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      Cat care: How often should you bathe your cats?

      Unlike dogs, cats are excellent at grooming. They can stay clean even without our help. However, there are also times when we must intervene. For example, those with outdoor cats know that it is not surprising to see their cats come home covered in dust or even motor oil, as they love to sneak into dark corners like cars and […]

      Difference between tax deeds and tax ties

      There is no arcane secret to wealth in the realms of tax lien and tax deed properties. You just need to understand the definitions and processes of the trade. Although the similarities are obvious, there is a difference between tax lien properties and tax deed properties. The system used depends on the state in question. Presumably, you are very familiar […]

      Why it makes sense to attend a referee school

      Becoming a referee is a dream profession for most people who love baseball and sports in general. Being on the field, in the middle of the action, calling the game is absolutely exciting. However, the referee is in a very precarious position and must make important and precise decisions very quickly. It takes a calm and cool mind, a keen […]

      Anna Maria Island, Florida – Interesting Facts

      Anna Maria Island, on the west coast of Florida near the mouth of Tampa Bay, has been a popular beach vacation destination for more than 100 years. More than 100,000 visitors annually enjoy the island’s beaches and relish its old Florida corporate free attitude. If you are planning a trip to AMI, or have already been there, you may want […]

      Ten Tips for Selecting a Self Storage Facility

      At some point in almost everyone’s life, you need to use a storage facility for the short-term or long-term storage of household or commercial items. Are all public storage facilities the same? Hell no. This article focuses on the top 10 items to consider when selecting a place to store your valuable belongings. After all, whatever you are storing must […]

      Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and ESI: The Evolution of Electronic Discovery and Computer Forensics – Pt1

      Almost all documents start on a computer and discovery for litigation necessarily requires access to electronically stored information (ESI). The rules regarding ESI on discovery, whether opponents have access to it and who pays, are rapidly evolving and differ from state to state. Courts and states use the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure as a touchstone and precedent to help […]

      How to deal with difficult chefs

      If there are doctors who feel like gods, there are also chefs who feel like a godsend for gourmets and foodies. Of course, with feelings like this, it is not surprising to learn that anger, irritability, mood swings, and pride are often part of their nature. They may have the culinary talent to whet an appetite and satisfy hunger, but […]

      Planning Ahead The Practical Benefits of Fleet Telematics

      Fleet industry analysts forecast telematics sales growth to rise to nearly 6.5 million units by 2014. Developing innovation in real-time vehicle tracking is recognized as a key driver by most from private industry or public sectors operating fleet vehicles of any size or application when planning maintenance. maximum profitability and productivity. Technology now plays a crucial role in the global […]