cost. It is appropriate that we rely on this same concept now." - President Ronald Reagan

$1 million lottery to get vaccinated?

Over the past few months, public and private innovation in America has coalesced around one goal: bribe people in order to get them vaccinated against Covid-19. Getting people vaccinated is lofty and noble, necessary for public health, necessary to defend those who can't be vaccinated, and if bribery gets us there, I'm all for it.

How Caitlyn Jenner could beat Gavin Newsom

California Republican gubernatorial candidate Caitlyn Jenner this week gave an interview to CNN's Dana Bash in which she was criticized for saying that she's "kind of" a Republican (when she is registered as one) and that she didn't vote in the 2020 election (when official records show she voted by mail).

Sally Yates never thought that she'd be saying, 'Yeah, go Liz Cheney'

Chasing Life: Can all this change be good for the brain?

Behind the Desk: Trevor Noah and others talk about the journey that transformed much of late night

2 minutes could save over $40K on your refi

5 cards charging 0% interest until 2022

One little-known tech stock to invest in now

Reckoning with lethal violence in Colombia's prolonged wave of protests

How much pain can one bear in the fight for a worthy cause?

A rapidly developing tropical cyclone poses a significant threat to Northwest India and Pakistan

A developing tropical cyclone over the Arabian Sea is forecast to strengthen significantly into named Cyclone Tauktae over the weekend and pose a potentially catastrophic threat to portions of India and Pakistan next week.

Prince Harry compares Royal life to 'The Truman Show'

The Duke of Sussex has further disclosed his private life -- his pain growing up in the British Royal Family, how he and Meghan managed to keep their relationship under wraps, as well as his new life -- in an interview with actor Dax Shepard, host of the "Armchair Expert" podcast, in an episode released on May 13.

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